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Will Mika dump Joe?

Will Mika dump Joe?

From the title, you may think this is a teaser for a late afternoon soap opera.  Well maybe it is.

Now, I must admit that this commentary is based on personal observations of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” husband and wife team for many months.  Referring to the namesake host Joe Scarborough and his on-air and life partner Mika Brzezinski.  It has nothing to do with politics – for a change.

I had checked out the show before they were lovers, before they were married and currently.  I did it because it is part of my job – to take in ALL views.  Anyone who watches the show knows that Joe and Mika are highly emotional in their left-wing presentations.  That generally means low intellectual or factual content.  They are typical propagandists who hire panels of sycophantic regular guests to echo their partisan narratives with obligatory praise.

Mika is the whiney depressed one – often looking into the camera with a sad bewildered expression as she seems to try to understand those who do not agree with her.  At times she appears crestfallen.  I once did a commentary on her suggesting – only somewhat facetiously – that she may be projecting when she questions President Trump’s mental health.  I rhetorically wondered if she was not the one in need of a therapist.

Joe, on the other hand, is a made-for-movies southern politician stereotype.  He really was one – a somewhat conservative Republican before Mika took him to New York City’s progressive obedience school. He still claims to be a conservative, which is an utterly fraudulent statement.

Joe is arrogant, boorish and bellicose.  He tends to answer his own questions in long-winded – and occasionally loud – explanations before allowing his handpicked guests to agree with him.

His treatment of Mika is especially surprising. It is amazing that the feminist icons have not called Joe out for his dominating chest-pounding behavior toward Mika.  He regularly interrupts her – cutting her short to inject his own opinion.  He mocks her opinions when she occasionally dares to disagree with the man in the center seat.

I posed the headline question because Mika’s on-air frustrated reactions to being run over by her partner is becoming increasingly obvious.  It is those increasingly angry side glances and the pursed lips.  In one recent show, Mika gave voice to her rising level of irritation.  When cut short yet again, she indignantly blurted out “I’m talking” – a line she may have borrowed form Senator Kamala Harris in her debate with Vice President Pence.  Of course, Joe ignored her lament.

When someone starts tossing emotional daggers at a partner in public – and especially on broadcast television – it is not unreasonable to wonder if there is not something a lot more serious going on.  I mean, you cannot blame Mika.  Joe’s bullyish behavior is bad enough, but his obvious chauvinism toward Mika is contemptible.  I actually feel sorry for her on a personal level.

This is not a political issue, but just a matter of human respect.  It makes Joe look extremely hypocritical when he projects his personality traits onto President Trump.

Whether Joe and Mika are happy campers or rehearsing for the lead roles in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” may seem to of interest only to gossip columnists.  It could, however, have meaning for the future of the show – the only utility of which is to serve as a bad example of cable news journalism.  Or a noteworthy example of propaganda television.

There may be a reason why Mika is Joe’s third wife – and we may be seeing it on television every morning – Monday through Friday.

So, there ‘tis.




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  1. Dan Tyree

    Joe was once a somewhat conservative as you said. That was before Mika pussy whipped him into liberalism.

  2. Linde Barrera

    This was an excellent critical-thinking article, to which all journalists/reporters should aspire. I cannot fathom why news reporting personnel do not want to bring
    all sides of an issue to light, but that most do not just shows how dumbed-down news reporting has gotten over the past 3 decades. I am a 69 year old techno dunce and I fear the days of Huntley/Brinkley/Cronkite are gone forever. Makes me sad.

    Also, media that receive US tax dollars should have even higher standards for their reporting dissemination, NPR included.

  3. Florida Phil

    I rarely ever watch them – maybe once a year in a dull year – but based on your statements, it sounds as if Joe has thoroughly embraced the Leftist/Progressive program in that he’s acting much like every Progressive male I’ve ever become acquainted with: deep voice utterances indicating that he is in charge, and and and all females must hover around to serve their lord and master. I really do not care about what happens to either of them or their relationship, other than my wish that they would all go away. Soon.