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Biden’s Lost-and-Found Saga Fills the Virtual Space

Biden’s Lost-and-Found Saga Fills the Virtual Space

Leave it to poor old Joe Biden to get lost and to his handlers to find and redirect him. The past week showed the world how sleepy Joe excels in wandering off, mindlessly turning around, and suddenly freezing – to name a few – no matter what the area or venue. Here are the top 4 lost-and-found moments of Biden’s public appearances that went viral over the last week.

1. Old Joe’s Big Hollywood Freeze

Old Joe was taken to Hollywood in Los Angeles, California, on Saturday night (June 15) for a star-studded fundraising event along with Barack Obama – the former president who is supposedly running Biden’s show from the political backstage. Some big showbiz names, who are over-the-hill now, like George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Barbra Streisand, all showed up to support Biden. The climax of this event came when it was time for Biden to leave the stage. He seemed to have frozen down and kept looking at the applauding audience while clueless of his whereabouts. And Obama knew his role on the stage – gently hold Joe and lead him away.

2. Turn and Wander Off like Joe in Italy

It was Joe’s lost moment of fame in Italy that set the social media on fire last week when world leaders from seven major countries were hosted by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni for the G7 summit. On Thursday (June 13), the participating leaders, including the very old and familiar Joe Biden, gathered outdoors for a paratroopers show. But it was Humpty Dumpty Biden who stole the show as he thoughtlessly wandered off, looking at a paratrooper packing his stuff on the ground. The rest of the party noticed Biden pulling a Joe again so they shuffled closer to Biden, pretending everything was okay as Meloni gently nudged Biden to turn around and get back in the present moment. Biden still looked lost as he wore his sun glasses and starred ahead at what the party was viewing.

3. Lost on Landing in Italy

Before losing it big with the G7 squad at the parachuting event, Biden did something familiar when he landed in Italy for the summit. Guess what, Joe got lost again! Soon as he stepped down the Air Force One, he wandered off and was going God knows where when someone stepped forward and redirected him to the opposite of where he was headed. Interesting in this video was also a member of Biden’s staff who climbed down the Air Force behind Biden. While it is usual of old Joe to hold the handrail for support, when climbing up or down the stairs, the staffer looking fairly young and healthy also started climbing down while holding the handrails. Was it was part of the protocol to make Joe look not so feeble to need handrails?

4. Juneteenth’s Special Zombie Grin

On Monday, June 10, the White House hosted a Juneteenth party ahead of the Juneteenth holiday (made a federal holiday in 2021 under the Biden administration). A video of the event showed Biden looking like what Libs of TikTok called a zombie. The video, which became viral, shows Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, and others dancing to a song. But Biden seemed totally lost, staring ahead, and grinning in a rather detached manner as he looked at the party scene around him. The video made news over Biden’s acting like he didn’t have the slightest idea of whatsoever.

The White House has since gone into desperate denial and insists that Biden is all good, physically and mentally. The Democrats and their fact-checkers are claiming that some of these videos may have been edited in a way to look Biden weak and mentally frail. However, the memes about Biden’s Lost-and-Found moments keep filling the social media.

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  1. Archie

    People want this man serving in the White House? It’s amazing that some people hate the country that much. Or is it Trump. I believe it’s both. It’s strong proof that the democrats are idiots as well as most independents. Like Tom. There’s living proof that you can’t fix stupid. His so-called military service means nothing when he supports people who don’t respect our rights and laws. Tom and Frank are too stupid to tell us how that Biden can improve our country. And it would be nice to speak about Biden and leave Trump out of it. Pretend Trump ain’t running. Come on. Sell us on Joe Biden. Our country should be in the hands of an old man with dementia? Ok so vote for the retard. But many of us refuse to adhere to his rules and laws. Why? Because he’s a moron

    • frank Stetson

      Archie, good try at intelligent discourse of a polite nature of debate. I believe you can get there, but not quite yet. Take it from me, defining people with different ideas as idiots, stupid, and defunding their service to country are probably not the discussion producing ice breakers you are looking for.

      Tom is not a idiot nor is Biden a moron. Both have proved you wrong there. You may not like their ideas, you may think Joe is missing a step, but no way can you call either of them anything but PATRIOT. It’s impossible for you to write-off half of America as idiots. Any more that it would be correct to say all Republicans are deplorable. Hard core Trumpers, maybe. Hard left progressives, maybe. But half the country: NBL.

