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Donald Trump is the Left’s Favorite Scapegoat

Donald Trump is the Left’s Favorite Scapegoat

Ever since Donald Trump won the presidential election in November 2016, Democrats and the liberal media have been blaming him for everything.

In recent months, Democrats have blamed Trump for:

  • Global unrest
  • Americans’ drinking habits
  • Layoffs by Ford
  • Rising Obamacare premiums
  • Future violence caused by 3D-printed guns
  • Suicide rates in Puerto Rico

In September, the editorial board of The Washington Post said Trump was “complicit” for Hurricane Florence based on his views about climate change.

Honestly, I’m surprised there hasn’t been a study linking Trump’s tweets to global warming. 

Last week, Vanity Fair correspondent and MSNBC contributor Gabriel Sherman blamed Trump when an elderly man bumped into his young daughter.

“Trump’s America is a vicious and divided place. Today, a 60-something man walked into my 15-month old daughter, knocking her to the ground with a bloody nose,” tweeted Sherman.


“Trump has allowed people – especially rich white people – to exhibit the worst kind of victimhood and lack of empathy,” continued Sherman, who by the way is rich and white.

Another recent example is New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez’s claim that Trump has failed to nominate candidates for important diplomatic posts.

President Trump’s “inability to adequately or appropriately fill key national security positions puts our nation at risk,” complained Menendez last week.

In reality, Trump’s nominees are being held up by Senate Democrats. 

“There are more than 60 State Department nominees awaiting confirmation,” pointed out Sec. of State Mike Pompeo last Wednesday. One of those is Kimberly Breier, who has been waiting seven months for a vote to confirm her as Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere affairs – a key position which would have her overseeing America’s response to the crisis in Venezuela, to Colombia’s cocaine problem, and to Russia and China’s growing influence in Central and South America.

There are also 49 ambassadorial nominees awaiting confirmation – only one of which is being stalled by Republicans.

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  1. Robert Carli

    Dems at work again. I don’t Vote with them anymore. The are nothing but trouble makers with Diapers.

  2. Ron C

    Yeeesssss….the mainstream news media have proclaimed Hillary a goddess, and in the same breath proclaimed anyone that supports our duly elected president a NAZI…!!!
    Which surely anyone with at least two brain cells can tell is out & out BS…the scarier thing being, there are a lot of people with less than two brain cells out there voting!

  3. Ivette

    I can see that a republican is writing this post this president have been the worst president in the history of the USA when others countries are laughing at the USA what can you say. This president have put his pocket first and his family first. He really needs someone that teach him how to talk in public cause his vocabulary is limited

  4. Mr.Johns

    Stop thinking of the pass.Think about what. You can do today.Stop being distracted about. the news.if you can not finish one thing you start,what good are you.Especially to the people in America.We are One nation and will always be there to help our neighbors.

  5. Anecito

    I Need to see Trump administration Imprisoning Swamp people NOW….