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War in Ukraine!!!  Or is it?

War in Ukraine!!!  Or is it?

Artillery shells have been exchanged between Ukraine and Russia, a kindergarten apparently damaged. Initial pictures show that the damage is relatively minor (but more are coming), and now we find that it was not Russia, it was Russia-backed rebels.

According to Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), there were “multiple shelling incidents” on Thursday morning in the Donbas region. Wait, “multiple” artillery shells means it is not an accident. Someone is doing this on purpose. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then…

Are we going to assume that Russia has lost control of a “Russia-back” group?

Fat chance.

Perhaps the best assessment I’ve seen (or at least the one I believe) NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said he is “concerned that Russia is trying to stage a pretext for an armed attack against Ukraine. There is still no clarity, no certainty about the Russian intentions”

We have indications that, despite information yesterday that Russia was pulling back, they actually added 7000 troops.

I am listening to a speech at the United Nations. Many diplomats saying ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Will Biden come through with a last minute appeasement?

I’m sticking by my original assessment. Putin still doesn’t know if he will invade or accept an appeasement offer. He is good to go either way. He is now engaged in “brinksmanship” and will be entertaining offers.

He could take the next step and attack Ukraine, with the intention of being “reluctantly” dragged to the negotiating table to accept great appeasement offers. But Putin know there is risk there, perhaps heeding Mike Tyson’s advice “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” The military equivalent is “no plan survives first contact with the enemy.”

Beware of last minute grand gestures from the Biden Administration. They will be bad for us, and good for Putin. The pressure is on, as pictures start to come out on the damage done. The next set of pictures will likely contain bodies.

Putin wants to know if Biden can stomach this. That is a very good question.

An interior view shows a kindergarten, which according to Ukraine's military officials was damaged by shelling, in Stanytsia Luhanska in the Luhansk region, Ukraine, in this handout picture released February 17, 2022. Press Service of the Joint Forces Operation/Handout via REUTERS
Kindergarten in Ukraine damaged by an artillery shell.

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  1. Tom

    Its not if Biden can stomach it, its if NATO can stomach it. I hope they can.

    • Stash

      Biden has his hands tied and I don’t think he will use force , but NOBODY and I mean nobody is fearful of Biden!

  2. charles hollis

    Biden needs to be impeached before he gets us into a shooting war. If this senile stupid idiot gets us into a war, he needs to be impeached and hanged.

    • Ben

      He should be put on the front lines with nothing but a pocket knife

  3. Chris Lepper

    This looks like an abandoned building set up to look like kids played there. Why else the two rectangular “Clean spots ” on the floor littered with some debris? The rest of the floor looks as though it was covered with dirt before the blast. And Oh, since when do kindergartens have 2′ thick concrete walls? Something isn’t right here.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Are you saying the shells didn’t hit? Or are you saying the shells did hit, but they wanted to highlight the damage by saying the building was a kindergarten when it wasn’t.

      It was a rather huge building for a kindergarten, but then again sometimes people repurpose military buildings for other things.

      The prospect of a hoax or exaggeration is intriguing but I’m not sure who would benefit.

      • Chris Lepper

        Just saying something is fishy. We have a static picture of an area shot, most probably, with an anti-tank weapon, ( an HE tank or howitzer round would have taken that whole wall out) at some point in history. We are led to believe it is a kindergarten, yet all indications are, this room has been abandoned for a long time. We have children’s toys placed here and there, yet no chairs, no desks, no wall hangings, no calendars on the wall, no blackboard, nothing to indicate anything was being taught. As far as who will benefit, the Ukrainians that staged this. They obviously want to start a shooting war and draw in the West. you know “Save the Chiiillldren!!!!

        • Chris Lepper

          Or there is that theory of goading the Ukrainians into attacking so Russia can “Retaliate”. Or it could be a false flag crisis that will allow Biden (or Kamala) to “Fly in” and save the day. Thereby saving his majority in the House and possibly the Senate, all while making millions on the stock market rebound. Remember, the Ukranian President has billions of reasons (dollars) for helping Joe Biden.

          Also, this building is supposed to be 9 miles from the border. I am not aware of any artillery round that can fly that far horizontally. More like coming in at a 30-degree angle.