      Arch — you have adhered to Democrat rules and laws your entire life. I always say, feel free to do the crime but realize you can do the time for it. For personal reasons, I do not often wear a seat belt. It’s a choice and I have paid the fine a few times. Often, it’s the step-down from a more serious offense like high rates of speed. I call that a win!!! But would I disobey all Republican rules and laws —- shit, Arch, I won’t even look. What a weird perspective you have there.

      OK, on your question. It’s a simple thing to research what Biden’s 2024 plan is. I will use WIKI since that’s a bit more antiseptic than the Biden website. It’s a simple thing to research.


      Somewhere else you asked about results which I think Tom has provided; I will wait for your response to that before I add anything. Have a good read and feel free to discuss his plan further after.

      NOW —- your turn. Show us 1) Trump accomplishments in his four years, and 2) his plan as President in 2024.

    • Tom

      So Archie, you speak about respecting our rights and laws. Isn’t it my right to speak the truth about Trump and Biden? And haven’t I paid my dues with my military service? I was protecting your rights when I served. So why can’t you protect my rights now? And just because I speak the truth about Trump I am judged by you of hating the country I fought for? You seem to be the only example of living placenta with such harsh words – soon you will morph into a Wampler!!! LOL

      By the way, if you want the latest figures on GOP and Dem Party member IQ’s, it so happens that the Dem party has more higher IQ’s and college graduates than the GOP. As an Independent, I have three degrees. And I retired well below my expected retirement age. Can you say that?

      Ok on the selling point, you are asking a reasonable question. Here is what Independents see in Biden:

      Reasons that support effective government that does the most good for the most people: Independents do not like dysfunction and chaos which is what Trump brought last time to the WH and he will do it again. Independents like government that works and runs smoothly, even if it is not always make the right calls.

      So here are some reasons:

      1) 15 record highs in the stock market this year.
      2) Infrastructure bill that Trump could not pass finally got passed by Biden.
      3) The integrity of the WH is restored.
      4) We do not have endless investigations and prosecutions.
      5) Violent crime is down 20% across the nation
      6) Biden respects the rule of law.
      7) Wages are up.
      8) Unemployment the lowest in 40 years.
      9) NATO is whole again.
      10) Ukraine is beating Russia and needs the USA so they can finish the job.
      11) Israel relations are pretty good again.
      12) Diabetic insulin is now affordable for all. Many drug prices have come down.
      13) The international community at large likes Biden and will work with him to calm a dangerous world.
      14) Biden is fighting to keep democracy alive at home, and abroad. Trump wants autocracy to take over. Xi, Un, and Putin are not his heroes!
      15) Inflation is coming down.
      16) Biden cares about the people. Trump said, “I do not care about the voters, I just want their vote.”
      17) Biden wants solutions. Trump wants attention.
      18) Biden is not a felon, nor does he cheat on his taxes. His taxes have been published and he paid his fair share. Trump did not pay taxes at all for two years. Now his corporation is convicted of tax fraud.
      19) Biden is not a rapist nor does he have a criminal record.
      20) Biden’s cabinet has been stable and staffers like working for him.
      21) Biden will keep and enhance the Affordable Care Act. In my state, Medicaid has expanded and people are getting healthier!

      Ok, so there are twenty-one reasons. I am sure Frank can add some more from his Dem point of view.

  2. Archie

    Thought you would never ask. Accomplishments: secure borders, strongest economy in many years, first time in 70 years being energy independent and even exported energy. Wiped isis out. But Biden blew that out of the water. Increased employment for people of color greatly. For the ones wanting to work and not live off the government while rioting, burning and looting. Did his job well even though the democrats were screaming for his blood and cooking up lies and false allegations. Put originalists on the Supreme Court and by doing so protected the 2nd amendment. As for refusing to be governed by that idiot, I’m referring to wanting to put bans on gasoline cars and certain guns. There’s enough of us to resist. And yes, Biden is a moron and so are you and Tom. You fools want the government to run your lives. Not original but “ give me liberty or give me death “

    • Tom

      Archie, I gave you 21 reasons Independents are breaking for Biden. You could barely muster 7 for Trump, and some are actually incorrect, some are opinions from political ads. What does this tell you Archie? It says Trump did not have a very effective administration. You also did not mention much of an international nature – probably because most of the Europeans hated Trump – as did most of the world. You also missed mentioning that he created the greatest revolving staffer door ever known to the WH. Many hated working for him and resigned because they would not do the unethical things Trump asked them to do and for which he now begs absolute immunity. For some reason Biden does not seem to need absolute immunity and does not ask for it ever. What does that tell you Archie?

