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Will the Peoples’ Republic of Chaz secede from the Union?

Will the Peoples’ Republic of Chaz secede from the Union?

In the event you are not familiar with the nation of Chaz, it is six square blocks of downtown Seattle.  After overwhelming the police station with profanity, the secessionists declared the territory they now occupy to be an autonomous zone – and the fledgling new nation of Chaz.

No … the new nation was not named after Sonny’s and Cher’s daughter-turned-son, Chaz.  It is the acronym for Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.  The declaration of independence came after revolutionaries, anarchists and rioters routed the combined forces of the Seattle and Washington State governments.  It was a relatively bloodless coup.

The square mile area fell after the Seattle police force surrendered their East Precinct headquarters after coming under a winnowing attack of name calling.   According to Mayor Jenny Durkan, the decision to surrender was made in order not to provoke the rabble into more hostile actions.  It was also to prevent the mob from taking the police station forcibly and ransacking the place.  It half succeeded.  They did not take it over forcibly, but they did ransack the building.

In their Iwo Jima moment, the revolutionaries hoisted a banner on the front of the former police facility – changing it from “Seattle Police Department” to “Seattle Peoples Department.”

Left-wing United States news media – which had been supporting protests and rioting in other cities – quickly recognized the new nation.  CNN’s war zone journalist reported that the post-victory atmosphere was like a festival – with peace-loving new residents of Chaz enjoying street entertainment and food.

In an effort to mitigate any responsibility for losing a piece of America to street mobs, Mayor Durkan described the activities in Chaz as nothing more than a “block party” – noting that such block parties are often held in that area.  (Yes, she actually said that.)

Durkan said that surrendering the police facilities was “meeting peace with peace” – a tactic similar to President Obama’s lead from behind policy in the Middle East and British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s “peace in our time” agreement with Adolph Hitler.

It was said that the Seattle revolution was inspired by events in Minneapolis when similar forces took over the Third Precinct police station – but at least the Minneapolis police did not give up without a fight.  Okay.  The appearance of a fight.  It was just that their pepper spray, tear gas, rubber bullets, pistols, automatic rifles and armored vehicles were just not enough to overcome a fusillade of rocks and bottles.

The situation in Seattle was reminiscent of the 1960s – except that no one found it necessary to disrobe as an expression of protest.  If these young folks are going to mimic the Days of Rage, they can at least take up the more visually enjoyable tactics.  I am not sure how nudity and civil protest are related, but those on the left seem to see a connection. (I was in Washington during the BIG demonstrations of the 1960s and nudity was everywhere.)

The Chaz revolt seemed to evolve out of concern over the death of George Floyd – but that did not seem to be the prime motivations of the overwhelmingly white revolutionaries.  Rather, they seem to have been an assemblage of what I call the perma-pissed – those ever-ready to take to the streets in condemnation of anything associated with America.

As a humanitarian gesture, the government of Seattle donated a number of porta-potties.  So, we know they will accept foreign aid.  This is a departure from San Francisco where the progressive culture allows public defecation.  Their solution is to provide a “poop map” so you do not step in it.

President Trump says he may have to intervene in Chaz, but Mayor Durkan said the President has no authority and any intervention would be unconstitutional.  Madam Mayor seems to forget that it is a primary responsibility of the federal government to protect our borders.  In view of the potential for the spread of Covid-19 into the United States from Chaz, Trump should also invoke a travel ban.

I am not mocking those who have declared their autonomous zone.  No.  No.  No.  There is no way to mock those who are mocking themselves.  I am just reporting.  The events in Seattle would make a great movie, but it has already been done – “The Mouse that Roared.”

Of course, what we are seeing is just street theater.  That is different than a serious protest or demonstration.  It is more of a social event than a political movement.  Cut off the pot supply and the revolution will collapse.  It will collapse anyway.

Remember Occupy Wall Street – and all the baby “occupies” that followed.  This is just a variation of the theme.  If you did not immediately recall Occupy Wall Street – that tells you a lot about the meaningfulness of these things.

So far, the pretend take over is merely symbolic – something the left loves even if there are no meaningful results in the long run.  In the world of street theater, this one is at least comedy – not a tragedy.  But with leaders like Durkan, we cannot discount anything.  Like the line from the musical “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” – “tragedy tomorrow, comedy tonight.

So, there ‘tis.


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Larry Horist

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  1. Bubba Love

    Chaz is a Democrat enclave in a Democrat city. I expect that leftist nation to fall hard.

  2. l2a3

    Well if they want to start a “new” country that they made themselves; let’s start by turning off the water, utilities, and let them figure out how they will provide it. Also put a border and apply our rules and regulations for them to come back to America; If I could I would tear down the buildings and streets, power poles, building equipment ECT. and remove it as well so they can produce everything. Country and Government.
    Then give it to them the land with the statement “We made it”, if you think you “made it “ show us!
    Making something is much more difficult than just taking over already built properties and saying it is yours without Making it.
    I don’t expect this to get posted as well as getting suspended due to my unsocial reply.

  3. Lowell

    I cannot even begin to imagine the damage a group of HOODLUMS can do by taking over a police station. That gives them access to arrest records, evidence, (physical and otherwise) rap sheets, whatever armament is stored there, MRAPS not to mention docs on police officers, (probably the entire police force), and information on police informants, and on and on.

  4. Eli

    It should have been stopped, and I hope they will shut off the utilities. Who will pay their bill? I imagine the local taxpayers, who need to come up with a way to get their city back. We don’t need the government sending them a stimulus check to finance their anarchy. The destruction, the interruption of businesses, and the lives of local citizens isn’t just another block party. It isn’t about racism either, when they’ve made demands to release serious criminals from jail. This fits with the Socialist agenda to dominate and destroy. They didn’t impeach President Trump, or destroy America with the democide (genocide) of COVID 19, so according to the Truth in the Socialist Utopia, they will attempt to conquor slowly from within. The questionable, peaceful protests of New York, involved Muslim Jihadists, chanting to their destruction. Americans need to stand against this. It really isn’t about racism, except to divide and conquor for the Socialist agenda.

  5. Derek Blurb

    Since it is a new country, the residents need passports to enter the US. Their credit is not established, so utilities must be discontinued until good faith security deposits are paid. That will include water, gas, electricity, street lighting, sewers, garbage removal, and representation in every country in embassies and consulates. And, of course reciprocity with an us embassy, typically occupying about a half square mile.

  6. Beach

    NO TAX DOLLARS FROM US CITIZENS…..Time for citizens of CHAZ to start paying taxes to whoever their Ruler is in order to supply the needs of their own country and the citizens of CHAZ.
    Station ICE at CHAZ -US Boarders to stop them from entering the US illegally!

  7. Martin

    I am surprised the water and electricity has been turned off by now. But then when you see who the Governor and Mayor are one know s why.
    The mainstream media needs to be charged with aiding and abating the criminals.