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Donna Brazile Believes Seth Rich was Murdered for Working with Wikileaks

Donna Brazile Believes Seth Rich was Murdered for Working with Wikileaks

Donna Brazile’s new book Hacks, released this Tuesday, is a tell-all about the 2016 election that makes bold accusations against the Clinton campaign and the DNC. The book is reportedly dedicated to “patriot” Seth Rich, the 27-year-old DNC staffer who was gunned down last summer in Washington, DC. 

The infamous WikiLeaks email dump that exposed corruption within the DNC was released just two weeks after Rich’s death, prompting many to believe that Rich was the one who gave the information to WikiLeaks. The media has ‘debunked’ this theory, but Rich’s murder is still unsolved. 

In her book, Brazile writes that Rich’s death ‘haunted’ her and made her ‘fear for her own life.’ In interviews, she has hesitated to answer any questions about Seth Rich.

“Unless she is an utter fool, evidence of serious crime is secreted somewhere with an auto-release arrangement upon her death,” writes American Thinker. 

The book also describes Hillary’s campaign headquarters as “antiseptic, like a hospital,” and accuses the campaign of treating her like a “slave.” 

The Clinton team has denied all of Brazile’s claims. In an open letter, Clinton’s 2016 campaign staff wrote, “[It is] troubling and puzzling that she would seemingly buy into false Russian-fueled propaganda, spread by both the Russians and our opponent, about our candidate’s health.” 

Brazile told them to “go to hell.” 

Author’s Note: Donna Brazile obviously believes that Seth Rich was killed for cooperating with WikiLeaks. Some have pointed fingers at Debbie Wasserman Shultz, the ex-DNC chairwoman who was ousted after the email leak, but Debbie has neither the guts nor the competence to pull this off. 

A more likely suspect is Hillary Clinton, who along with her husband Bill, have repeatedly been accused of facilitating murder.

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  1. BigZ

    Hillary’s DNC was an ethical and moral cesspool. A harbinger of what our country’s government would become had she won the election. That corruption has given way to madness at a wholesale level in the DNC, and throughout the entire Democrat Party. Each of the Democrat candidates are vile and unworthy of the presidential office each in their own way. Any one of them who would gain the office would spread their wrath on anything resembling opposition making this country a coast-to-coast sort of Baltimore, the rats however being replaced by weaponized government agencies. God help us avoid that nightmare.

    • DB

      100% correct! All the liberals have been brain washed into believing in the coolaid propaganda.