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Republican Women’s Group Bankrolled by Democratic Billionaire

Republican Women’s Group Bankrolled by Democratic Billionaire

Republican Women for Progress is a grassroots organization for GOP women who oppose President Trump.

Or at least that’s what it’s supposed to be.

“We think the best thing that we can do for the party and for the country right now is to make sure there are good women – Democrat or Republican – that are elected to office and who can serve as a check on this administration and on the president,” says co-founder Meghan Milloy.

“We think that if more women were involved in politics and policy, especially in leadership positions within the Republican Party, Donald Trump never would have been our nominee, and certainly not our president,” continues Milloy. “We think that with the extreme partisanship and tribal politics these days, we need more women at the table to bring us back to civility. Women of both parties need to be elected in November to serve as a check on this administration and their, at best, indifference toward women.”

Other areas of concern for the group include: immigration policy, the successful confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh, and Trump’s indifference to Saudi Arabia following the death of Jamal Khashoggi.

Republican Women for Progress established a PAC in September to support candidates for the midterm elections.

So far, the group has spent $231,000 supporting Mikie Sherrill in New Jersey’s 11th congressional district, Amy McGrath in Kentucky’s 6th congressional district, and Elissa Slotkin in Michigan’s 8th congressional district. All three candidates are Democrats.

If that doesn’t sound anti-Republican enough, how about this:

Republican Women for Progress is an offshoot of the ironically named “Republican Women for Hillary” – a group created to support Hillary during her run for president in 2016. Members of the GOP group said they responded to Hillary’s loss with “disbelief,” “sadness,” and “anger.”

So what we have here is a group of “Republican” women who consistently support Democrats and Democratic causes.

As revealed in the group’s first quarterly filing, the group’s only donor is Reid Hoffman, the billionaire co-founder of LinkedIn who has donated millions of dollars to Democratic campaigns and committees.

“In terms of the Reid Hoffman donation, even male tech billionaires and major Democratic donors recognize the important role women should play in the Republican Party,” claimed the group. “We are pleased to have the support of donors across the idealogical spectrum to ensure the voice of Republican women is heard across the country.”

Here’s what’s really going on:

Either Hoffman believed his donation would help destabilize the GOP and the women’s group is blissfuly unaware of Hoffman’s agenda OR the organization is another deceptive Democratic Party front.

In the CIA, the latter scenario is referred to as a “false flag operation.”

Editor’s note: This is the worst kind of propagand, reminiscent of the old days in the Soviet Union. Now would be a good time for the KGB motto:

Admit Nothing, Deny Everything, Make Counter Accusations.


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  1. Mark Rentz

    You never know about Democrats. The truth always shows itself.

    • Maggie

      How true Bunch of liars and more!

  2. Cheryl

    This woman group needs to support our president and work with him. We have enough division as it is. Would they rather have the left running the country?

  3. George Burkhart

    We cannot allow the communist democrats To take the presidency They sold their soul to satan they are murders Godless except for satani lawless and they are only for power for them self’s they could care less about American people except to make them salves and this is a fact they lie they cheat they destroy anyone standing in their way please America wake up please vote for the only person working to help the people and that is President Donald Trump and that’s a fact so wake up America

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