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Will Uncle Bernie take the Golden State?

A full 25% of America’s elderly lives in three states, one of which is California. Needless to say, Bernie Sanders would blend in. 

We predict Bernie Sanders will triumph in the California primary this Tuesday. Recent polls show Clinton ahead of Sanders 45-43, but the “democratic socialist” has a habit of surprising us.  

Dems in the Golden State are more than ready to cast their votes. As reported by the Los Angeles Times, California’s ranks of registered voters have swelled to record-breaking highs, with 650,000 new registrations in the past two months. Seventy-five percent of them are Democrats. 

With the FBI and the State Department still hounding Hillary about the email scandal, Bernie has no reason to call it quits. And despite what may happen in California, Sanders has vowed to take his bid all the way to the party’s convention in July.

“If you tell Hillary, she’s going to get very nervous. She looks nervous already,” said Sanders Friday night, noting that Hillary cancelled a stop in New Jersey to visit California instead. “It sounds like the campaign is not quite over.”

Sanders is working diligently to earn more super delegates and in matchups against Donald Trump fares better than Hillary. “If he (Sanders) wins California and a lot of states, he’ll want to make a closing argument to the super delegates,” says senior Sanders adviser Tad Devine. 

In other news, Rush Limbaugh seems convined that “Crazy Bernie” has no chance: “Bernie Sanders may well indeed win the California primary, but Hillary Clinton will win the Democrat Party nomination the same night. I don’t care what happens, Bernie Sanders is not going to be the nominee, and he never was going to be the nominee. I would love to be wrong about it, don’t misunderstand. But it was never, ever, gonna happen, and it isn’t gonna happen next week.”

Meanwhile, Hillary continues to strut around like she’s already won. 


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