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YouTube Targets Russell Brand over Unproven Rape Allegations – Canceled?

YouTube Targets Russell Brand over Unproven Rape Allegations – Canceled?

Furthering its history of censorship and war on free speech, YouTube rushed to demonetize British actor and comedian Russell Brand following a bunch of rape accusations shot at him by a number of anonymous women.

Brand, who has over 6 million subscribers on YouTube and earns an estimated $61,0000 monthly from his videos on the platform, was accused by four women of sexual assault and emotional abuse, later joined in by a fifth one. The allegations were made over the weekend and published by The Times of London, The Sunday Times and Channel 4 Dispatches on Saturday (September 16). Immediately after the allegations, without corroboration or considering Brand’s denial, Russell Brand’s management agency severed its ties with the actor. Three days later, YouTube announced that Brand can stay on the platform, but it stripped him of the ability to make money from his channel.

Brand and his followers see the attacks on him as a coordinated scheme of the mainstream media and tech to silence him via character assassination. On September 15, Brand posted a video to his Twitter/X profile wherein he categorically denied the rape allegations against him while acknowledging that in his younger years he has been promiscuous but his relationships have always been absolutely consensual. He also stated that there are witnesses whose evidence contradicts the mainstream media’s narrative against him.

Many voices in conservative media came out in support of Brand. Allison Pearson of the British daily Telegraph called the decision by YouTube “appalling” and the “Orwellian unpersonning of Russell Brand” that will affect his chances of getting a fair trial.

“Not only does this Orwellian unpersonning of Russell Brand violate a fundamental tenet of a free society – these are still only allegations remember – it makes the prospect of a fair trial, should he ever be charged, unlikely.”

The Daily Mail wrote on Wednesday (September 20) that even Brand’s critics are calling out his cancelation arbitrary and unjustified.

Brand was further attacked from within the British government when Member of Parliament Caroline Dinenage, a conservative, asked the free speech video platform Rumble to cancel Brand. Rejecting her call for censorship, Rumble’s CEO Chris Pavlovski called Dinenage’s message “deeply inappropriate and dangerous.”

GB News reported that owing to her attempt to get Brand off Rumble, Dinenage is now facing calls to resign from her office as Chair of the Culture, Media & Sport Committee. Broadcaster and Journalist Michael Crick called her messages to Rumble “absolutely outrageous” and  “something from the world of Stalinism.”

Conservatives on other social media platforms also called out the hypocrisy of those attacking Russel Brand over mere allegations and asked why repeated sex abuse allegations against big names were suppressed by media.

“I’ll start caring whether Russell Brand had some questionable sex a decade or 2 ago when the media starts caring what Bill Gates, Bill Clinton or Prince Andrew were doing on Epstein’s island. Or when it starts naming customers, Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted of supplying trafficked minors to.”











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  1. BlueButterfly

    What s bunch of hypocrites
    JoeBama is a hair sniffing, shoulder fondling, nipple pinching pedophile, intern rapist, and incestuous father. ALL documented! Yet the MSM and the communist party of America simply accept it because “it’s just Joe! What a crazy world we live in.

  2. Robin W Boyd

    This is how hateful Progressives, who control the main stream media, deceive liberal minded folk into believing someone or something is bad. It is trial by Internet.

  3. frank stetson

    Robin, ask yourself —- WHY do progressives control the media? It’s a free market, anyone can play, why is it that only Progressives are willing to PAY for media? In a world of supply and demand, where is the conservative demand for media? You claim FOX is the biggest so what’s the problem?

    The same is true for almost any conservative whining about the liberals taking over. How can we —- we are basically equal in strength.

    And Blue — you got allegations, rumors, and pure crazy. Trump has been found liable of defamation and sexual abuse with a judge chucking his counter defamation lawsuit over being called a rapist because the judge ruled that while not rape in NY which requires penis penetration it was “digital” rape where, on the record, Trump was found liable of trapping her in a room, pinning her to the wall, reaching up under her dress, pulling down her tights, and cramming his fingers into her vagina just like he said he does on the Access Hollywood tapes that you heard so many years ago. He also said he could kill someone and they would still vote for him: REMEMBER Ashli Babbitt. And you will still vote for him. Trump is not the problem. You are the solution. Do the right thing.

    But don’t go waxing on Joe allegations against adjudications for Trump.