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Will Students and Troops Be Forced to Get the Vaccine?

Will Students and Troops Be Forced to Get the Vaccine?

President Joe Biden is seriously considering a proposal that would require all US troops to get a COVID vaccine. 

Biden told NBC that he hasn’t decided whether to mandate the requirement himself or leave the decision to the military. “I’m not saying I won’t…I think you’re going to see more and more of them getting it,” he said. “And I think it’s going to be a tough call as to whether or not they should be required to have to get it in the military, because you’re in such close proximity with other military personnel – whether you’re in a quarters, where you’re all sleeping, or whether you’re out in maneuvers.”

For Biden to impose such a requirement, the FDA would first have to issue standard approval for the vaccines rather than an emergency use authorization. Even if this becomes a priority, standard approval would take six months or longer. As it stands, up to one-third of military personnel have declined the vaccine.

The same battle is playing out at colleges and universities. At least 80 percent plan to force students and staff to get the COVID vaccine in the fall.

Like everything else, the debate has become politicized with Democrats largely in favor of vaccine requirements and Republicans against.

According to recent polls, 72% of Democrats believe colleges should force students to get the vaccine, while just 28% of Republicans think so. Already, red states including Texas and Florida have signed orders banning institutions that receive state funds from requiring proof of vaccination. 

Last week, Connecticut’s Democratic Governor Ned Lamont signed legislation ending the state’s religious exemption for mandatory vaccinations for students. Beginning in 2022, students attending both private and public schools must have vaccines for measles, mumps, and other communicable diseases unless a doctor exempts them for medical reasons. 

Critics say the rule is a violation of the state’s constitutional guarantee to provide an education. They also insist that vaccinations are a parent’s responsibility and not a government’s. 

This bill is not about vaccines, argues Connecticut State Senator Rob Sampson (R-Wolcott). “It is about the government power, greatly expanding the role and reach of government into our personal lives…and should make each of us wonder whether we are still free citizens living in anything that even resembles America.”

Author’s Note: Vaccine requirements are a massive violation of Constitutional rights that will open a can of worms for lawsuits when the vaccines injure people.


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  1. Ben

    Alice, for once I agree with you. Nobody should be forced to get a vaccine. It should be your right as a private citizen to refuse an unwanted medical procedure. “Your body, your choice” …Am I right?

    That being said, while I fully support an individual’s right to make their own medical choices, no employer ( including the military) should be forced to keep someone that refuses to get vaccinated. Luckily, Republicans have enacted “right to work” laws throughout the Nation that enable employers to terminate employees without cause. So getting rid of an employee that refuses the vaccine will be much easier.

    The same goes for colleges. I support student’s ability to opt out of being vaccinated. But colleges should be under no obligation to accept students that aren’t vaccinated. Kinda like, the college is the bakery and the unvaccinated student is the gay wedding cake.

  2. Realhuman

    Joe Biden has NO rights to tell anyone what to do. He is NOT the true President of the United States. He only thinks is because his handlers tell him he is. Word has gotten out that Kamala Whoreisss IS the President, but, president of what? Neither one IS the President of the United States. they were not even inaugurated IN THE USA> The inauguration took place in Spain on a bible that Obama supplied that is a Muslim bible and not a family bible as Joe Biden lied about. Biden or Whoreiss is only president of the united states corporation Inc which is ten square miles of foreign land in the USA called Washington DC. And they are violating the Constitution of the United States of America and they all know it as that Constitution is illegal and we all have been duped for centuries about it. It is a de facto constitution because it was never legally ratified and we are under the Constitution FOR The United States which no one uses. This one is de jure and the only legal Constitution out of the four constitution’s that were written since 1776. This information may give you insight as to why the Democrats are doing all the illegal and unconstitutional crimes they can muster up to take YOU, the PEOPLE under their wing and bring you under communist rule. We do NOT have to obey any Democrat, or de facto president & Vice President because they are not President and Vice President. SO, when Donald J Trump resumes a Presidency, he will be the 19th President of the United States and not the 47th President as we will be under the Constitution FOR The Units States of America. This is good news!

  3. Ben

    Real human,
    “You lost, get over it”
    “F your feelings”
    Funny how 4 years later those words have a completely different meaning.