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Xi Jinping Warns of CCP’s Potential Demise

Chinese President Xi has expressed concern over the potential collapse of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), as millions of people worldwide renounce their affiliation with the party. This mass exodus has taken the CCP authorities by surprise, and President Xi himself has expressed his worries about the future of the party.

Reports from Greek City Times indicate that approximately 415 million individuals (this is an unverified number), including members of the CCP’s regiments, teams, and associated organizations, have resigned from their party affiliations this year. This wave of resignations has raised alarm bells within the CCP leadership, prompting President Xi to address the issue openly.

During the recent Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit, President Xi Jinping voiced his opposition to any country’s attempts to instigate “colour revolutions” or interfere in internal matters. He highlighted the need for SCO member states to be vigilant against external forces that could create confrontational camps and lead to a new cold war. President Xi has repeatedly warned about the potential collapse of the CCP, emphasizing the importance of addressing the issue before it becomes inevitable.

In 2022, Xi Jinping delivered a speech to a young cadre training class, which has now been published as an article in the CCP’s journal, “Seeking Truth.” In this speech, President Xi expressed his concern about the possible collapse of the CCP. He emphasized the significance of adhering to the principles of Marxism and Communism within the context of Chinese characteristics. Xi warned that deviating from these beliefs could result in a disintegration similar to what happened to the Soviet Union.

To maintain its power dynamics, the CCP has resorted to more authoritarian measures. These include crackdowns on Chinese oligarchs, restrictions on people’s freedoms and liberties, censorship of online criticism, and consolidating power in the hands of President Xi. However, despite these efforts to suppress dissent, signs of discontent persist. Millions of individuals worldwide have chosen to leave the party, expressing their disapproval of the CCP’s tactics of suppressing freedom of expression and individual liberties.

Xi has called on people to remain loyal to the party for the sake of ideological alignment. However, it is important to note that the sentiment of loyalty may not exist among current CCP members, who may be driven by power and incentives other than genuine ideological alignment.

If the reports of millions renouncing their affiliation with the Communist Party of China (CCP) are true, it is undoubtedly heartening news for democratic capitalist countries worldwide. These nations have long recognized that communist and socialist structures do not yield the freedom equality or economic growth they promise.

In recent years, Xi Jinping and China have navigated a delicate balance, building socialist projects using the profits from their capitalist industries. This dual approach has allowed China to sustain its economic growth while maintaining its totalitarian grip on power. Perhaps this bit of hypocrisy is catching up to them.

While it is doubtful that Xi’s CCP will collapse in the near future, the breaking of the propaganda chain and the diminishing influence of the party will undoubtedly have significant implications for the world.

The implications of this development, if it indeed is a continuing trend, will be substantial and promising for the future of democratic societies around the globe, where the principles of freedom, individual rights, and free-market competition can flourish without the hindrance of oppressive ideologies.

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