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Election Interference? New York Appeals Court Upholds Gag Order on Trump

Election Interference? New York Appeals Court Upholds Gag Order on Trump

The New York Court of Appeals has rejected former President Donald Trump’s appeal to lift the gag order imposed on him by Judge Juan Merchan. This ruling, which many view as politically motivated, continues to restrict Trump from speaking about witnesses and the case, even though his trial has concluded.

Trump’s legal team and supporters argue that the gag order is an unconstitutional violation of his First Amendment rights, particularly as he is the leading Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential election. The gag order, they contend, unjustly silences Trump while allowing his political opponents to speak freely, thus interfering with the electoral process. Since it is an open secret that the trial was politically motivated and orchestrated, it is a legitimate election issue, in fact an important one. This is the first time a presidential administration has used its power to manufacture crimes to convict a political opponent, an act usually reserved for third world and totalitarian governments.

The gag order was initially imposed to prevent Trump from making public statements about witnesses, jurors, prosecutors, court staff, or their families. However, Trump’s attorneys argue that with the trial over, the justifications for such restrictions no longer exist. Todd Blanche, one of Trump’s lawyers, emphasized that the gag order’s continuation is an infringement on Trump’s right to free speech, especially during an active presidential campaign.

Despite these arguments, the New York Court of Appeals upheld the gag order, stating that “no substantial constitutional question is directly involved.” This decision was met with sharp criticism from Trump’s campaign team. Steven Cheung, a spokesperson for the Trump campaign, condemned the ruling, labeling it as an act of election interference.

“The gag order wrongfully silences the leading candidate for President of the United States, President Trump, at the height of his campaign,” Cheung stated. “It applies only to President Trump and not to any of his political opponents, critics, or even President Biden. This Election Interfering Gag Order violates the First Amendment rights of President Trump and all American voters, who have a fundamental right to hear his message.”

The backdrop to this legal battle includes Trump’s conviction on 34 counts of falsifying business records in the first degree. The trial, which lasted six weeks, was brought forward by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Throughout the trial, Trump’s legal team repeatedly appealed the gag order, each time being denied.

As Trump’s sentencing date approaches, set for July 11—just days before the Republican National Convention—his legal team continues to fight for the removal of the gag order. They argue that the restrictions are particularly detrimental as Trump prepares for the first presidential debate against President Biden and seeks to communicate his campaign message to the American public.

Former federal prosecutor Brett Tolman, speaking on the matter, highlighted the broader implications of the gag order, suggesting it sets a concerning precedent for the treatment of political candidates and the balance between judicial orders and constitutional rights.

But let’s look at where this pushes the country. In Russia, Putin had a political rival Alexei Navalny arrested and put on trial for corruption, sentenced him to 8 years in prison. Navalny was not inclined to keep silent, so he was re-arrested, spent some time in the Arctic Circle, and is now dead. This is EXACTLY what is happening to Trump right now, fake charges, corrupt, unjust, and solely to help the incumbant keep power.

How long will this farce continue? Will the Democrats go so far as to put Trump in prison on July 11?

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  1. Archie

    Trump will still win The commiecrats are destroying themselves

  2. frank stetson

    Daniel, you seemed one of the saner ones and here you are going totally off the rails of logic. You can’t reply, I realize that’s not in the cards, but really, ask yourself this simple question: how can talking about a jury affect the Presidential election? I mean he can talk about the case, the supposed election interference, the bias of the system, but what benefit is there in dragging the jury though the mud OR what loss is there in leaving these innocent folks alone? OR are they guilty of something for their service of citizenship.

    Some notable quotables: “Navalny was not inclined to keep silent, so he was re-arrested, spent some time in the Arctic Circle, and is now dead. This is EXACTLY what is happening to Trump right now, fake charges, corrupt, unjust, and solely to help the incumbant keep power.” First, learn to spell Incumbent like an American, not a Russian :>) Second, the charges are real, not fake: Trump is corrupt as shown in court. Trump’s business is corrupt as shown in court. Just saying it’s not true, does not change that. Just blaming Democrats as evil does not change that. You need PROOF. EVIDENCE.

