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Will Black and Hispanic voters re-elect Trump?

Will Black and Hispanic voters re-elect Trump?

The elitist news media’s incessant effort to defeat President Trump – and Republicans across the board – has led them to report wishful thinking.  They did it in 2016 – and in the ensuing years.  They seem to believe that they can make something come true by reporting as if it is true.

If you follow the anti-Trump news outlets, you are likely to believe that there is hardly a Black or Hispanic person in America who will vote for Trump.  If you get your news only from CNN, MSNBC and the three major networks, you will see anchors, panelists, pundits and politicians – many of them Black or Hispanic — singing that song in unison.  You never see their counterparts on screen.  In fact, you are told that the two major minorities in America are soooo anti-Trump that they will be turning out in record numbers.

Behind all the bravado, however, there may be a different reality.  Although not as intense, there was a lot of the same observations during the 2016 campaign.  But, Trump actually did respectably well with Black and Hispanic voters – especially in view of the incessant bludgeoning he received every day from the elitist media.

In 2016, Democratic apologists argue that Trump won because of Republican suppression of the minority vote.  they sight the lower turn out among minorities in places like Detroit and Pittsburgh as examples.  In a sense, they are correct.  The minority vote was relatively low.  BUT … they have the reason wrong.  If the minority vote was suppressed, it had nothing to do with Republican chicanery.  It was the Democratic Party that discouraged Black and Hispanic participation.  It was the nomination of Hillary Clinton, who was deemed to be no great champion of minority causes.

Democrats are reprising the same strategy for 2020 for much the same reason. Joe Biden has serious issues for the minority.  The disastrous crime bill that he pushed as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is an issue that is reverberating through the minority communities to this day.  It has resulted in the questionable incarceration and long sentencing of hundreds of thousands of minority citizens.  It is an issue that dogged both Clintons.

Even worse for Biden, the problem was never even addressed by the Obama/Biden administration or Democrats in Congress.  Conversely, President Trump – working with New Jersey Senator Cory Booker – was able to enact prison reform legislation.

Most folks in the segregated communities of our major cities started to see their job numbers and wages increase during the Trump administration.  In fact, wages in the inner cities reached their highest levels since before the Great Depression.  In other words, the residents of our inner cities have been living at depression level unemployment since 1929.  That was just about the time Democrats began their 89 year rule over the Windy City.

While many Blacks admire President Roosevelt for taking them out of the Depression, the unemployment numbers in segregated Black communities remained at Depression-era level until the Trump economic boom.  Every other period of economic growth left minorities on the sidelines.

Minorities in our inner cities are increasingly aware of the fact that the much-discussed police reform has been off the agenda for generations of Democrat administrations.  In many ways, it was the outgrowth of racist urban polices that maintained segregation, impoverishment, inferior education, substandard housing, crumbling infrastructure and unsafe streets.

While defunding, restructuring and abolishing policing in our major cities is being pushed by the radical left wing of the Democratic Party, the majority of inner-city residents want increased police involvement.  They want an end of the nightly violence that is killing and wounding thousands of their men, women and children.  Trump’s get-tough-on-crime policies resonate with many Blacks and Hispanics.

Biden got considerable pushback during the early portion of his presidential campaign for his bragging to have worked closely on civil rights while in the Senate with such Democrat colleagues as Mississippi Senator James Eastland and Georgia Senator Herman Talmadge – two of the Senate’s most notorious racists.  That is how you “get things done,” said Biden.

The concerns over Biden are reflected in comments of an increasing number of black leaders.  Recently, co-founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET) Robert Johnson address Biden from a Black perspective.  He called Biden “arrogant and out-of-touch” for telling a Black radio host, Charlamagne Tha God, that if he voted for Trump, he is not Black.

Johnson was not alone in his criticism.  Many Black leaders heap criticism on Biden for his sexist remark – which forced Biden into one of his habitual apologies.  Doubling down, Johnson said that Biden “should spend the rest of his campaign apologizing to every black person he meets.”

Biden has a long history of making intemperate statements that suggest a racial bias in his thinking.  He told supporters that “poor kids are just as bright as white kids” – suggesting that only Black kids are poor.

In 2019, Biden suggested that the perception of Blacks in hoodies are mostly viewed as “gangbangers” when he said, “We’ve got to recognize that the kid wearing a hoodie may very well be the next poet laureate and not a gangbanger.”

In referring to presidential candidate Barack Obama, Biden reflected racist imagery of Blacks when he described Obama as “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean.”  That one also brought one of Biden’s frequent apologies.

Biden’s racist gaffes have not been limited to Black Americans.  Biden said, “You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking.”  Not easy to claim it was only a joke – even a racist joke – when you declare that it was not a joke.

There is no denying that Biden got the Democrat nomination for President with the votes of a lot of Black folks –particularly in more rural southern states.

The Biden campaign is very aware of the former Vice President’s vulnerability on race issues.  That is why there is an increasing likelihood that Biden will select a Black woman as his running mate.  But that, too, has a downside.  There will be a lot of flattery regarding qualifications or the vice-presidential candidate, but the blatant truth is that Biden made that selection solely on race.

Biden’s biggest problem is that more and more Blacks are taking note of who actually has been running the racist police departments, the crappy schools and all those other agencies of government that have to keep millions of Blacks segregated, uneducated and on welfare dependency for generations.

A couple of Black street activists put up a video in which they said that have heard all their lives that the Republicans were the problem, but when they looked around to see who was actually in charge of all the “shit,” they were all Democrats – powerful Democrats.

Perhaps it is just an anecdote, but there may have been significance in a statement by a Chicago resident during the protests after the police killing of Laquan McDonald.  During an on-the-street interview, the man said, “It would be a mistake if you think Trump would not be welcomed here.”

Reading the tea leaves – and ignoring the politically motivated media narratives – there is a real possibility that Trump will win re-election because of a surprising appeal he has to Black voters – and their repulsion and distrust of Biden and the Democratic Party that has conned them for generations.

So, there ‘tis.

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