      1) Yes Biden has not done as well as Trump on the border; however, recently Trump allies negotiated a border protection bill with Biden representatives and then turned against it when Trump made phone calls saying he did not want the border secure. Trump wanted an issue. By the way, there is quite a labor shortage in this USA right now that many of these immigrants will help fill.

      2) Biden economy is stronger. And if you go to the real facts and charts you will find that Obama’s administration hit 4% growth five times in 8 years. Trump only hit it once. What Trump was good at you did not mention at all. Trump was good at releasing bad information when the market was up and good information when the market was down. This had the effect of modulating the market and providing stability.

      3) ISIS was never wiped out, they regrouped out of Trump’s reach in other countries. They also started coming back during Trump’s tine in office. after the faulty deal he negotiated with Taliban.

      4) Dems cooking up lies against Trump is your speculation and is not grounded in any factual basis other than your feeling. Trump says the same thing. Lara Trump says the exact same thing on a recent Trump ad. It was not a lie that Trump ran to the POTUS bunker during the Floyd marches. It was not a lie that Trump was involved in scheming to use fake electors. It was not a lie that Trump incited an insurrection. It was not a lie that Trump kept critical personal information away from voters so he could win the election. It was not a lie that Trump used the Philly Inquire to publish lies about his political opponents. It is not a lie that Trump told some form of lie 72% of the time during his time in office. Trump is the father of lies. It was not a lie that Trump was late on Covid and wanted you to drink bleach. These facts are all documented.

      5) I find your comment about Black Americans very racist. A recent in-depth Pew survey of African Americans indicates that Black voters prefer President Biden over Donald Trump by greater than a four-to-one margin (78% to 18%). Trump was very racist. Read Trump’s history on racism at ** and you will be informed.

      6) Trump’s SCOTUS selections are basically Christian White Nationalists who rather than be politically neutral like they should be and just interpret law, are actually advocates for a theocracy guided government in their law interpretations. One of them even flies an upsidedown US flag at his house and a symbol of insurrectionists at his beach house. This is one of the biggest reasons Independents do not want Trump back in the WH.

      7) Exactly what gasoline car is banned by the federal government? I do not know of any, and I have two such vehicles, a Corvette and a F-150 – both made in the USA! I also drove a Prius for 12 years. I will be looking for a hybrid again in 2025 when there will be several truck hybrids new from Ford, Subaru, Toyota. Biden and the EPA are raising mpg requirements that will kick in somewhere around 2035 but I do not know of any bans on gasoline cars. This is fiction. By the way, more oil has been pumped under Biden than Trump – just for the record!

      And here is a silly little fact for you to chew on: Trump recently went to those money grubbing oil executives and advertised that his policies will be for sale for a $1 Billion contribution to his campaign!!! Archie, the reason energy prices are up is because the oil execs can get more money for our oil overseas!!! That should piss you off!!!

      8) If it were permissible under the law, I would happily grant you your wish! But my name is not Doc Kavorkian. LOL You seem to have a Patrick Henry complex but your reasons are not the same as Henry’s reasons. Would you mind if I get one of my Green Barret buddies since they really like watching the life drain out of someone? Personally I am more of a nuke missile kind of guy but I would not want to harm your neighbors!

      Again, your reasons for Trump are very shallow. I even had mercy on you and gave you a couple!!! I hope you will do better next time!!! But on the bright side, this was a much better conversation!

    • frank stetson

      Archie: well, so much for the polite-response shout out. Did not stick apparently. No, Biden, Tom, and I are not morons. Only a complete dick hiding behind his keyboard like a little brat of a kid would say so. Not that you are a dickhead, but only a putz would do something like that.

      if you go back to Horist’s version of this, you would find a number of great adders like the Middle East deal you left off. His, like yours, has a lot of fake news, but still a more comprehensive list. On yours:

      Strongest borders: yes, although pandemic has a lot to do with that. In 2019, under Trump, border crossings increased to the highest level since 2007 reversing a decade’s old downward trend he inherited. That says a lot about his policies creating the largest surge in 2019 since 2007. And then he is saved by the pandemic and Title 42 which, the law and the Republicans, did not reaffirm. And yes, much, much, stratospherically higher under Biden. Criminally so, IMO.

