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Why was Flying China's Flag a Good Idea?

As a general rule, the U.S. flag should always be flown higher than any accompanying flag. When China’s ambassador the the U.S. came to visit Washington Governor Jay Inslee, he ordered that the Chinese flag be flown next to and at the same height as the American flag. It wasn’t long before a group of protesters appeared to demand that the flag be taken down. Many of the protesters carried the  Gadsden flag, a symbol of the Tea Party. 

Inslee stated that flying the Chinese flag was a matter of protocol, but the crowd that materialized near their flagpole thought otherwise. Many felt that it was inappropriate for the flag of a foreign nation to fly at the same height as ours in our country. Others objected to seeing the Chinese flag, a longstanding symbol of communism, flying over a state building at all. 
Either way, the protesters soon got their wish. Within hours, the Chinese flag came down. Protesters cheered as a few patriotic people took down the flag while a state trooper watched, ensuring that the process went uninterrupted. 
Said Inslee’s office, “we were going to take it down soon anyways.” 

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