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Woman Uses Gun Laser To Play With Cat – Shoots Friend By Mistake

Woman Uses Gun Laser To Play With Cat – Shoots Friend By Mistake

A woman in Wisconsin accidentally shot her friend when she foolishly used the laser sight on a handgun to play with a cat.

A criminal complaint charging the 19-year-old woman with negligent use of a weapon said she was visiting a Kenosha apartment recently where a 21-year-old man had brought a handgun.

The woman, identified as Jashanti Pleasant, who a witness said had been drinking, picked up the handgun, “turned on the laser sight and was pointing it at the floor to get the cat to chase it,” when the gun went off!

“Pleasant turned on the laser sight and was pointing it at the floor to get a cat to chase it,” police wrote in the probable cause affidavit.

As Pleasant was pointing the 9mm gun between the floor and Daniels’ legs, Daniels told the woman, “Hey, let me get that.” The gun then went off, and a witness told police that Daniels stood in shock for a moment before asking Pleasant if she just shot him.

Daniels, who was standing in a doorway, was shot in the thigh, authorities said. He left and went into another apartment, where police found him after responding to a 911 call, the Kenosha News reported.

The responding officers tied a tourniquet to his leg to stop the bleeding before he was taken to a hospital. He told officers he had removed the magazine from the handgun before the incident took place, according to police.

Pleasant said Daniels had allowed her to “play” with the gun, and she also thought it wasn’t loaded at the time, police said. But an officer who recovered the gun found it had one bullet in the chamber and six in the magazine.

“If the magazine had not been inserted into the gun when Ms. Pleasant fired the shot, there would have been no round in the chamber later when the gun was found,” police said. “(The officer) determined that the bullet went through Mr. Daniels’ leg and then through a wall into the kitchen, where it hit the back of the stove.”

Pleasant called the shooting an accident, and she apologized to Daniels, who she said forgave her, according to the complaint. She was charged with injury by negligent handling of a dangerous weapon.

There’s no word on Daniels’ current condition, but authorities said he was facing charges for violating bond conditions that prevented him from having a weapon.

The woman told police she thought the magazine had been taken out of the gun and said it “accidentally went off,” according to the complaint. 

I guess the cat involved in the incident is happy to still have all of his or her 9 lives.

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  1. OldDodge

    “Accidentally went off”, yeah guns don’t do that. Stupid beotch had her finger on the trigger and pulled it. Drunk and stupid isn’t a good way to go through life, but what can you say? Trigger discipline!!!

  2. Good Luck luck

    Not sure if either one of them should have a gun?

  3. Poor White Boy

    He should permanently lose any rights to own a gun. It’s turds like him who give safe gun owners a bad name. Beside he had the gun illegally and should go to prison for it. But then he is a leftie Demonrat as you can tell so he will be let go.

    • Recce1

      The BOND conditions that prevented him from having a gun should be made permanent as you say. Yet the Democrats want to disarm folks like you and I who observe the guns laws, even if many are unconstitutional.

      Also, you’re right about him likely being let off. As a young black Democrat criminal, James Daniels is in a protected class. Still, I’m glad his wound wasn’t worse, or fatal.

      However, I and my cat are really glad the cat survived the ordeal.


  4. Recce1

    Always, ALWAYS assume any gun you pick up is LOADED. Also, only point it it at what you’re willing to kill. In addition, don’t let a snowflake play with one.

  5. Dan Tyree

    Dumb bitch

  6. Joseph S. Bruder

    There is no limit to the stupidity of gun owners… I’m just curious why you publish this instance, and none of the other 24,000 suicides, almost 400 shootings by toddlers or preschoolers last year(at least 125 killed), over 600 mass shootings per year, close to 40,000 per year total gun deaths including about 700 per year that accidentally shoot themselves.

    • Larry Kuhn

      Joseph I have to say that there are lots of people that shouldn’t have guns. I consider myself to be the greatest expert on gun safety. My kids don’t have access to my guns and I don’t go around shooting people. If I ever shot anyone it would be within the law and would be someone who needs shooting. The interesting thing about the gun debate is that the cities with the most oppressive gun laws have the most shootings. Are you sure that you want to defund the police and disarm the people? As for your statistics on gun violence, would you rather that the be stabbed or shoved out of a window? Actually with the great increase in gun sales the stats on shootings have not increased nationally. So I guess that I’ll keep my guns and keep my family safe. You say stupidity of gun owners. Do you mean all gun owners, or just the ones that have not been properly trained. And how safe is Covington Kentucky? Not bad, the last time I checked

    • Anonymous

      and there we go with another idiot who doesnt know what hes talking about talking shit like he KNOWS what the fuck is going on. Talk about Afghanistan idiot.

    • Dan Tyree

      We need to teach children to shoot better