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World Wide War Looms as Biden Meets Putin

World Wide War Looms as Biden Meets Putin

With everything happening across the United States and world today, it can feel nearly impossible to wrap your mind around the events of the moment. As we focus on standing against the forces of division within our own country between our schools, our states, our news, our social media, our election and our laws, countries around the world are taking serious action towards potential war around the world. Today, Biden is meeting Russian President Putin in Geneva, Switzerland to discuss the state of our current relations.

Biden seems to be playing his usual role of being a goofy leader and has already been reported to have stumbled through the talks. He said that Russia is a “great power” and nodded in approval when asked if he trusts Putin. Far removed from his previous recent comments that Putin is a “killer” with “no soul.” Most likely due to the obvious reasons that Biden is hardly ever allowed to freely speak in public without a teleprompter, further talks today will include no public press conference between the two leaders. 

Biden’s meeting with Putin as the Russian Navy conducts the largest military exercises in the Pacific Ocean since the end of the Cold War.

Less than 500 miles away from Hawaii, Russia is running drills just as the meeting between the two Presidents is happening. 200 miles east of Hawaii, the United States is also conducting Navy strike force exercises. The U.S. sent fighter jets in reaction to the military drills from Russia so close to Hawaii, with two F-22 Raptor jets released from a base in Pearl Harbor. The release resulted in no interceptions for the time being as talks between the two Presidents resumed. 

Back in Taiwan, 28 Chinese military aircraft including fighters and nuclear capable bombers flew over the small island nation in a show of force. This comes after a meeting between the G7 nations Sunday and their decision to stand together against threats from China. China continues to claim that Taiwan is a red line that no opposing country should try to cross. It wants a territorial power claim over the nation. This was the largest air incursion of Taiwan to date.

The G7 consists of the nations of the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany, Italy, France and Canada.

They call came together in unity to stand against China, opposing human rights violations, religious persecution, trade theft and talks of control over neighboring nations. Together they have demanded a true and thorough investigation of the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic. Furthermore, the U.S. and Britain have signed a new Atlantic charter framing their stance and strengthening relations to stand against communist China’s influence and power grabs in the area. Less than a month ago, China went far enough to threaten to bomb Australia with missile strikes for protecting Taiwan. Chinese media has also recently threatened war with the United States. It used its media propaganda to further promote an attack on any relations with Taiwan’s independence worldwide. 

It is important to keep in mind that July 1st is the 100 year anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party.

This ‘100 Year Marathon’ plan of the CCP to take control of the world order is coming to a climax of thought as the nations of the world will have to decide exactly how to handle these long-term ambitions from the adversary nation. Beijing has been conducting a massive crackdown on its own people. It took its own citizens from rural areas and forced them into the cities in action to completely eliminate all political dissent within the nation by June 20th in preparation for their July 1st anniversary. This alone should be raising red flags for all people on Earth, everywhere.

But this isn’t all that is happening…

Israel, even during an abrupt and opposed change in government structure as parties within the nation transition, has been forced to defend itself against Hamas once again. Incendiary balloons were thrust upon the ally nation of Israel and, in response to the attack, has conducted additional airstrikes on Hamas. This has ended the ceasefire that has only lasted 11 days between the two opposing people. 

Also, on top of all of that, Iran has sent two ships across the Atlantic Ocean towards Venezuela. This potentially places additional threats south of the United States.

Looking at the meeting with Putin and Biden, let us hope that peace can come from the conversation. When it comes to history, Russia helped us win World War 2. If World War 3 begins, it would be best for the freedom of humanity if they stood beside us against the CCP. If for any other reason, for the freedom of religion and thought for their own people as well. But if they choose to stand with China against the United States and our allies, that is the true nightmare scenario for the free people of Earth. It could result in a potential suicide of all nations across the globe. No one should want that. No one should want any war for any reason, but like World War 2, sometimes the world needs force to keep a potential future for the good of humanity.

As all nations watch the events on the world’s stage from a razors edge, the pressure has certainly turned way up to a degree unseen in modern times. All we can do is hope while praying for the best and prepare to deal with the worst of the rest. 

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  1. Rick

    Get ready people. While the Biden admin is putting all of it energy into transgender and gay equality, China and Russia are looking at us like the fools the modern democrats have made us into. Look at Putin, he looks like he is dealing with a child and he is.

  2. Ratwrangler

    From this article, the G7 nations “came together in unity to stand against China, opposing human rights violations, religious persecution, trade theft and talks of control over neighboring nations.” This is all fine and good, but every one if these nations continues to purchase products from China, thereby financing their ability to continue the actions opposed by G7. If they want to send China a strong message, just end all financial connections with them, or at least threaten to.

  3. paul Filing

    I”ve got a great idea. Why dont we get rid of that Chink loving president and put a ball busting tough guy into the Presidential palace. You gain respect in politics by showing your stern resolve. I cant believe that Congress is allowing this weak display of leadership throughout the world. Wake up Congress and enact Article 25 before we loose our country. I fought for this country, now Congress you can fight for it. Unify and put aside your political differences before this great country ceases to exist.

    • Ben

      You fought for this country? Revolutionary War or Civil War?
      You may have “ fought” on behalf of the Country, but there are very few men alive that have actually fought for our Country. Unjust and unnecessary wars have been the downfall of our Country and it’s standing in the world. And here you are advocating for a tough guy to get us in another one.
      Get out of here.

  4. Joseph S. Bruder

    Huh? Biden met with our ALLIES to get consensus on how to deal with Putin. Biden told Putin to knock off the election interference, rein in the cyber attacks, and pull back from the Ukrainian border and Syria, or he’d get more sanctions or worse. I don’t doubt that Biden dropped the names of a few oligarchs whose money would be targeted, which would severely affect Putin’s fortunes as well. Without his toady Trump in the White House, Putin realizes the jig is up, and he has no more power on the world stage. Putin’s tail between his legs left a trail of slime as he exited the meeting. Any power that Putin had was due to Trump fawning over Putin like a lost puppy. Every bit of Trump’s support for Putin has been erased from our government now that Biden has rescued the country from Trump’s insanity. Putin has been castrated, publicly and completely.

    How is that leading WW3? Putin is not Trump – he’s a savvy politician and former KGB operative, and took a BIG swing at the US. Now he knows he’s lost, and his days are numbered. He’s not stupid enough to start a war.. He has a LOT of money in the game, and he’s going to spend the rest of his days trying to protect it. He doesn’t care about his country, he’s a grifter, just like Trump, only there for the power and the money. If he lies low, plays by Biden’s rules, he can hold on to power for a few more years and squirrel away his money and maybe avoid the typical fate of ex-Russian leaders.