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Wisconsin: Ryan, Walker, & Cruz VS Donald Trump

Wisconsin: Ryan, Walker, & Cruz VS Donald Trump

Tensions are high as Wisconsin’s primary draws near (April 5th). Polls remain scattered, some with Cruz in the lead by as much as 10, others showing Trump in the lead. Real Clear Politics puts the average at Cruz 36.5, Trump 32.7. It could go either way.

Republican big wigs are frustrated with Donald Trump’s ongoing success. And since Ted Cruz remains as his only real opponent (sorry Kasich), they are doing all they can to see him succeed.

Former GOP candidate and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has decided to throw in with Ted Cruz – an endorsement that could mean a lot in this tight race. Scott Walker announced his endorsement last week, referring to his former rival as a “principled constitutional conservative who can win.” 

The winner in Wisconsin stands to receive 18 delegates, with 24 available (three to the winner of each district). 

Walker has been a vocal critic of Donald Trump and believes Ted Cruz is the only chance his party has of defeating Hillary Clinton. “Ted Cruz is in the best position by far to both win the nomination of the Republican Party and then go on to defeat Hillary Clinton in the fall,” he said. 

“After all these years of the Obama-Clinton failures, it’s time we elect a strong new leader and I’ve chosen to endorse Ted Cruz.” Walker released a TV ad saying as much (you can view it in the link below).

It’s not just Scott Walker Trump needs to worry about come next Tuesday. Speaker of the House (and Wisconsin Rep.) Paul Ryan has also come out in support of Ted Cruz. Many believe his support for Cruz stems from the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal (TPP), an agreement made possible by the Trade Promotion Authority bill (TPA). 

Ryan and Senator Cruz were responsible for creating the TPA, and both men were quite proud of the bill until Donald Trump made it a campaign issue. Ted Cruz now says he doesn’t support the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal.

The agreement might mean money in the bank for those such as Walker, Ryan, and Reince Preibus, but will wreck havoc on America’s manufacturing base and middle class workers. Wisconsin voters who support Cruz are doing no more than contributing to their own financial demise.

But let’s end on a high note: Despite all these efforts stacked against him, Donald Trump received a pleasant surprise during a recent visit to Janesville, Wisconsin when the crowd started booing at the mere mention of Paul Ryan’s name. Janesville is the speaker’s hometown. 


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