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Biden’s Donors Concerned As Trump Fundraising Explodes

Biden’s Donors Concerned As Trump Fundraising Explodes

In the wake of several videos that were released last week showing a dazed and confused Joe Biden freezing, stumbling about, and barely able to string a coherent sentence together, his lead over Donald Trump in cash is no more, with the former president now exceeding Biden’s fundraising.

Just about a month or so ago, Joe Biden’s campaign planned to bury Donald Trump in an avalanche of cash. Instead, now his allies are bracing for a slugfest without the benefit of their once fatter wallet.

The latest financial reports showed Trump outraising Biden in back-to-back months, hauling in huge sums of cash after his 34 felony convictions and totally erasing Biden’s longstanding financial edge. This is the first time since the start of the general election campaign, that Biden is running behind in the money race. In the reports filed last week, Trump and the Republican National Committee were sitting on $116.5 million in cash, while Biden and the Democratic National Committee have $91.6 million in the bank.

Democrats have been largely downplaying Trump’s new financial lead in the same way Trump’s allies had when Biden was running ahead in the money race — saying the president would have more than enough money to stay competitive.

“Our campaign, from the moment we’ve started, is more focused on what we’re doing with our resources, rather than trying to play a game of who’s raising what,” Quentin Fulks, Biden’s deputy campaign manager, said in an interview with POLITICO. “That is where our investments are going, directly into field [operations].”

But privately, several Democratic strategists and donors were reeling.

“There was the strategy of raising all this money on the front end so we could have this huge edge,” said one Biden bundler, granted anonymity to speak candidly. “The whole point of it was to come out with a sizable cash advantage and, you know, we’re now even and it’s June. … I have no other word for it other than ‘depression’ among Biden supporters.”

Another major Biden bundler, also granted anonymity, called the development “disappointing, but not surprising.”

Brian Hughes, a Trump campaign spokesperson, said, “From fundraising, polling, crowds at public events or enthusiasm across the board with America’s voters, there is more and more evidence that the momentum of President Trump coming out of a historic primary election season is growing as we move to November. The latest surge in fundraising and wiping out the [Biden campaign’s] cash advantage in May reflects this.”

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  1. Archie

    The weaponized DOJ and crooked politicians and district attorneys are going to fail. And all of you lefties will have to apologize to the great president trump

    • Tom

      Archie, I am an Independent / Unaffiliated. I also disagree with your statement. The data says 1) Trump lost E. Jean Carrol, Trump owes $5M; 2) The data says he lost the Trump Corp tax fraud case. Trump owes $465 M. 3) The data says Trump lost a second time to E. Jean Carrol when he could not control his tongue. Trump lost $83 M. 4) The data says Trump lost big time his 34 count NY Business Fraud and Election Interference case – Trump now a convicted felon awaiting sentencing. These were all jury trials. He was convicted by juries of his peers.

      Trump is not a fighter, he is a loser. The data says he lost the 2020 election.

      We Independents will vote for the person who upholds the rule of law, and we will reject the person who advocates the law of the ruler!

      • Archie

        He was convicted of a jury pool in the bluest of all cities. How in hell can you say someone is guilty when it’s he said she said? Going to court scares the hell out of me. Maybe Trump did those things and maybe he didn’t. If he did it was wrong and he deserves to pay But I’m not voting for Biden no matter what. You self righteous assholes make me sick. And no, Trump didn’t lose the goddamned election. It was stolen and the chicken shit bastards on the courts refused to act because of threats and probably bribery. Here’s a question for you. When you vote during a presidential election, do you just vote for the president or also down ballot candidates? Thousands and thousands of ballots were turned in with retard joe being the only one who had votes. And one of the battleground states had more people voting than citizens. And I love the way dead people rise from the grave and vote. What? Does Jesus suddenly show up and call them out of the grave like he did in the Bible? Just saying. I know you probably didn’t have a clue but my and many others in the democrat party. Don’t do it again. I know you’re an independent and that’s your business.

        • frank stetson

          Let’s try it your way. He said, she said, check. Jury unfair, check.
          OK, using your logic, I guess Trump may have conspired with the Russians to flop the 2016 election. He certainly did his own felonious act to suppress free speech and steal the election from Hillary.

