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‘Young Activists’ sue Federal Government Over Energy Policies

‘Young Activists’ sue Federal Government Over Energy Policies

In an unprecedented lawsuit, teen environmentalists accuse the US government of violating their “constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property” by maintaining energy policies harmful to the environment. 

The plaintiffs view such policies as “unconstitutional” and seek to implement a plan that would dramatically reduce CO2 emissions by 2100.

In a letter to the 9th Circuit Court, nearly 80 scientists and physicians supported the plaintiffs’ argument that young Americans are expected to have poorer health as they age due to the effects of climate change.

The lawsuit began in Oregon in 2015 and has endured despite multiple attempts to dismiss it by the Obama and Trump Administrations. The activists have used social media to attract thousands of supporters.

Last summer, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously against the Trump Administration’s efforts to dismiss the case.

“It’s really just disappointing to see the lengths that they go to – to not only not let us get the remedy that we’re seeking, but not even let us have the chance to prove our facts or present our case at trial,” says Nathan Baring, a 19-year-old plaintiff from Alaska.

On Tuesday, the 9th Circuit will hear arguments from Trump Administration lawyers who want to dismiss the case. Trump’s lawyers insist the plaintiffs cannot legally attempt to alter federal policies through the courts.

“No federal court has ever permitted an action that seeks to review decades of agency policy by a dozen federal agencies and executive offices – all in pursuit of a policy goal,” said the lawyers. 

Tuesday’s hearing will decide whether the young plaintiffs can finally take the case to trial; and if so, whether federal agencies will be subject to an injunction blocking the production of new fossil fuel extractions until the case is closed.

Editor’s note: Yet another attempt by environmentalists to further their cause by brainwashing kids who don’t know any better.  This is pure propaganda, and hiding behind children is dispicable.

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