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Why Trump May Tell Fox’s Presidential Primary Debates to Get Lost

Why Trump May Tell Fox’s Presidential Primary Debates to Get Lost

Donald Trump’s Debate Decision: Will He Show Up or Not? The political world is buzzing with a big question: Will former President Donald Trump participate in the first Republican presidential primary debate scheduled for August 23 in Milwaukee? He might, or he might not – but here’s why he might choose to skip.

Why Might Trump Skip the Debate?

  1. Trust Issues with Fox News: Many believe that Fox News, the debate’s host, may not offer a fair platform for Trump. There are claims that Rupert Murdoch (or perhaps his son Lachlan who is decidedly less conservative), a powerful figure at Fox, wishes to block Trump’s path to the Republican nomination. There’s also past history; debate moderator Bret Baier reportedly had disagreements with Trump, including an interview that didn’t go well. Additionally, some argue that Fox hasn’t provided enough coverage of Trump’s rallies, a move allegedly influenced by board member Paul Ryan.
  2. Concerns about the Republican National Committee (RNC): The RNC is sponsoring the debate, but there’s a lot of skepticism about their intentions. Some argue that they have a concealed agenda against Trump, citing examples like RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel’s connections to Sen. Mitt Romney, a known Trump critic. The argument further strengthens with a poll that suggests a whopping 95% of respondents don’t trust the RNC or Fox News to host a balanced debate.
  3. Dominant Position in Polls: Trump holds a strong lead in the polls. Why risk it? Debating could potentially divert resources from the general election, which is crucial for the Republican Party.
  4. The Competitors: Some say the qualifying criteria to get on the debate stage is too easy, allowing candidates with little chance of winning to participate. Some of Trump’s potential opponents include former Vice President Mike Pence and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, who have been critical of him in the past.
  5. Debate Offers Little Value: Trump’s huge popularity means any event he participates in is bound to get massive viewership. So, he might be wondering, why boost the ratings for Fox News when they haven’t been entirely supportive?

Trump’s Potential Counter-offers

If Trump decides to debate, he might set some conditions. He could ask Fox News to ensure complete live coverage of his rallies and reinstate all Trump representatives who were previously banned. Alternatively, he might negotiate directly with the RNC. His potential demands could include:

  • Moving debates to a neutral location like a conservative academic institution.
  • Having a diverse set of journalists from both TV and print media to ask questions.
  • Broadcasting the debates live for maximum public access.

What Are Trump’s Rivals Up To?

While Trump’s decision remains uncertain, his competitors are gearing up. Mike Pence and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have been practicing for the debate, and Nikki Haley plans to show her strength against any potential bullies on stage. Eight Republican candidates have qualified for the debate, and many believe Trump will join despite his reservations.

Past Precedents and Ongoing Speculations

Back in 2016, Trump skipped a primary debate, and some believe history might repeat itself. Tensions have grown between Trump and Fox News recently, with Trump labeling them a “hostile network.” He also expressed dissatisfaction with the network for allegedly not covering his campaign events adequately and has been vocal about these grievances.However, Trump’s potential absence could also be a tactic to dominate media coverage and keep the spotlight on himself. After all, as Trump pointed out, the debate may not be as interesting if he’s not there.In the end, all eyes are on Trump, waiting for his final call. The decision he makes could shape the trajectory of the 2024 presidential race.

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  1. frank stetson

    It’s all about the money and how Trump thinks he can raise the most to support his legal efforts; the Presidency is secondary to that priority. He would skip it based on the polls and the weak-kneed competitors plus the Trump VP wannabee competitors not being able to even throw a punch much less land one, but his cash is running low so he needs to fill up the tank.

    He spent 2 hours in Iowa at the fair so seems he does not want to step too far away from his comfort zone: the Trump rally.

    By the 23rd, the indictment arraignments are basically over, Trump will have shown his hold grail of fraud evidence which will probably not exonerate him, and he will be in a far different place pending the outcome of his report, his followers level of support, and his bankroll. Much more will be known after his Monday report but that’s one hell of a red line he just drew in the sand.

    • Dorothy

      Unfortunately people are gullible and Trump has conned a lot of people. Is history repeating itself? Was it Hitler that conned a lot of people? Does being conned lead to dictatorship?

  2. frank stetson

    It’s getting real interesting now.

    Trump’s lawyers are cautioning him about his famed REPORT that will free the Georgia 19 instantly and he may balk on delivery for Monday. Either way, the effect will be interesting. More so, if he toes the line at 11 am Monday as promised because the world will be watching this one: YUGE ratings. Founding fathers would be patriot proud.

    Trump is going to the jailhouse today, the sheriff said come on down, 7×24; Trump lawyers were in contact to discuss “terms.” I hope the sheriff just re-issued the “come on down, we be open 24 hours a day. Has not turned up yet…….

    Pence, Barr, and many others getting more vocal about the fake Big Lie. Barr says Trump convicted by Summer of 24.

    Trump lawyers asked for Spring for the DC court case, then added 2026 which is interesting. Judge will keep that one interesting as she wonders how long she needs to keep 7×24 protection for her life — 2026 seems really long for that…..

    And then whether to debate or not next week as DeSantis announces his hands-off Trump debate tactics; does this guy even know what office he’s seeking?

    Somehow, the thought of Trump, in prison, surrounded by Secret Service, has some reality to it now.

    How is the deal-master general gonna get out of this one?

    One thing I have noticed on my time on the planet is that when the worm turns on these things: Vietnam, Nixon, even Bush Jr, it tends to be fast. One day they are telling you “not a crook,” and the next day they are running for the copter to get em out of DC. You can always feel good about this: you had a good run for a guy who could not get the popular vote even when cheating.

    Now the end is near
    Trump faces the final curtain
    I’ll make it clear, I’ll indict on four cases, ‘
    of one or more guilties I’m certain
    You’ve lived a life that’s full of shit
    as you traveled each and every highway
    And more, much more
    You cheated your way