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McCarthy Accuses Democrats of Rigging 2022 election

McCarthy Accuses Democrats of Rigging 2022 election

Democrats are attempting to “rig an election to give them an ability to win when they should not,” said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) last week regarding the Left’s ongoing attempts to pass voter reform legislation.

“We stopped them in the last Congress, so it’s sitting over in the Senate,” he continued. “The only way that they can pass it is to change the rules of the Senate, to change the filibuster. Fortunately, we have a few senators over there along with all the Republicans who believe that is wrong. That is where the emphasis needs to be, to be able to not let them break the system, to change the system when it comes to elections, and make it unfair in the process.”

McCarthy’s concerns are a surprising change of tack compared to last May when he said, “I don’t think anybody is questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election…I think that is all over with.” At the time, he was backing an effort to remove Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney (R) from her leadership position in caucus for disagreeing with Trump’s claims that the election was “stolen” from him.

Speaking of Trump, the former president is asking Republicans not to vote until questions surrounding the 2020 election are solved.

“If we don’t solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020 (which we have thoroughly and conclusively documented), Republicans will not be voting in ’22 or ’24,” wrote Trump in October. “It is the single most important thing for Republicans to do.” 

Despite any misgivings he may have about election integrity, McCarthy is encouraging his constituents to participate in the upcoming election. If Republicans are able to take back the House this year, they will be able to “hold people accountable to make sure the Capitol is safe” and “get America on the right track,” he promised, referring to the incident that took place at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021.

McCarthy then went on to accuse House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) of inhibiting Republicans’ attempts to investigate the event, saying, “When you watch what Nancy Pelosi has done, she’s politicized this process with not getting to the two main questions: Why was the Capitol so ill-prepared for that day, and how do we make sure that never happens again?” 

Moving towards the 2022 midterm elections, Republicans are focused on education, crime, border security, the plight of small businesses amid the pandemic, supply chain disruptions, and the impact on personal freedoms suffered during the Biden Administration. 


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  1. Larry kuhn

    The voting rights bill offered by the dumbasscrats is really designed to help them to steal elections. It better not happen again

    • Andrew Robinson

      In what ways specifically Larry or Alice for that matter? As in literally what aspects of the current voting rights legislation have you concerned?

  2. frank stetson

    “At the time, he was backing an effort to remove Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney (R) from her leadership position in caucus for disagreeing with Trump’s claims that the election was “stolen” from him.”

    Ah, the Party of the First Amendment takes actions to silence anyone who is different……Cool.

    Is this a story Alice? Voting bills are dead for now so why the whining? McCarthy looking to deflect from his pending Congressional subpoena since he fears toeing the line under oath? Think u b beating a dead gift horse after looking it in the mouth.

