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Women-Trans-Femme Only Nights Begin at Bike Shop

“WTF Nights” is what the Davis Bike Collective is calling their bimonthly event during which men are not welcome in the shop. The shop has close ties with the University of California-Davis, a notoriously liberal college. The shops managers say that they started WTF nights in order to give women and trans people of Davis and the surrounding area time and a place to discover and enjoy bicycle repair without the presence of men. 

No statement of theirs suggested that there were complaints about men disturbing female or trans customers or interfering with their ability to use the shop. The Davis Bike Collective’s website simply states that women, transgender people, and “genderqueer” people are marginalized in the bicycle community. This bike shop is attempting to “empower” these groups by excluding anyone that is not a member. 
A spokesperson for Davis Bike Collective clarified that men are not actually banned from the premises of that shop during WTF hours, but rather, extremely unwelcome. If a man enters during those times, a shop employee will ask them if they feel that they are a part of the Women-Trans-Femme group, and if they answer no, they will be told that this is not a space they are invited into, not ordered to leave. 
It’s unlikely that a man would choose to remain in the shop after being made to feel unwelcome and discriminated against due to his gender. 

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