    You do know that this case is New York State and that Biden, the incumbent you charge, has zero control. So, you are saying the entire State of New York has conspired to help Joe…. Sure, right. Police, DA, Judge, Jury, Judge’s daughter — all part of a corrupt conspiracy. Give me a break. Plus, I am sorry but does your “EXACTLY” include the Artic circle, poisoning, and an early death? That’s just ridiculous.

    Did you ever think that maybe Trump could care less about this jury, the election, the judge, the judge’s daughter, and that all he wants out of this is to scare the piss out of the other juries and judges coming up so people run from doing their service because we let this madman loose on them, their families, their friends, etc. I mean what’s in like being a common person on the jury and here comes the Ex-President full bore against you. Sounds terrifying.

    “Will the Democrats go so far as to put Trump in prison on July 11?” I’ll put in a year’s salary if you can prove that Democrats are telling this judge what to do OR that this judge is doing the Democrats work…. It’s just bullshit to rationalize Trump as a felon is OK by you. Trump will probably get a break from this judge. He is a first-time-presidential-offender after all.

    He’s also a fucking felon Daniel. Over 30 counts. His company has a lot of recent felonies, he and they cheated at business for years. He’s liable as a sexual abuser, multiple witnesses testified similar happened to them. Outside NYS, it would be RAPE. He’s liable for defamation, yeah, let him loose on the little people in the jury — full Presidential strength versus 12 ordinary citizens. He defrauded his university students; he stole from his own charity. Most of his 2016 campaign staff went to jail. His personal lawyer went to jail. His CFO is in jail. His other personal lawyer fined for over $145M. Two of his 2020 campaign lawyers pled guilty for trying to rig the 2020 election. And yes, these newest felonies are for trying to rig the 2016 election by paying hush money to suppress free speech over tasty tidbits that might have tanked him after Access Hollywood’s Grab em by the Pussy. I think porn star spanking sex and Playboy model sexcapades, not to mention the doorman’s friend’s love child, might have done it too.

    Smell the coffee Daniel; there is no legitimate reason for Trump to have to drag this jury though the mud. And face it, the man has been guilty, liable, or just fucking fined more times than any other US billionaire business man. He’s a fake, a fraud, and you just eat it up. You can do better.

    • David


      I just moved from corrupt New York to magnificent Florida. I was charged fraudulently by a Judge who was ordered by the Democratic Party in Albany to destroy my life. That included inventing an appearing witness, that witness’ testimony and evidence. The Appellate Dept could care less about Judicial, Prosecutorial and Witness Corruption in Brooklyn. Even one of the members of the Disciplinary Committee told me that it was a political hit job and that nothing I said or presented would make any difference to the decision that had been made prior to the trial. New York is a Corrupt State. Trump suffered from the gross corruption in that State. I was a judge and I was the manager of a pollsite in New York. The Democratic Party runs everything, other than Staten Island in NYC.

      You can believe anything you want, but I know first hand about New York. The evidence I mentioned was 100% proven in the trial transcript. Fraud is Fraud is New York. Only the Supreme Court has the integrity to state that a gag order is against Free Speech and is an interference with Election Integrity.

    • Tom

      I agree with all that you said. I do hope the judge does not give him breaks because this would verify that we really do have a different system for the rich and powerful. I would like to believe that my military service was for a system that is fair and consistent for all.

      I doubt that Oliver can do better. Oliver is what happens when Horist mates with the Dumpster! 🙂

      • Jim wampler

        And you’re what happened when your mother got drunk when the special Olympics were in town

        • Tom

          And you are what happens when daddy pulls out early and the better side of you ran down your mom’s leg!

        • Frank stetson

          Why? Is something wrong with these olympians, mr wampler? Repressed memory of unrequited love with a one-armed shot putter perhaps?

          • frank stetson

            come on Wampler and tell us why you have such a hard on for special olympians.

      • Frank stetson

        Tom, all humans have feelings which alone causes different treatments. Plus, the rich can afford better justice, better lawyers, can afford delays, motions, you know the drill.

        You get the service advantage.
        I get the clean cut white guy advantage.
        And, personally, I hope Trump’s judge considers the office in his meting out punishment. ,

        He’s been caught, convicted, and just get him out of the news and forgotten. Unfortunately, this does not appear to be the case for that. At this point, I think he could be convicted three more times and Horist and the rest of them would still vote for him.