  3. AC

    How can either party depend on anything McCarthy says. He contradicts himself on Republican talking points and his assessment of Democrat strategies in that caucus. Either he thinks his remarks are forgotten or he himself has no recall capacity of his statements, or he says whatever he thinks at a particular moment sells.
    After the January 6, 2021 attack he and several of his party’s cohorts correctly credited Trump for the assault. Soon after they all recanted and disavowed the truth.
    McCarthy says the 2020 election was legitimate, contrary to the former President’s claim that it was stolen. Kev also contradicts Donald by encouraging Republicans to vote in ‘22 and ‘24 elections. Donald suggests Republicans should boycott the elections and not participate in coming elections on the grounds that Democrat are further rigging the process.
    Minority Leader McCarthy has shown ineffective management of his caucus. The obvious examples are witnessed in behavior unbecoming representatives in the US House.
    What McCarthy has done in his job past and present or will yet mess with are desperate attempts to mollify ‘ol #45.
    For #45’s part, rallies in predominantly red states are his pulpit after twitter . He has stepped up pushing his Big Lie conspiracy with a doubling down on fraud and vote counting irregularities claims. Every one of his accusations remain unsupported and consequently debunked.
    His rallying call is heard load and clear. It not for the country’s unity under Democracy. His desires alone drive his speaking falsehoods when the truth is plain and evidence is clear.
    Citizen Trump saw opportunity in politics before entering the field. More importantly critical in his mind is always contriving plans for monetizing politics for his maximum profit . Common ordinary Republican folk by the millions “donate” to his “legal defense fund”. The so called fund is ultimately used as Trump sees fit. Some goes toward election campaigns of those he knows are in his pocket. A little is spent on legal fees. More is doled out to family members’ for the lifestyle support. The lion’s share in safe keeping is a large safety net should 100’s of millions be needed for business.
    Trump is proud of his personality status and his renown for billions made establishing his name.
    Less is known regarding his proclivity for stinginess. Those with business dealings with him are more likely to get stiffed than get paid for material and/or services rendered. Financial accounting machinations shifting funds showing losses and enabling bankruptcy processes that disentangle his financial commitments.
    No lending institution in this country finds Trump a credible risk. He and his money are not parted. Equally parsimonious Trump has shown himself to be with his demand on others’ loyalty .It’s become legend among those working for him in different capacities.Utter complete loyalty to him and his business politics and all else in his universe. All he deems the least disloyal are swiftly made aware they will feel his wrathful recompense. His administration’s ranks were fluid. Appointees and assistants came and went due to his whims on loyalty and an individual’s willingness to comply.
    A number of notables kept promised loyalties and were indicted for criminality. The plead their right to stay silent and not incriminate themselves (and so, Trump). These loyalist criminals earned time in prison for their loyalty. One must ask, why would some one endure the cost in prison?. What, then is the benefit for criminal loyalty..
    McCarthy and the Republican contingent in government when they bow to Trump’s loyalty requirement ensuring even a small degree of his support. Surely, they must forego the autonomy expected them by their constituents. Trump as President before and now as former President and common citizen is stealing this moment democracy out from under we the people. Not only Republicans, all means, ALL of us. And, due to the nature of Trumps intent to control representatives in government to do their jobs promised with an oath. Trump is effectively committing sedition against the US Government.
    The rallies he holds where he promotes dissidence and further action like 1/6/21 for the over through-of a standing democratically elected Presidential Administration, by definition amounts to treasonous incitement of a coup.
    McCarthy, together those bowing to Trump’s bullying autocratic exercise over their decision making will, stands complicit with the chief conspirator, Trump.
    McCarthy, McConnell, and others on the red team working for and paid salary by we the people continually fail the majority of Americans who voted in the last election, those who could not vote, as well as those who chose to not vote. All In America want and deserve just Ann’s honest representation. Partisan bickering with its petulant unprofessional and childish outbursts proves unfitness for office.
    One does not need look far for evidence decrying undemocratic official behavior in public. Individuals talking upon themselves self importance promotion far above their rank and deserved amount of attention. Antics on public display and caught for posterity on tape reveal lack of integrity and negligible realization of self appearance. Those persons, the former President included, represent the less diplomatic and most embarrassment producing individuals observed by the world’s population. Our once proud Democracy and nation is in free fall in the world’s eyes and opinions. We are an experiment in democratic governing. Its survival as the Republic the founders envisioned and hoped would grow to in time; currently its health. status on on your and my watch. At what extreme cost to future generation is our.failing the founders and our children and grandchildren. In the present we the people owe it to ourselves that this country’s vitality is preserved and built upon.
    McCarthy and his myopic inconsiderate lot have made themselves a thorn in the nation’s powerful flank. Removing this thorns impact is a bipartisan effort. Government at this moment apparently is at an impasse. Forward movement has been blocked by the wall Trump has actually built. His work through the years his influence became evident of a worsening in attitude Americans one to another. A prejudicial divide is part of America’s history . It is a major deficiency and it cripples our attaining peace with our misunderstandings relative to people not like us. It’s our fear of the unknown that stops or has us go armed for a fight.
    Peace in this time has possibility if leadership takes responsibility for the ills, lies, rumors, and conspiracies that unjustly hold true facts hostage. These are the materials that make up the monolithic proportioned separating wall keeping sides in continual dispute.
    Alice, this article unleashed thinking and opinions myself and others have had conversations about, not every one listened to leans left. It’s from an Independent moderate – conservatism with a slight hint of liberal mixed in forming a perspective as seen through a (non evangelicalism) Christian Protestant Worldview. Envisioning what that entails and who could possibly see the world clearly through that lens may present as a challenge for your readers.
    Fellow Christians question the choice of “Independent. Why not all in Republican? Not all in means freedom from labels, stereotypes, and presumed bias gone full prejudice in scope.
    Cancel is an apolitical verb in our lexicon. Although, tbeing cancelled by gross misunderstanding driven intolerance of others is notably familiar. Which has not always been the case. Society’s polarization increase in the last half decade exacerbated the intolerance factor exponentially.. Sadly, hope is on the decline and in danger of cancellation.