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YMCA Branch Bans CNN After Members Complain About “Fake News” Reports

After President Trump blasted CNN for reporting “fake news,” the Valparaiso Family YMCA in Indiana barred the channel from playing on their TV screens.

CNN used to play on the 20 TVs scattered across the facility’s gym, but after receiving several complaints from members about being forced to watch the bias station, the branch decided to switch the channel.

YMCA members who had been going to the workout room for years said CNN was almost always on in the past and not everyone approved of the ban.

“To me, it’s blatant censorship that I find very surprising,” said member Greg Quartucci to CBS Chicago. “The timing of this was very peculiar, because I think it was basically a day or two after Mr. Trump claimed that CNN was fake news.”

CNN has been on a TV at the Y for those 15 years, and I am disappointed that the Y removed CNN because of complaints,” said Quartucci.

Like Quartucci pointed out, this ban was placed following Trump’s confrontation with CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta last week. Trump finally responded to the reporter after he rudely repeatedly demanded to ask the president a question and said “No, not you, your organization is terrible. Quiet. Quiet. Don’t be rude.” 

When Acosta continued, Trump pointed to Acosta and said “I’m not going to give you a question. You’re fake news.”

The clash between Trump and CNN has gotten heated over a few recent stories including a segment entitled “Disaster could put Obama cabinet member in Oval Office,” where the program speculated about who would be in charged if Trump was attacked during the transfer of power.  

Not to mention, the deplorable things CNN reported about the secret dossier, compiled by an unnamed former UK intelligence officer, that tied Trump to Russian Intelligence– although it was never verified.

Debra Koeppen, the YMCA’s chief development officer, admitted that complaints were made following the January 11th press conference and the station was changed briefly, but then the Y got accused of censorship.

“It is a Christian organization. It’s all about freedom and opportunity, and what they’re doing, I personally think is against what they have on their walls and against what they have as their mission,” said Quartucci.

Due to the criticism, the YMCA issued a statement saying that it won’t be airing CNN, Fox News or any other national news stations moving forward.

“In order to eliminate perceived political bias associated with national news outlets, the Valparaiso Family YMCA will only be showing local news channels in the future,” said Valparaiso YMCA in a statement.

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