          On the 2020, show us the evidence or STFU. You just can’t say — hey man, billions of dead people voted, I know it….

          How about Trump’s lawyers pleading guilty to trying to rig the 2020 election and if Trump finds the balls to refute it in court, they will testify he did it. Sure sounds like a lot more proof than your whining.

        • Tom

          Archie, Trump was convicted by a jury of his peers. If you check what it means to be trial with a jury of your peers you will find that peers only means people from your area. In this case, this was a very good jury, many college degrees, law degrees, etc. All were very qualified to understand the evidence and make a good decision.

          What you are advocating is that a “jury of your peers” should equate to “a jury of your political persuasion”. This is not what the US Constitution says.

          It is not a “maybe he did it, maybe he didn’t do it. Everything I listed was tried in a court of law according to the US and NY Constitutions. All was fair. He lost every time – this means reasonable people saw evidence beyond a shadow of doubt that he did do these things.

          As far as I know there was no bribery. If Trump wants to appeal, it is his lawyers that must do so, therefore you are calling Trump’s lawyers chicken shit. You may be right, but Trump selected his lawyers and pretty much he ran the case too, against his lawyer’s advice in some cases.

          I vote for all offices on the ballot. And yes, I am sure The Grateful Dead did vote, all but one of their deceased members, I forget his name. I am sure there are many folks named Jesus that voted – Hispanics are very engaged in politics these days. I also heard of a Hispanic woman in TX that was a double amputee at the knees, her name was Cuntswaylow did get help to get to the polls and vote. She voted Biden.

          Don’t do what again Archie??? Do you honestly think I am concerned about your threat? LOL

  2. Frank stetson

    Fail? You idiots have been punching at doj, slugging at fbi, trying to impeach biden, and in four years, you haven’t landed a glove.

    Four years of investigation, all that time and tax money, and pedo Jordan and kooky Comer have only their wet dream to find weaponization, much less indict it. Same with bringing down the Biden crime family.

    Do you think IF Trump comes back, they will magically become effective?

    Only place you can litigate this shit sandwich successfully in FOX and the like.

    This felon couldn’t work as an executive in any real corporation. Couldn’t run a church. Can’t be near minors. How the fuck will he run the US? Mr law and oderous can’t actually be a cop, a fbi agent, but he would be the top cop. He can run the military but can’t be in the military.

    Fucking looney tunes.

  3. frank stetson

    Gotta love it when BS is cutting and pasting Politico.

    Should he be sent back for retraining?

    • Tom

      BS is a Mini-Horist. LOL

  4. rick

    I am afraid that Trump is just another head on the same evil snake. If he does not do what the nwo tells him to do, they will simply kill him. The entire world governments belong to satan and his crew.

    • frank stetson

      rick, who IS the nwo and WHO have they killed that you have PROOF for?

  5. Tom

    As an Independent, it seems to me that Dems may be concerned about fund raising, but I doubt that they are reeling. They already knew Trump monetizes everything, including the White House. So they knew he would monetize the trial. But the majority of the money comes from a handful of big mega pac donors that all have their hand out for favors and favorable legislation.

    A big difference is in how the money is being used. MAGA really cannot say how the money is being used or who is receiving the money because much of it is going towards Trump’s legal bills – not campaign. His events have gotten very cheap but at least he is now distributing water to people who are on the verge of heat stroke.

    I think you might find that Dems are more worried about Trump winning the propaganda war. They may be more worried about how to get the message out on Biden’s accomplishments in a way that will grab voter attention away from the Trump propaganda. Fund raising may come in a distant third place. As an Independent I am more concerned with Trump being a Russian asset that Putin needs for his survival. If Trump loses – Putin loses and may go out a window the next day. Trump is Putin’s off ramp in the Russo-Ukrainian War. So expect much Russo-generated propaganda favoring Trump. As an independent, I am concerned about 1) Damage Trump will do to our allied relationships; 2) Damage he will do to function institutions that help many people; 3) Damage he will do to women’s rights and the rights of minorities.

