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Women’s Sports: Another chapter in … girls getting screwed

Women’s Sports: Another chapter in … girls getting screwed

Disclaimer:  The headline is figurative, not literal.  The subject is women’s sports.

Maelle Jacques, a sophomore from New Hampshire’s Kearsarge Regional High School has won the Interscholastic Athletic Association Division 2 state championship in the high jump – women’s division.  Jacques not only won but shattered the record by more than one inch by clearing the 5’1″ bar – something no girl has done in that competition.  That is a sport where one more inch means a lot.

Jacques first name, Maelle, is confusing.  Could be female.  Could be male.  Hard to tell.  Weeell …that same is true of Jacques.  He/she is transgender – basically a male body competing in a female sports event.  Tying the hair in pigtails does not change reality.

If Jacques had competed in the men’s high jump, he would not have won.  He would not have broken a record.  In fact, he may not have competed at all.  The lowest jump for the boys was 5”8’.  The best was 6”2’.  That should be enough evidence to keep men out of women’s sports.  The fact that transgender women demanding to play on men’s teams is rare should be additional evidence of the physiological differences.

I understand that gender fluidity is a real issue –and for the most part I see that as a personal issue.  I do not understand what makes some folks feel they are a person confined to the wrong body, but I take their word for it.  I do not believe that their chosen lifestyle should submit them to prejudice, injustice or public derision.  But I do believe that the physical and emotional realities should impose some rational common-sense limits.  They mostly evolve around the bathroom/locker room issues.

Taking on a different gender from birth records and body types does not produce a complete physical change.  Even with hormone therapy and surgery, transgender men retain more muscle mass and strength.  The DNA has not changed.  Transgender men still have the XY chromosome.  That is why the appropriateness of men playing in women’s sports needs to be considered.  Actually, it needs to be banned.  It is a simple matter of fairness.

Jacques is not a female despite his contention.  He is biologically a male – with all the physical equipment and advantages that come with that gender.  Competing against biological females is patently unfair.  If he can compete against women, why cannot any male – even those who do not proclaim themselves to be female – be allowed to complete.  Physically, there is no difference between Jacques and traditional males other than his claim to be female.

I do understand that some transgender athletes have had hormone treatments – a few have had gender-altering surgery.  While that can result in transformational differences in their bodies, it is not 100 percent.  There is still a physical advantage for men.  That is established in physical testing and in the very domination of women’s sports by transgender men.

With transgender men on the field, women’s sports are no longer an avenue for achievement for women.  They are losing out on trophies, scholarships and careers in sports – or just the “joy of victory.”  For them it is only “the agony of defeat.”  We have seen this same problem in swimming, weightlifting, track and other sports events.

It is yet another example in which leftwing political wokeness has trumped science and common sense.  Riley Gaines, a 12-time All American swimmer — and advocate of women-in-women sports – called out Jacques’ parents for encouraging him to participate in the female division.

Gaines asked rhetorically, “How could the parents of this boy allow their son to cheat deserving women out of opportunities? And why don’t the parents of the girls stand up and say ‘no’ for their daughters?”

Gaines added, “This country is full of failing, gutless mothers and fathers.”

So, who could possibly support such nonsense?  The New Hampshire legislature, for starters.  Democrats in Concord have resisted efforts to ban men … yes men … from women’s sports in the Granite State.

In response to complaints by parents, the Kearsarge School District has engaged in leftwing doubletalk – answering but not answering.  District Superintendent Winfried Feneberg said, “Kearsarge supports all students and student-athletes regardless of their gender identity.”  All students?  What about the girls who are being cheated out of the competitions?

Feneberg continued her irrational excuse with, “Each student-athlete has the right to compete in the activity of their choice. The New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association’s stance on this issue is clear: Denying that opportunity is a violation of equal rights afforded under state and federal law.”

What utter nonsense. Separating men and women in sports is perfectly constitutional.  Feneberg is either fibbing or is a fool.

She added, “Further, we believe that limiting access to any activity violates our core mission and vision, which are grounded in supporting every student and student-athletes right to pursue their goals and interests.

Does that mean non-transgender men have a “right” to play on the girls’ teams?  Are they not among the “every student?”  Feneberg’s rationalization is so stupid that she should not be anywhere near an institution of learning.  But there never is a defense for the indefensible.

It is beyond my comprehension how anyone cannot see the injustice and unfairness of enabling male transgenders to compete in Women’s sports.

We should separate the competitive sports issues from the cultural issue of transgender nudity in locker rooms and the gender integration of public restrooms.  There are some legitimate concerns there, but they are more social and cultural than pure physical ability – and more easily resolved without forcing shy girls to being exposed in front of — or being exposed to — male packages on self-proclaimed females.  But there is no way around the male’s – even transgender male’s – advantage on the sports field. A ban is the only fair and sensible option.

So, there ‘tis.

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