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Kyle Rittenhouse Blocked From GoFundMe

Kyle Rittenhouse Blocked From GoFundMe

Crowdfunding sites GoFundMe and Fundly have removed all accounts associated with Kyle Rittenhouse, a teenager who was charged with murder after he fired his gun in self-defense during a protest in Kenosha, WI.

The fundraising accounts raised more than $51,000 before they were taken down. All donations were refunded. GoFundMe said the accounts were removed for violating its terms of service, but offered no further details.

Rittenhouse was arrested Wednesday following a shooting that claimed two lives the previous night. The incident occurred during a protest spurred by the shooting of Jacob Blake, a black man who was shot in the back by police and left paralyzed on August 23rd. 

Rittenhouse, a longtime supporter of police who used his 16th birthday to raise money for the non-profit organization “Humanize the Badge,” was among several armed civilians who volunteered to protect a local car dealership Tuesday night. Video footage shows the militia speaking with police, with at least one officer saying he “appreciated” their efforts. 

Video footage from later that night (after Rittenhouse left the dealership) shows the teen being chased by protestors. A shot is fired and Rittenhouse responds by firing back before tripping and falling to the ground. More shots are fired, and Rittenhouse returns fire in self-defense as protestors bear down on him.

Two people were killed and a third injured. When police arrived, Rittenhouse immediately dropped his AR-15 style rifle and raised his hands in the air.

Rittenhouse, 17, is being charged as an adult with counts of first-degree intentional homicide, reckless homicide, attempted intentional homicide, and two counts of recklessly endangering safety. The liberal media has described him as a “mass shooter.”

Rittenhouse is scheduled to appear in court this Friday, where he will have help from L. Lin Wood – the lawyer who helped Nick Sandmann settle a defamation lawsuit against CNN. Like Sandmann, Rittenhouse seems to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. And his actions have been twisted by the liberal media.

Rittenhouse will also receive help from Christian crowdfunding website GiveSendGo, which has collected more than $192,000 to help with the legal fees. “GiveSendGo is veteran owned platform that hasn’t fallen into the censorship/cancel culture that we see today,” tweeted the site.

“[Kyle] defended himself from a brutal attack by multiple members of the far-leftist group ANTIFA – the experience was undoubtedly a brutal one, as he was forced to take two lives to defend his own,” reads the fundraising page. “Now, Kyle is being unfairly charged with murder 1, by a DA who seems determined only to capitalize on the political angle of the situation. The situation was clearly self-defense, and Kyle and his family will undoubtedly need money to pay for the legal fees.”

Author’s Note: This is outrageous. A suspect who has yet to go to trial is denied the ability to take advantage of a publicly offered service for political reasons. This liberal censorship at its finest.


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  1. Brian

    So, blacks who commit crimes and murder people get to have go fund me accounts but white people don’t? Sounds like the discrimination they say doesn’t happen because of white privilege. Hypocrites!

    • Russell Bateman

      I don’t think it’s about black and white. It’s about right and Left.

  2. Moe

    If this kid was protestor and a democrats they would allow fund raising due to our double standard of justice. A black guy gets killed while resisting arrests and we build shrines, white guy wearing a trump hat gets his brains blow out by a communist protestors and the twisted news to blames the victim. After four straight years of media tv news, twisted press, magazine writers, celebs, and democrats communist lying to us, we are now suppose to buy their bull shit. Which racist pos decided this kid who killed savages in self defense does not deserve equal access to help as the savages terrorizing the defenseless ,democrats call peaceful protestors. How come savage animals using terrorism against us, have rights and their opponents do not?

  3. LBS

    So it’s ok to set up pages for the gutter trash of society, illegals, niggers (not African Americans) who sexually assault murder, dispense drugs on the street and other criminals, yet a hero in our country that protected himseldf can’t?

    This country’s thinking is majorly F’d up. Thank God we have Trump in office to help clean this country up. Termination chambers cannot come quick enough for democrat politicians and the Democrat/Marxist/Socialists that commit crimes and are trying to destroy our country through terrorist groups through BLM, ANTIFA, gangs and others. Disgusting human beings.

  4. ⁹Carlos Gamero

    This is terribly UNFAIR..Americans can clearly see a double standard and will NOT stand for lets see who is creating a division among us..this will NOT go well for you f*&%#%^ liberals in election day..we will find another way to contribute to Rittenhouse defense account but…for you disgrace democrat liverals…WE WILL NOT FORGET IN ELECTION DAY!!!!

  5. Kay

    Here’s a solution, send the donation to the lawyers of Kyle and he still can be funded. Just let then know it is for him by a foot note.