    WOW, GREAT LIE WHEN YOU SAY, “there is more and more evidence that the momentum of President Trump coming out of a historic primary election season is growing as we move to November.” FACT: Trump hired people to come to his NY Trial bodega rally. FACT: People were seen leaving Trump’s NJ beach rally ( I saw the videos) while Trump was speaking!. FACT: Not a single Fortune 500 CEO has endorsed Trump. By now Bush had endorsements of 42 of the 100 top CEOs. FACT: CEOs recently walked out of a meeting when Trump entered the room. The CEO’s call Trump’s economic plans as lunacy, and inflationary. FACT: Trump did not get the energy companies CEOs to sign on to him even after he offered selling environmental policy to him. FACT: Our allies have ignored Trump and prefer to work with Biden! Trump is viewed by our allies as weak on foreign policy. FACT: Half of Nikki Haley voters say they will never vote for Trump!!

    Bill Sheridan, you are being just like a little Horist!! You are attempting to build a false narrative to cover Trump’s lunacy and under-performance. Trump is appealing to radical groups and extremists – not the average American, and certainly not women and minorities.

    If you pay attention to the truth, Trump’s dishonesty and unfitness becomes glaringly obvious! @sweetser_kyle and hear what long time traditional Republicans are saying! The traditional non-MAGA wing of the GOP is planning to vote for Biden!

    Bill Sheridan, I am curious, how much have you donated to Trump’s campaign after the felony verdict???

    • frank stetson


      I think the larger Democratic fear is that Trump really does not need to SPEND much campaign funding so while it all goes to legal fees, he does not suffer than much in the campaign. He is his own car crash creating rubber necking, who needs the ads, the mailers, the bill boards…. And for Trumplicants, there is no bad Trump news; there is no downside for him to spew.

      And then he just posts away for the price of a web page design; he may gild with gold, but the man has always been cheap.

      • Tom

        Yeah, I think most of it is going to lawyers. And let’s not forget all of the free Sinclair / FOX coverage he gets. What I do not see in all of this is where he is expanding his base. He is just randomly tossing out scraps of food for followers like Darren, AmericaFirst, Horist, Archie, and others. I have yet to see a meaningful commercial by him. And since I do not go to his website or Truth Unsocial, I am not being schmoozed by him at all. And some of the people from his rallies were interviewed and they said they go for the entertainment value. They never said they are voting for him. Maybe that was a given.

        Right now I am listening to very recent primary elections still happening around the country. Most Trump candidates got beaten pretty badly! Even Latimer the Dem who pulled the fire alarm beat the GOP guy Bowman! Only one Trumper, Lauren Boebart, won in the GOP primary – but that is not a guarantee that she will win in Nov.

        Where are all the peeps Horist claims are moving to Trump? I just do not see it.

  6. Darren

    Excuse me, Haven’t landed a Glove?
    Biden has been tossed around the ring over and over in this fight.
    But the Senate Judges keep looking away every time Biden gets Punched!
    And just like Russia, the Media has to tell the Government side of the news!

    • Tom

      Darren, I know you honestly believe what you say. So I am going to assume you are correct. Can you cite some specific examples (where, when, issue) where Biden was “tossed around the ring”? I am struggling to find one example? Please help!

  7. frank stetson

    Has he been indicted? Fox does not count FYI.

    Has he been impeached even a single time knowing that two times is the record.

    Hasn’t even reached the Senate, it’s in the Whacky House so far; balls in your court and your boys have no balls to go to court, to impeach, all they got is blowhards like……. who ever keeps saying this bs.

    You think the news is all government, who generates your view and datapoints? Cuz your side has said a lot, proven little, and taken action —– NOT.. Actually, you might be right about the government hiding stuff, or not telling the truth. But, once again, as usual, you have not proven it. And I’m talking liability-level proof, not without a shadow of a doubt felony level….

    Speaking of liabilities……speaking of felonies……speaking of guilty pleas……speaking of jail time……. oh, never mind, you gots them all. so tis it.

  8. frank stetson

    Am I missing something or is BS showing his inner feelings in that picture where Trump is looking at his donors hard-earned cash and calling them SUCKERS?

    Well, one born every minute I guess.

    Thanks for the reality check, BS>

    • Archie

      Just don’t try it again

  9. frank stetson

    What? Comment on a picture of Trump calling you SUCKERS?


    Now what?


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