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Almost 100,000 Cuban Agents Have Helped to Maintain the Socialist Regime in Venezuela

Almost 100,000 Cuban Agents Have Helped to Maintain the Socialist Regime in Venezuela

A former Venezuelan general has revealed that 93,000 Cubans were hired and shipped to Venezuela to keep the socialist regime in power, reports Breitbart.  

“By 2010, there was a permanent presence of approximately 92,700 Cubans carrying various missions in all areas and sectors of the [socialist] government,” said Maj. Gen. Antonio Rivero.

Many of which were hired to work in intelligence and security roles.  

“Of these 92,700 Cubans, it is estimated that 3,000 of them are specialists in intelligence covering all areas — capable of getting into computers, monitoring and following both Cubans and Venezuelans in Venezuela,” said Rivero.

The migration of Cubans was part of the alliance between socialist movement leaders Hugo Chávez and Fidel Castro.  

Rivero was privy to the inner workings of Chávez’s government.

“Rivero was very close to Hugo Chávez. He took part in the second coup attempt led by the late president from Yare prison on November 27, 1992. He was very close indeed, to the extent that Chávez entrusted Rivero with the rescue of the coupsters of February 4. After the failed coup, Rivero sought refuge in Peru. Later on, he returned to the army and went to Spain to pursue a graduate course in telecommunications,” writes El Universal. “To Rivero’s mind, Chávez’s idea of forming a strong alliance with Cuba became true right after his release from jail, when he headed for Cuba. At Miraflores presidential palace, General Rivero would voice his reservation as to Chávez-Cuba’s rapprochement and the arrival of advisors in security matters. Because of his criticism, he was kept under observation. In this way, two years later, he was taken out from Miraflores and appointed as the head of Civil Protection. He worked there from 2003 through 2008. “I will take you out, because you are not in line with our policy,” Chávez told him.  In 2008, Rivero was appointed second commander at the Fourth Jungle Infantry Division.” 

Venezuela’s current leader Nicolás Maduro continues to lead the country with socialist policies, which has created a dire situation for Venezuelans.

There is a massive shortage of staple goods and medicine and the price for these scarce items have skyrocketed, making them no longer affordable. Not to mention, the inflation in the South American country hit 536.2 percent in the first nine months of 2017.

So, most of the citizens have either two options, either to starve or attempt to get out of the country.

Brazilian officials said that the number of Venezuelans crossing the border to Brazil has doubled from 2016. Colombia has also seen a massive influx of Venezuelan refugees enter the country this year.

According to the intel from Rivero, Cuba’s Castro played a significant role in Venezuela’s demise.

But Cuba’s presence in Venezuela extends beyond the government. Cubans make up a significant number of the country’s military personnel.

“Cuba’s intervention in Venezuela is overwhelming. There are a million Cuban soldiers, including 3 generals, 12 colonels and lieutenant colonels, 6 frigate captains and 25 other officers of various ranks [in Venezuela]. There are also 4,500 infantry troops in 9 battalions, one of them stationed in Fort Tiuna, the country’s military heart, according to the Venezuelan online new site Q’Pasa and journalist Sebastiana Barráez, a specialist in the armed forces of Venezuela,” writes Miami’s Martí Noticias.

Author’s note: Both Venezuela and Cuba are example proving that socialism is bound to fail. With the help of Castro, socialist ideals are now ingrained into Venezuela’s government and military. It won’t be easy for the country to move to a more effective political structure.


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  1. marlene

    We’ve got more Cuban regime members than this right here in Florida! We also have more Cuban prisoners released from Cuban jails by Castro and sent to Florida and to other states as well! And they sure don’t support our Republic!! But then, neither do the democrats because they too are criminals working towards a ‘regime’ change.

    • Philip Simon

      If not the US army intervention in Venezuela, then either the UN, or other friendly South American nation to form a coaltion to invade and free the country from Castro.

  2. Luis D. Rey

    And yet “our café con leche”, Saddan Hussein Obama was peachy keen with The Castro’s bastards.