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Yellen Feasts on Psychedelic ‘Shrooms in China

Yellen Feasts on Psychedelic ‘Shrooms in China

It has been reported and confirmed that while in China to negotiate with high level officials, United States Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen dined on controversial Jian shou ging mushrooms – which are variously reported to be delicious, poisonous … and psychedelic.  She savored the fungi at the Yi Shou/Yi Wang (In and Out) restaurant – not to be confused with the American fast-food eatery.

We can assume that they were delicious – for those who like mushrooms — since Yellen dined on four orders of the delicacy.  As to their being considered poisonous, Professor Peter Mortimer, of the Kunming Institute of Botany, says the mushrooms “are considered poisonous as they can be hallucinogenic.” 

They are sufficiently toxic to be on the Botanical Society of Yunnan’s index of poisonous mushrooms – again because of the possible psychedelic effect.  Mortimer said that he had “a friend who mistakenly ate them and hallucinated for three days.”

According to experts, the toxic or psychedelic nature of the mushrooms are not a problem … if they are prepared “properly.”  I did not find any of the news reports indicating the “proper” way to prepare the jian Shou ging mushroom.

Mushrooms and other fungi are very popular menu items in the Middle Kingdom.  In fact, China features many restaurants that have nothing but mushroom and fungus dishes on the menu.  I know that because, as a mushroom lover, I have been to several of them.  I cannot say that I have had the jian shou ging mushroom – and cannot say I have not.  I have eaten a very wide variety of mushrooms on the menus, but without any adverse results.

The stories I found in my research omitted a rather significant point.  Was Yellen aware of the reputation of the jian shou ging ‘shroom when she ordered them?  Was she taking a risk?  Or looking for a high?

The restaurant owners describe Yellen’s visit as a “magical moment” – whatever that is supposed to mean.  They further honored her by adding her name to the menu.  It was not clear if the controversial ‘srhooms are now known as the Yellen jian shou ging or it was some other item on the menu.  

If I should ever get back to Beijing, I will be scoping out the Ye Shou/Yi Wang restaurant for an order of jian shou ging mushrooms.  No, I will not be looking for a psychedelic “dessert.”  I will assume the restaurant will prepare them “properly.”  But I will take along a designated driver, just in case.

You will notice that I did not take any cheap shots tying Yellen’s dining on the mushroom to any criticism of her performance in China.  That is because her failure to achieve anything for America has nothing to do with her gourmet food choice.

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

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  1. frank stetson

    When fully cooked, they are not hallucinogenic. Yellen is know fungi fan. If it can grant hallucinations for 72 hours, that’s some mushroom. Psilocybin is maybe 6 hours, it’s gone from your system well before. LSD is about 12 hours. Now, these mushrooms do put people in the hospital, they even say you haven’t tried them right in Yunan if you don’t check in…. HOWEVER, I have seen people go in to ER over a pot brownie too.

    That said, with LSD for example, if you hit a mental break, your 12 hours can be a lifetime —- but the drug is over in 12 hours.

    So, it depends, but I would gather they guy who spent 3 days hallucinating from these shrooms has/had other issues.

    “but without any adverse results.” adverse? are we judging? since you desire to try them, I guess not. And fear not, no more dangerous, and perhaps more fun, than Fugu (blowfish) in Tokyo. I passed on that once, due to trying not to freak out my “white bread” team, and suggested my favorite —- shabu, shabu, instead, much to the torture of our host who had to reconfigure dinner, perhaps a slight on my part, but rather that than then a night in the ER….. Besides, I know the story of shabu, shabu, —- it’s the best meal for talking – like fondu – goes forever. So screw it. And eating one of the most expensive meals in Tokyo just off the Ginza is a treasured memory. The best part was asking our host, ‘what’s that”” as they tossed something in the pot, hearing “crab balls,” and as my eyes popped, he had his revenge by saying: “don’t ask.” Ah, the memories….. I admire Janet, in business, domestic or international travel, I eat very safe and avoid any possible disruption to the trip.

    But Larry, you live in Florida, I think you have legal psilocybin products as well as being able to find it pretty easy in the wild. There may be even a rare variety near Miami. Brew yourself some tea man. But if you go to pick em, have an expert. No amateur should ever pick any mushroom.

    • Dan tyree

      Great lecture on how much you know about mushrooms and LSD. That explains a lot

      • Doug

        You sound highly agitated.

  2. frank stetson

    Not for over 40 years.

    Yeah, it explains, that I know how to google, an aspect of life that appears to allude you. And that you are naïve to think otherwise.

    But the “great” is appreciated. Always.

    • doug

      It’s always a hoot to observe self-proclaimed, pseudo-informed authorities denounce and mock other people — such as those who actually know the diff between “allude” and “elude” or “Google” and “google” — in their failed quests to impress strangers.

  3. frank stetson

    Heh, heh, oh Bart, he got me, he shot me bad, it’s getting dark…….

    I’d say something about a subtle joke, but face it, I screwed up. Course then again, as you made up pseudo-informed, consider the source :>)

  4. Darren

    She should have ordered take out for the Biden’s.
    It could only help.
    That is if Hunter does not eat them all first.

  5. LibsWorshipSatan

    As if a progressive needed to be more delusional than she already is…