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With Crime Out of Control, Desperate Dems Ask Feds for Help!

With Crime Out of Control, Desperate Dems Ask Feds for Help!

As deadly violence in Oakland spikes, helpless local Democratic officials whose “soft-on-crime” policies have been largely responsible for the rampant crime wave are now asking the federal government for help!

The most recent shooting in the crime-plagued city happened earlier this week when Police arrived to a “shots fired” call on the 900 block of Brockhurst Street. A 36-year-old from Vallejo died from his injuries. Then later, that same day, around 6 p.m., a San Francisco man was shot and killed in Concordia Park.

Democratic City Council member Noel Gallo said Oakland has gone through tough times in the past.

“The FBI and the U.S. Marshalls have to come and support us,” Gallo said. 

He is calling on those agencies again to come to the city to help prevent more lives from being lost. He is also asking other law enforcement organizations from beyond Oakland for help, including the California Highway Patrol, BART police, and the Oakland Housing Authority. 

So far this year, Oakland has had 94 homicides.

“It’s just a heartbreaking situation,” said Antoine Tower, of the Violence Prevention Coalition. 

He said they are working toward a safer Oakland, but said there are a lot of root issues that need to be addressed, like helping people find jobs, and ending cycles of trauma in underserved communities.

“Instead of saying, I need that quick fix and I’m not going to wait anymore…us that are in a position to help you to get where you want to go without having to throw away your lives,” said Towers.

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  1. Rat Wrangler

    The federal government should step in and use whatever resources they have to quell this rampant crime, and then charge the state and the city for their costs in doing so. There is no good reason why the US taxpayers across the nation should be paying for the failings of a few cities and states.

  2. ben is back

    i agree. And while we make them pay for this, let’s get the red states to give back all those welfare and child support checks they get basically from blue states. Let them pay for their own welfare, or lack thereof.

    • Rccola

      Deal, it’s cheaper and safer that getting robbed, shot, or killed in one of those blue hell holes.

  3. ben is back

    Deal it is: for NY alone, that’s $30B a year.

    “Eight of the 10 most federally dependent states were Republican, while seven of the 10 least federally dependent states were Democratic, which suggests that overall Republican states are more dependent upon federal assistance than Democratic ones.”

    California would probably be happy to fund their own if you give them their money back and learn to take care of yourselves.