        But, unfortunately, we are still a million miles from reaching the vision of all men being created equal. In all aspects of American life. Myself included. I am getting better though. As is America.

        • Tom

          Yeah Frank, I understand what you are saying. But I still think the best way to confirm and rebuild the dignity of the office is to deal with Trump in the same manner that a corp exec would get if he cooked the books, lied, and get a big advantage because of his lies. Maybe its my military background coming into play. We all knew not to do the crap Trump has done! LOL We will have to wait and see. My bet is that it will be a sentence somewhere between you and me.

          • Frank stetson

            Tom. my personal vote is house arrest and ankle bracelet. He cN golf once a week too.

            Prison just gonna iur money for hardening the jail and making accommodations for the ss.

            Mar A Loser already hardened. But he should pick one home,, not all homes. In a be xareful what you ask for, .he will probably pick NJ. Then he’s already on the course. V

    • Jim wampler

      Trump is the victim of the communist propaganda machine. I hope it comes around to all of you lefties

      • frank stetson

        For Jim:

        And they were stronger, bigger, and better than Trump and they won. Beat that bitch black and blue. Fucked him over through and through. He was weak, they were strong, now he convicted, we knew him guilty all along.

        Burma Shave.

        Actually, he was convicted based on the evidence by a jury of his peers. He did not mount a winning defense and all his caterwauling about bias, democrats, liars, was just that. Caterwauling is not evidence.

        • Jim wampler

          Go finger your daughter. Trump’s coming back stronger than ever. And you turd lickers can’t name a damned reason why your demented old fool should be president. It’s all about hating trump. The evidence is strong that we had a greater country when he was president. You lowlife bastards are afraid of Trump. 4 more years of retard joe and we have lost our country. Probably to invading forces. That’s why we cling to our guns and religion, as bathhouse Barry Obama once said.

          • Tom

            Hey Wampler, I am happy to suggest some reasons for a Trump dick sucker like you. Please get your head out of Trump’s ass long enough to read this Independent’s reasons for a Biden vote.

            1) 15 record highs in the stock market this year.
            2) Infrastructure bill that Trump could not pass finally got passed by Biden.
            3) The integrity of the WH is restored.
            4) We do not have endless investigations and prosecutions.
            5) Violent crime is down 20%
            6) Biden respects the rule of law.
            7) Wages are up.
            8) Unemployment the lowest in 40 years.
            9) NATO is whole again.
            10) Ukraine is beating Russia and needs the USA to finish the job.
            11) Israel relations are pretty good again.
            12) Diabetic insulin is now affordable for all. Many drug prices have come down.
            13) The international community at large likes Biden.
            14) Biden is fighting to keep democracy alive at home, and abroad. Trump wants autocracy to take over.
            15) Inflation is coming down.
            16) Biden cares about the people. Trump said, “I do not care about the voters, I just want their vote.”
            17) Biden wants solutions. Trump wants attention.
            18) Biden is not a felon, nor does he cheat on his taxes. His taxes have been published and he paid his fair share. Trump did not pay taxes at all for two years. Now his corporation is convicted of tax fraud.
            19) Biden is not a rapist.
            20) Biden’s cabinet has been stable and staffers like working for him.

      • Tom

        Trump is the vicim of his own evil self, nothing more. But you need a full brain to realize that, and as said earlier, that ran down your mom’s leg.

        • frank stetson

          Stormy Daniels said to Trump: Oh Don, I loved to spank you and you’re the best oranged-haired lover I am ever, every had.

          Trump said: “that’s because I practice alone…….a lot….”

          • Archie

            Watch out Frank. You will be jerking off thinking about stormy

          • Frank stetson

            Archie; nope, I’ll leave that to you. You seem to talk about such things a lot.

          • Tom

            Yeah Trump seems to be a DIY kind of guy in just about everything! One thing she did say at the trial was its a small little mushroom head and it did not last long.

