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Declare Your Independence from Online Social Censorship

Declare Your Independence from Online Social Censorship

Just in time for Independence Day this July 4th, a new social media platform has been launched from Trump adviser Jason Miller created in the high hopes of allowing the freedom of speech and thought online. The new app is called GETTR, a network designed to connect together all those who cherish their personal freedoms and provide an alternative from the social media sites that suppress information and censor individuals. 

GETTR’s chief executive officer Jason Miller said in a statement to Fox News that, “GETTR is a direct challenge to the social media oligarchs from Silicon Valley, and what better day to declare independence from their woke tyranny than July 4th? GETTR is the marketplace of ideas. We will not cancel people for their political opinions…”

It has been a long sought after goal to establish a new social media platform that would allow conservatives to speak freely. It is essential in the modern world to have a place for this to happen and it looks like we’ve finally got a place where that can be the case. Although the majority of users seem to come from a conservative background here at the beginning, Jason Miller says the app is not just for conservatives but “for people of all political stripes from around the world. We’re not afraid of ideas that challenge our own. That’s what the online experience should always be about.” This statement alone should give online users hope that the future has not been locked down yet, and that common sense thought still has the potential to exist here. 

Made in America, GETTR plans on being a global networking platform not only for those who love their freedom in this country, but for all humans around the globe who love and desire freedom all the same. The new app already has upwards of a million users from 12 different countries after its first official launch day. It did run into a minor problem during its launch, getting hacked by a Twitter fan with posts saying “JubaBaghdad was here, follow me in twitter” on several prominent accounts. Miller said about the hack that, “the problem was detected and sealed in a matter of minutes, and all the intruder was able to accomplish was to change a few user names.”

While GETTR challenges existing platforms like Facebook and Twitter, other apps have been created recently that intend to do the same in other realms of the internet. When it comes to video platforms, the rising challenger to Youtube is called Rumble. Here, users can upload and post videos of any length freely, without censorship and even being allowed to profit from original content without having to fear their work being shut down over disagreements of opinion. 

If you have a cell phone, your data is constantly tracked. If you use Google, everything you do is tracked. This seems to be just how the digital world is going to work moving into the future, and watching documentaries like “The Creepy Line” or “The Social Dilemma”, there isn’t much hope for there being a change there. If all digital data is tracked and maintained online, the best we can do is still try to support all sides of modern thought. From conservative to liberal, from Christian to atheist, from the rich to the poor. This new app intends to do just that. This should give us hope that we can maintain an internet space that is free and open for all users, all of the time. Regardless of opinion.

Download GETTR today, now available in your app store.

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  1. Ben

    I tried the Gettr app. It was flooded with Hentai.
    I’m curious how the mods will handle this. Hentai is a sincerely held belief.
    I do have a serious question, although you say the app is open to everyone, everyone knows that trump and the radical right are behind the app, is it a good business practice to align yourself with someone so maligned by half of America?

  1. Yeah, I guess the Weatherman and their underground group never made it to my hometown. I thought they were mostly…