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Women Paid 72 Cents on the Dollar in Hillary Clinton's Office

Women Paid 72 Cents on the Dollar in Hillary Clinton's Office
The claim that women are paid $0.72 for ever $1 men are paid is widely cited by feminist politicians and lobbyists. A Washington Free Beacon report revealed that this claim is true- if one worked in the senate office of Hillary Clinton. In 2006, Clinton paid female staffers $0.65 for each dollar male staffers were paid. In 2008, the numbers were even worse. Women working for Clinton made only $0.63 per dollar men were paid in the same positions. This means that during her time as a senator, women working in her office made little more than half what men did.

The median annual salary of women in Clinton’s senate office was approximately $16,000 less than the median annual salary of men in the same office, doing the same jobs. Hillary Clinton has a record of strong advocacy for closing the wage gap between men and women. ‘Equal pay for equal work’ was a slogan she and her followers have used during several of her political campaigns.

Hillary has not yet commented on these findings, but her practice of paying female staffers less appears to be incongruent with her policies. No information is available on how she determined who would be paid what at her senatorial office.

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