    • ray

      frank stetson, typed like the true liberal that you are, just like a communist if you’re rooting for the crooked old man biden,
      glad you only have 1 vote, although liberals tend to vote multiple times in many states. You are not an educated
      person and probably a union person who is a follower, not a leader. Vote for biden, get him re-elected, and watch how much
      money goes out of the country along with businesses and businessmen like myself who are not going to live in a world you liberals
      want so much, the united socialist states.
      Too bad for you when this country fails because of you and others like you. BTW, you wrote way too many words, another indication of the lack of education especially in economics, taxation, and finance. Get that GED diploma, if you can pass the test.

  3. Harry

    Who cares if he is a felon there are many in this country and many in government who who should be.

    Doesn’t mean sh!t! Neither do you frankie

    • Tom

      I will answer your question. I care that a felon is not in the WH because according to our laws, there are aspects of the job he will not be able to perform such as hold a Top Secret Clearance, travel abroad, etc. Also, he will invite his whole felon crew back into his cabinet. Yes I care.

      Would you want your daughter dating a felon?

      • frank stetson

        Hey, these guys love a good finger fuck, fucking a felon can’t be far behind. Speaking of behinds…….I think Trump has a family of immigrants living in his. Never has a man had a bigger but. Good thing he can afford really good suits, but on the golf course, tucked shirt and kakis, oh my is that a diabetes poster butt shot?

        • Jim wampler

          Noticed trump’s butt? Are you queer?

          • Frank stetson

            Wampler, you still haven’t answered as to why you are down on special olympians? What’s the beef?

            And you’re always asking who is queer, why do you care so much about that and your fascination with finger fucking fictitious daughters. That’s very weird and certainly not decent discourse.

        • Tom

          Nope, its a shot for Depends!

          • frank Stetson

            I’m betting they don’t have a size for that Tom :>) Good thing he can afford custom :>)

    • ray

      Right on truth and correct Harry!

  4. Tom

    Oliver, you get the Horist Idiot Award for saying, ““The gag order wrongfully silences the leading candidate for President of the United States, ” There is nothing stopping Trump from lashing out against Biden, whom is the person he is running against. There is nothing stopping Trump from talking policy – which he has not yet done because his minions feed on Trump’s whining and victim attitude.

    By the way Oliver, the reason Trump wanted the highest court in NY to declare the gag order vacated is because if they declare the order vacated then all of the ten violations of the order committed by Trump would be vacated. Again, Trump has enough money from his campaign donors to try such a stunt in order to get his behavior excused. As it is right now, one of the considerations for sentencing is other violations such as the ten violations of the gag order. Trump was hoping to use the system to get his behavior in these ten violations off of the sentencing table. But it did not work!!!

    Oliver, you are quickly becoming a mini-Horist!!!

    • frank stetson

      Tom, you betcha. And I am serious when I say Trump may be playing the long game to terrorize potentially three more judges, juries, and staff.

      I mean whether Republican or Democrat, would you relish this service to your country? Even a Trump-hating Democrat looking for revenge, is the price you pay to be on a Trump jury worth it? He does crap others would be tossed in the clinker immediately for. Sounds like living hell as people trying to dox you so the angry hoard can attack. Sure, they can say, no one’s been hurt, but do you want to be on the receiving end of those phone calls? As a judge, is this really where you want to make your bones, or would you take a by if you could wrangle it? Trump may just be setting the stage for what comes next.

      The question I posed is a 180 on your take. That is, what does Trump even possibly LOSE if he does not call this jury out? It’s ridiculous which is why the court passed on the appeal.

      • Tom

        Oh Trump has plenty planned, and he will use the Wamplers and Olivers to try to win the WH. I think he has much more planned that he does not talk about. Its all about him, getting attention, clearing his record by edict, remaking the system to his advantage. Russian oligarchs are the equivalent of our Military Industrial Complex. He wants him and his family to be the oligarchs of a new US system that prosecutes any opposition and anyone who has a different opinion. And he plans on at least one, maybe two SCOTUS appointments to do his bidding, along with installing loyalists into important positions like heading up the DOJ. And this is just the beginning. Remember, he admires Putin, Xi, and Un. According to Ivana, he kept Hitler speeches by his bed and would read them at night. He placed her in an unattended grave on the 17th fairway at his Bedminster Resort in your neck of the woods! He calls our fallen heroes that fought against tyranny and dictatorships losers. He wants a military that is at his beckoned call to execute his will. And speaking of executions, he has already stated several folks he would execute. He admires XI for intelligence and iron fist rule. He admires Putin for his invasion of ukraine and having the guts to do it. Putin wants Trump elected!!! Trump has shredded everything Reagan and the GOP stood for which kept the world pretty damn safe!

