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Will Trump refuse to leave if defeated?

Will Trump refuse to leave if defeated?

For a group of folks – Democrats, news media and radical left-wingers – who seem to get their undies in a bunch over conspiracy theories, they are remarkably devoted them.  In a previous commentary, I referred to the granddaddy of all bogus conspiracy theories – the Russian collusion nonsense – that had this country tied in knots for several years.  That was not a theory spread by moles on social media platforms, but one advanced by the highest levels in the Democratic Party and the biggest players in the elitist press.

Now they have surfaced their latest propaganda theory – and it is even more outrageous and stupid than the Russian thing.  They worry – or more likely pretend to worry – that President Trump will refuse to leave office if not re-elected.

The east coast propaganda press had numerous anchors, reporters, analysts and panelists advancing the theory as if there is some foundation for their fraud.  Some refer to it as “a real possibility.”  Others claim that Trump will “seize control like a dictator.”  (You really cannot make this stuff up.)

I do recall that there were some folks on the right-wing fringe who raised the same concern about President Obama heading into 2012.  However, that theory was not proffered by Republican leaders or those often referred to as the mainstream media.  It was confined to the dark corners of the web where such craziness is played out.

Keep in mind that those people advancing this nonsense are the same ones who said Trump would not accept the outcome if he lost in 2016.  And then those same folks hypocritically refused to accept the outcome of the 2016 election, themselves – and have been trying to overturn it ever since.

Of course, they do not give any rationale as to how Trump could retain the office.  They believe – or want us to believe – that Trump will just cross his arms behind the big desk in the Oval Office and refuse to exit.  That is not even a viable option for a b-grade movie script.  Even if you were so filled with Trump hatred that you would give that embarrassingly absurd scenario even an iota of creditability, you should know that the federal gendarmes would be carrying Trump out – chair and all.  So, puleeeeez.  Stop feeding that trash to the feeble-minded.

Is it possible that Trump and the Republican Party – in a very close race – could take the issue to the federal courts to secure recounts where they see evidence of errors or misconduct?  There is nothing remarkable or wrong with that.  In fact, that is exactly what the Democrats did in 2000 when Al Gore appeared to be losing to President George Bush in the Electoral College.  The Gore forces did not just accept the results on election night.  The battle went on for weeks until the Supreme Court settled the issue.  That is exactly how our Republic works – when it is working very well.

Perhaps the greatest example of the Democratic Party not accepting the results of elections was in the post-Reconstruction period when they used violence and unconstitutional laws and procedures to boot virtually every Republican and Negro out of office in the south in the late 1800s.  And then refused to conduct a legal and constitutional election in Dixie for the next 100 years.

The most disturbing part of this conspiracy theory is that it is being advanced – and given a false aura of legitimacy – by the top leadership of the Democratic Party and their most influential allies in the Fourth  Estate.  This shows just how far the corruption of progressive theology has gone.

If you are genuinely scared poop-less that Trump will not leave office if defeated in the 2020 election, there is a simple solution.  Re-elect him.

So, there ‘tis.

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  1. Ernesto

    If President Trump is defeated, you can bet that fraud on part of the opposition took place!!!

  2. Dave

    You got that right Ernesto, President Trump unlike the dumb-a-crats loves this Country & has done a great job for all of us, Black, Brown, white, Asian & all AMERICANS