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Will Hillary Clinton Join the Presidential Race?

Will Hillary Clinton Join the Presidential Race?

As the Democratic primary field narrows down to two candidates, rumors are flying that Hillary Clinton will enter the race if Joe Biden fails to convince Democratic leaders he can defeat Donald Trump. 

As we predicted last year, a Biden failure will set the stage nicely for a last-minute entry into the race by Hillary (and we know she will jump at the chance to challenge Trump again).

Biden’s recent jump in popularity was sudden and unexpected. Just a few weeks ago, I was convinced Pete Buttigieg or Michael Bloomberg would be the one to challenge Bernie Sanders. But after winning South Carolina and 10 Super Tuesday states, Biden is solidly in the lead to win the Democratic nomination. And you can bet the DNC had something to do with Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar’s decisions to drop out and endorse Biden right before Super Tuesday.

And then there’s Michael Bloomberg, who dropped out of the race after a dismal performance on Super Tuesday. Bloomberg endorsed Biden and pledged to use his vast resources to help the former vice president defeat Trump. 

Joe Biden is not invincible. There are lots of voters out there questioning his mental fitness and his behavior towards women – not to mention all the Democrats who promised they wouldn’t vote for an old, white man.

As noted by New York Post contributor Michael Goodwin, questions about Biden’s capability to serve as president cannot be avoided and will force the DNC to consider other options.

“Otherwise, Sanders would get the crown, and I don’t believe Dem leaders will let that happen. They realize he would be an Electoral College disaster and cost them their gravy train of power, patronage, and donors,” writes Goodwin.

“All the supposed moderates…were thoroughly rejected by primary voters. The prickly Warren finished third in her home state. All of which leaves Clinton as the best backup plan.”

Surely it’s no coincidence that “Hillary,” a four-part Hulu documentary about her 2016 presidential campaign, was released last weekend.

“It couldn’t have come out a better time,” said Hillary, noting that all female candidates have either failed or dropped out.

As CNN host Fareed Zakaria noted during a recent interview with Hillary, the most-searched article on the Internet on March 3rd (Super Tuesday) was about Hillary’s emails.

Speaking to Mr. Zakaria, Clinton noted the parallels between Biden’s 2020 campaign and her 2016 campaign.

“He is building the kind of coalition that I had,” she said. “I finished, you know, most of the work I needed to do for the nomination on Super Tuesday and then it kind of lingered on. And I think Joe is on track to do exactly the same thing: putting together a coalition of voters who are energized.”

Hillary added that she would support Sanders if he became the nominee, but believes Biden would be a better choice.

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  1. Cg

    The Demoncraps will implode in November!No chance either for the crying Haggary!
    MAGA TRUMP 2020

  2. Jan Myers

    Hillary…OMG, OMG, OMG – NO!!!!!!!!!

  3. Demonangel

    So, Hil’s commin’ in the back door.. I’m not surprised, back door is what she does best. Trump MUST be re-elected in Nov. This country will not survive another dem takeover.

  4. S. Valshtein

    I think Democrats lost time. Since Mr. TRAMP was elected instead of spending time an money and energy fighting elected Presidendt they should work for people and preparing credible candidates to dismiss Mr. TRAMP in regular election. It’s to late now, they will losing presidency, congress and Senate for a lease next 4 years

    • Emilio

      We the people know that she doesn’t have any chance of winning. We the people recognize Hillary as a criminal that will not be ever allowed to be the president of the united states

    • Raymond King


  5. derek blurb

    Hillary will never miss a chance to make a fool out of herself. But she need immunity, therefore needs to make president.

  6. Kurt Walker

    I’ve been bettin’ that she will get into the race for two months now, either as a candidate or a vice position. If she took Biden’s vice position and they somehow won Biden would resign and give the white house to her. Whatever you can bet there is a scheme in the making.


    Hillary, God forbid..Poor Bernie, the DNC is after him again. His people should not vote for Biden. Keep investigating Uncle Joe. As Richard Nixon once said: “The American people need to know their President is not a crook”.. There is no way Uncle Joe did not know what his son, Hunter, was doing. No family is like that. I know what all 4 of my kids are doing or have done and if I disapprove, I let them know. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. These Democrats will stop at nothing until Trump is defeated. So sad for our Country

  8. Knobby

    Biden or Clinton, they are going to lose a lot of the younger, student-debt-choked, radical voting block. These people like Bernie (an old white millionaire??) for some reason. It may have to do with his arm-waving, finger-pointing style and that gravely, old-man voice. Or is it the promise of student-debt forgiveness? A lot of these voters will just stay home and flip the bird at the election.

    It is my observation that Hillary is losing some of that media halo she used to enjoy. Maybe this is due to being out of the scene for so long, and all the new interest in her criminal past from the DOJ.

    Biden has come out with a strong anti-Second Amendment stance, and this was likely due to a quid-pro-quo deal with Bloomberg for a few hundred million Federal Reserve Notes. Biden will say and do whatever brings him the best revenue stream. He probably will stay away from Ukranian oligarchs for while though.

  9. Rich

    “the witch” just recorded a 36 hour interview that was “distilled down” to 4 hours of her reasons for being a loser and will debut on Yulu which the obamba’s are part owner . . . . thieves stick together.

    She’s evidently prepping to run when the DNC’s Super Delegates finally admit that quid-pro-quo-Joe is mentally/physically unfit for the job and Bernie is a Socialist/Communist with visions of forcing America into literal bankruptcy with his hair-brained spending that will double or triple the Middle Class Tax Rate.

    The current level of Federal spending is around $5 Trillion annually and he wants to add another $6 Trillion annually, for destroying health care, $9 Trillion annually for his and AOC’s Green Weenie and complicating this mess will be massive layoffs in the health insurance industry and massive unemployment when he shuts down carbon based energy.