        Oliver and Wampler do not understand the monster that they are giving life too. They are peons who will be losers in the end.

        • Frank stetson

          Tom, the heritage group plan 25.

          Today he announced nw will defund all school that require vaccinations. What could go wrong with that.

          Yesterday it was no income taxes, just tariffs. The more he talks, the crazier he gets.

          • Tom

            Yes Frank, that is why he needs to be campaigning – so all Independents can see how batshit crazy he really is. Today in the news they were talking about how 11% more of Independents have broken away from Trump and gone to the Biden side since his electric boats and sharks rant. The fun is just beginning! I think now he is looking for a way out of the debate with Biden. He will probably use the gag order farce again.

          • frank stetson

            Tom, like I said, next week’s debate will change a lot. Either guy can fuck up, but Trump fucks up on a regular basis. It’s just that the press and the people are worn out and so the people don’t want to be bothered and therefore the press holds back.

            The more they hear, the better a Biden with age-related benefits and issues will look better. I mean some on this Trump stuff is just totally bonkers this time around and who knows what button gets pushed for him to replay this crazy crap during the debate. Joe may gaff, but Trump is built on bullshit.

        • frank stetson

          Tom, the address may say Bedminster, but he’s on the wrong side of the tracks closer to Lamington, in distance and spirit. That’s why he got the course for a song. On the edge of the rich and famous and he didn’t pick up the area…… Fortunately, we can avoid the road easily. East, West, and North of him is where you find the uber rich. And 30 miles more —- me! While Trump is in Biden country, I am in Trump country but he would never come here.

          Trump’s golf course is about 1/3 the membership fees of Hamilton Farms, the next road up, and where the really rich and successful join……

          • Tom

            That’s interesting. So even the rich don’t like him apparently!

          • frank stetson

            Apparently? It’s documented Tom…..

        • Jim wampler

          Brown shirts coming from Amazon

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      Plus, every time Trump doesn’t like an outcome, he whines about it in his fundraising emails, idiots send him tons of money for his election, and it goes in his pockets instead.

      • frank stetson

        JSB, you have to wonder given how successful he says he is with each indictment, each conviction, each time he is fined and/or held liable, why the fuck does he work so hard, spend so much of his fan’s money, just to delay getting to court where he makes so, so, much money and votes. It’s a puzzler.

  5. frank stetson

    Harry, you don’t, that’s for sure. Embrace the felon. Embrace the crime. He’s found guilty, but I doubt he gets time. FYI: that’s felon, adulterer, charity cheat, university student cheat, business cheat, tax cheat, 2016 election cheat, 2020 election cheat defamer, rapist of the “you shouldn’t stick your dirty little fingers there, boy” variety.

    I understand that with your crushing defeat of Biden in the polling data that you have a extreme need to expand your base to better assure your win. White supremacists, insurrectionists and now felons all welcome in the Republican party, What’s next?

    • Archie

      You’re a lying son of a bitch

      • Tom

        Exactly what is the lie you refer to?

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        All of those things happened… if you watched news other than Fox or Newsmax, you might learn a thing or two.They don’t report stuff critical of Trump – just censor it right out and pretend it didn’t happen. Ugly drunk women try to explain it so it doesn’t look real. It feeds into your own blind spot of things you don’t want to know about. That’s why they call their programming “entertainment” instead of “news”. Cognitive dissonance is a bitch.

    • Tom

      Cartels and MAGA migrants!!! Viva el Trumpo loco amigos!!!

  6. Darren

    Wow, the fact you guys believe your own Bull Shit says volumes!

    • Tom

      Exactly what are you calling bullshit Darren?

    • Frank stetson

      Darren, how does one say volumes?

      It’s “speaks volumes.”