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Why Louis Farrakhan Defends Trump's Immigration Plan

Why Louis Farrakhan Defends Trump's Immigration Plan

Ever since Donald Trump recommended a Muslim database, along with the temporary ban on Muslims being allowed in the US, his naysayers have continued to insult him for his lack of “political correctness.” But, what are they going to say now that Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, has openly made statements agreeing with this republican candidate?  

When speaking to radio host Alex Jones, Farrakhan brought up a pivotal point. “No Muslim leader had the power to unite the whole Muslim world,” said Farrakhan. Instead, he blames the US policies by the Obama administration for “uniting people against the West.” From his perspective, these policies are to blame for the refugee crisis in the first place.

“So in this way, Mr. Trump I think is wise to vet anyone coming from that area into America because the hatred for America is in the streets now,” said Farrakhan. “So if those people are refugees and America feels, ‘I got to let 10,000 of them in,’ because America created the problem.” However, he sees an even bigger problem now. “If you let them in and you don’t vet them carefully, you might be letting in your own destruction.”

So with Farrakhan praising Trump on this subject, will his critics stop calling this idea so blasphemous? But, just because Farrakhan and Trump see eye to eye on this particular topic, this doesn’t mean they are going to become fast friends.

Farrakhan later criticized Trump for introducing “some very negative things with Mrs. Clinton and her husband” and for his lack of subtlety in debates. “I think it’s dangerous for the future of politics and for the future of America when we become uncivil in our discourse,” said Farrakhan. Trump’s opinions are transparent, and even though this should come across as refreshing, it has been surprisingly jarring to some.

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