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Will Andrew Cuomo Resign?

Will Andrew Cuomo Resign?

Whether New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will resign or not is entirely up to him.  There is no reasonable way for the public or the state legislature to force him out.  Even a criminal indictment cannot force his removal from office.

What might persuade Cuomo to resign is the realization that his political career is over.  It is extremely unlikely that he could win a future election.  He is likely to even lose a Democrat primary.

The second issue is how much time he will have to spend defending himself from two growing scandals.  It is not out of the realm of possibility that he could face criminal investigations on one or both scandals – sexual impropriety and the nursing home deaths.

In terms of the #MeToo issue, the progress of the scandal has been largely predictable – and in keeping with similar issues involving other major political figures in the past.  There is almost never just one accuser.  In fact, they tend to come out like the drip, drip, drip of the old water torture.  There is eventually a critical mass.  That has been met in the Cuomo case with the third and fourth accusers – and there could be more.

It may seem odd for a Democrat politician to get dragged through the political and media coals for such indiscretions, but despite the adulation he received for his pandemic press conferences – including an Emmy – he is not popular among the radical left that currently steers the Democratic Party and drives the #MeToo issues.

I noted in an earlier commentary that Cuomo’s greatest threat would come from the left in his own party.  And so, it has.  Further evidence of the desire to expand radical left power is the recent announcement that New York City’s uber left-wing Mayor Bill de Blasio is eyeing a move to Albany in 2022.

The Cuomo issues may raise questions as to why the left did not take out the relatively more moderate Joe Biden – whose alleged accusation of sexual assault is far more serious than Cuomo’s.  Biden survived because the left needed him.  They made common cause with Biden.  They saw him as the Trojan Horse that brought the left into greater power at the national level.  But those on the left are looking for opportunities to replace Biden with Vice President Kamala Harris.

Cuomo, on the other hand, is expendable.

In many ways, the nursing home scandal poses the greatest threat to Cuomo.  Eventually, even the media will have to concede that deaths are more important that sexual innuendoes. 

Cuomo has two problems with the nursing home scandal – the reason why so many people died and the cover-up.  The reason so many died is directly the result of Cuomo policies of re-admitting Covid-19 patients back into facilities with the greatest number of the most vulnerable citizens. 

The Cuomo administration concealed the number of deaths by half.  They swept the deaths of more than 10,000 seniors under the political carpet.  Protesters holding up signs that say “Cuomo killed my mother” are going to trump the #MeToo cries to believe women … period.

Cuomo is up for re-election in 2022. He announced way back in May of 2019 that he would seek a fourth term.  That announcement now appears to be a bit premature, to say the least.  The real question is whether Cuomo will be in office by 2022.

There is no good news of Cuomo.  In fact, he seems to be getting the toughest coverage from the traditionally left-leaning news platforms – further indication of his unpopularity with the far left.  The only exception is the 9:00 p.m. time slot on CNN, where his brother Chris hosts “Cuomo Prime Time.”  The younger Cuomo has taken a vow of silence in terms of his big brother’s multiple scandals – denying CNN viewers news updates on a major story at the station’s most popular time slot.

There are two unknowns that pundits are trying to fill in with their predictions – me included.  Will there be more damaging revelations in either or both scandals, and will Cuomo be forced to resign before the end of his term.  My sense of the situation is “yes” to both issues.

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

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  1. Ben

    Personally, I think his actions are deplorable and he should resign. IMMEDIATELY!!!

    But as far as you thinking his political career is over, I wouldn’t be too sure. I mean, trump had 29 allegations of sexual misconduct, including rape against him and said that COVID was a hoax and would magically disappear and yet he still had a cult following that tried to over turn the will of the people by overrunning the United States Capital.
    So unless you are admitting that the Democratic Party holds themselves to a higher standard the Trump’s party, I wouldn’t hold my breath on his political career being over.

    • I'm Here

      You sound like you work for CNN. They lied about DJT for 4+ years and you are trying to perpetuate those same lies. I call B.S. on all of it, just like it was with them.

      • Ben

        I’m Here,
        What part of my post isn’t accurate ?

  2. I'm Here

    I hope you are right Mr. Horist, but narcissists like Cuomo rarely “go gentle into that good night.”


    Damn, Ive been looking for information like this for a while now. Thanks!