    Go Fund Me is only for the BLACK CRIMINALS. Call me what you want, but this WHITE kid was in a shit load of trouble and trying to save his life from.these BLACK thugs ready to kick and beat the hell out of him. How.many.Blacks does it take to hurt ONE poor.white boy? They looked like starving hyenas packed together looking for there next kill. Well don’t think all WHITE folks are really scared of you like MICHELLE OBAMA wants you to believe. Is go ran by BLACKS or DEMS which is it cause its.not ran by fair unbiased people? And just wondering did the Floyd family share any of their millions for the BLACK KIDS that got thereown people?
    This WHITE kid will hopefully be found NOT GUILTY and then watch those hyenas start looking for there next victim. Maybe you need GRAND MASTER JAY to help you next time….lol


    Good I’m glad he got the help he needs. Screw GO FUND ME must be ran by BLACKS or DEMS.
    No one should use GO FUND ME ever again. Just one question HOW MANY BALCK THUGS DOES IT TAKE TO HURT ONE WHITE BOY??? I guess more than what was trying to kick and kill him. They thought this white boy with the gun won’t use it SURPISE.

  8. connie

    What a crap load of bullshit!!!
    It’s ok to raise money for all the criminals?? F go Fundme. It’s a rip off anyways!!

  9. Mike

    You folks are all idiots (from Curly who wrote the article to those of you who wrote comments). A 17 year old, who heads from Illinois, bringing his assault rifle (which is highly illegal-but you don’t care to discuss that) is clearly going there to cause trouble-and he succeeded. The police ignore him carrying his gun when passing him walking down the street, after hearing shots fired and responding to the call. Do you think if he happened to be black that would have happened? Not a chance. The guys who were killed were trying to subdue him after he shot another protestor, all unarmed, so he cannot simply be excused because “he was protecting himself”. This guy murdered two people, using an illegal firearm. He is a common criminal and does not deserve to have idiots pay for his self-inflicted criminal charges. Wake up folks, no person on the left or right should have others coming to their assistance to help with legal fees on go-fund-me or any such platform

    • Jay

      Save the word “idiot” for yourself. Not sure where are you are getting your information from but you’re going to find out that you’re wrong on some of your assumptions. And I like how you throw around the term common criminal and still demean other peoples opinions. The only idiot in the room here is you. The facts still have to come out and you do not obviously have them.

      • Mike

        Jay-Which assumption was I wrong on? The fact that it was illegal for a 17 year old to have an assault rifle and cross state lines? Or the fact that he passed by the police as he was walking away from his killings (which they were heading to investigate) brandishing his weapon and they did nothing? He was a vigilante, plain and simple, who murdered unarmed men and the fact that your POS prez is not condemning this act of violence doesn’t make either of these facts any less true. I base my judgment on facts, you idiots use emotion to make your decisions.

    • Government Professor

      So sad . Typical democrat. Let’s support small business owners and innocent people having their constitutional rights destroyed. You have to be one ignorant communist to spew the lies you call facts. I usually stay out of the gutter. Your blind hatred of justice provoked me to respond. I presented this to my students this morning and also the video of the event. They determined you failed to do your homework. I believe the real truth behind your ignorance is bias, prejudice, and hatred towards anyone with an intellect worthy of thinking for themselves. Good luck with your poor little life. There is a lot of space in Cuba, Venezuela, and China.

  10. Jedothek

    This action by GoFundMe is morally equivalent to terminating the presumption of innocence and the right to a fair trail. It is at least possible that Rittenhouse acted in self defense. He should have trial to determine whether this is so. But GoFundMe feel they must virtue signal ( to put a kind interpretation on it ) that they are so woke that they know by some supernatural perception that he is a bad person not deserving any assistance, including legal assistance.

  11. Dan Tyree

    Mike Mr.Rittenhouse should get a medal for standing up for America.

    • Mike

      Idiots all. Untrained vigilantes have no place on the streets of the United States. Due to his ignorance, two people are dead and rittenhouse will likely spend a significant period of time in jail. You folks like to claim you are for “law and order”. The actions that rittenhouse carried out were unlawful. Why don’t you want him to pay the price? More lip service by the conservative community here…


    O but that black drug addict criminal GEORGE FLOYD deserves it or that other one shot in the back what was his name anyway? O who the hell cares hes right up there with FLOYD. You fool need to do your homework before shooting shit out of you mouth and watch the video O and look up the word subdue. Really is that what they’re were doing when 50 of them ran at him kicking and swinging a skateboard at him.your as dumb as they are I’m afraid….

  13. Charles Zebe

    We have a lot of empty plinths these days. I am imagining Kyle up there one day! MAGA!

  14. Dkfighter

    We have a lot of empty plinths these days. I am imagining Kyle up there one day! MAGA!

  15. Dan Tyree

    Mike stfu and go join your comrades in the commie party. And Rittenhouse will walk. As he should. Vigilantes? Is that what you would be if you attacked a hood rat raping your wife or daughter? It’s time for the good people to stand up to the thugs trying to turn America into a socialist shit hole.

    • Mike

      You are somehow trying to compare somebody raping your wife or daughter to people trying to stop an individual from escaping who has just shot someone with an assault rifle? Hillary was right-you are a basket of deplorables. You are for law and order? Hardly if you support this young punk with a chip on his shoulder. Totally disgusting. I deplore the violence that has happened at some protests, but I also deplore when an ignorant, young punk decides to break the law Wake up!

  16. Dan Tyree

    Mike I’m proud to be in the “ basket of deplorables “. And killery cunton isn’t good enough to kiss Trump’s ass. Same for the rest of you commiecrats.