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Will Barack Obama Be the Next Leader of Black Lives Matter?

Will Barack Obama Be the Next Leader of Black Lives Matter?

As we recently wrote, Barack Obama invited Black Lives Matter (BLM) leaders to the White House and thanked them for their efforts. This the group who has led many destructive protests throughout the country, promoted racism, has set up in opposition to police and made us feel our country is much less than what it is.

But a new wave is coming. I believe Barack Obama, when he steps down as President, will step into the leadership role in the Black Lives Matter organization. 

Let’s look at the facts.

First, follow the money.  Liberal organizations, including George Soros have pledged over $100 million to BLM. Do you believe they would pledge that much money to a disorganized group founded not long ago by a group of college kids?

Barack Obama is now only 55 years old. He came from a “community organizer” background where the goal was to unite people in a community, often by pitting them against a common foe, i.e. the government. He has consistently shown an anti-establishment bias, even though as President he is essentially the establishment. He missed the 60’s civil rights protests by perhaps 10 years, old enough to be aware but too young to participate in any meaningful way.

Barack Obama has praised and defended the group, in spite of the damage caused. As mentioned above, he thanked them for protesting and “shining the light” on issues (in some very destructive protests). He expressed regret that as President his power was limited in affecting change.

His remarks in the Trayvon Martin case, the Ferguson case and others were instrumental in blowing them up in the media. When has a President ever interfered with local law enforcement without getting all of the facts and identifying blatant and obvious abuses. No obvious or blatant abuse was found in any of these instances. Trials by jury acquitted the officers in every case.

By bringing BLM into the White House, he has declared them a respectable organization and pushed their reputation to new heights. They will soon have the legal work done to coalesce into a legitimate national organization. And Obama will be its leader.

Unfortunately, this means the violence that has become the trademark of the Obama Administration will continue.

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