      Energy independence: while true, it’s totally pandemic based. The EIA says it’s more a function of reduced US demand, not over-the-top US production. All stats and responsible trackers say so. More oil is produced today under Biden. No win here. Check out EIA for the truth. Fake news.

      ISIS: The Isis threat grew under Trump. Here’s Trump’s DoD in 8/19 “Despite losing its territorial ‘caliphate,’ the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) solidified its insurgent capabilities in Iraq and was resurging in Syria.” Under Obama, the plan to defeat ISIS and take back the land was established; the only thing Trump did was lower the barriers on engagements to increase civilian casualties but possibly speed up the land take-back part. ISIS reconstituted itself under Trump, grew, and is now the largest terrorist threat out there. Even with the Obama campaign, we took the land but ISIS remained the largest terrorist threat out there, under Trump, and now Biden. Here’s the chart: *’s,annual%20Global%20Terrorism%20Index%202024*
      Black unemployment: Yes, but then again, Biden is better on jobs, white, black or purple. And your racist dig is uncalled for. Blacks are not unemployed because lazy. Jerk.

      Are you really highlighting the ethics-challenged scandal-ridden SCOTUS who, because of the Republican SCAMS is now known as Trump’s SCROTUM?

      So, you want to go all revolutionary over electric cars and bump stocks or assault weapons? Cool, go for it. It’s obvious you will no longer drive gas one day, it’s just the timing in question. Yes, I will keep my 30-year-old 350 v8 truck forever, but that’s just for fun, but most my driving will be not gas in the next few years. As to the guns, trust me, we will hear the effects of the bump stock SCROTUM decision resulting from the wisdom of conservatives like you.

  3. Archie

    Democrats are not smarter than republicans. They have no common sense and decency. And some things did ok with your retard. But Trump gave us a much better country. And most of what you posted are damned lies. But you people are living liars

    • Jim wampler

      The respect for the American flag has been replaced with the fag flag. So maybe Tom can put on his gay uniform and serve under it

      • frank stetson

        Wamp: sounds like your fear of fags extends to fear of flags. Tom is as gay as you are, not that there’s anything wrong in that. Although Tom, like you, believes there is.

        I think a guy with a gay-man’s dog would be more compassionate.

        • Archie

          There’s plenty wrong with being gay. It’s either demon possessed people or mental illness

      • Tom

        Hey Wamp, how is it you know so much about gay?

    • frank stetson

      Just branding half the country as liars, stupid, without common sense is a simple rationalization of your own tainted beliefs. I believe in proof, in facts, and you have offered none here.

      You think Trump made a better country, you have not proved it.

      You think Democrats will end the country, it’s still here.

    • tom

      Archie, look at the stats here at ** It is not a lie.

    • frank stetson

      Actually, no one knows who is smarter Archie, you are talking out your ass, again.

      We do know that Democrats have more education, higher level degrees —– statistically speaking. I feel this shows a weakness on the party to lose attraction for this significant portion of the American electorate. You folk call it “elitist” and there’s something to be said for that. We have evolved from the factory-class to the middle-management and white-collar class perhaps leaving behind the blue collar. And as their frustration over life and their choices grows, so does the attraction for nationalistic autocrats like Trump grows.

      You can call us liars, say all we have posted are “damned lies,” although not sure the difference there, but, fact is, you cannot prove the shit that you say, you can’t support this allegation, and you then become the nasty little boy who can’t defend his own words and ideas. Weak tea. And you are a racist, at least in thoughts and words.

      • Archie

        OMG. The race card. Love it. Very proud to be marked a racist. White power assholes!!!!!!!

        • frank stetsonf

          It takes a little man to admit a huge personal flaw on an anonymous website. Good thing I am pretty sure you are too mush a pussy to take more action than that. But it makes the little man feel big to have fake superiority based on race.

          But I am sure you are stupider, less abluent, and certainly not as interesting as Obama, a black man and a proud nerd,

          • Archie

            So go suck his black dick. And why should I, as you s, do anything obvious? Are you daring me to do something? I don’t think so. At least not anything that could be proven Lol. It’s interesting that you seem to dare people into some sort of action such as the dumbasses who attacked the capitol. So don’t think for a minute that I support that shit. But I don’t believe that Trump put them up to it. But I’m glad that he will pardon them when he’s re-elected As for classified documents, retard joe was said to be too old and senile to prosecute. He and Obama have better hope that trump wins his immunity case.

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