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Why Loser Gavin Newsom Can’t be our Next President  

As California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) considers a 2022 presidential bid, we though it pertinent to share some of the many reasons why this cannot be allowed to happen. 

Newsom’s laundry list of failings is so extensive that he makes even the Biden Administration look successful. Let’s start with his connections:

Newsom has long been close with the billionaire Getty family. Before running for office, he ran a wine shop and restaurant business with Billy Getty, great-grandson of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty. He was the best man at Billy’s wedding and in 2021 attended his sister Ivy’s wedding. The latter ceremony was officiated by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, another friend of Newsom’s who was close with Ivy’s late grandmother, Anne. 

Newsom also has a close relationship with his gubernatorial predecessor, Jerry Brown. The two are not related (as many believe), but the relationship between their families dates back to the 1930’s. Based on his connections alone, it seems likely that Newsom was groomed from an early age to hold elected office. Despite his lack of abilities, he has been a supervisor, mayor, lieutenant governor, and governor.

Just before Newsom was elected Governor of California in 2018, journalist Marcos Breton described him as the “embodiment of privilege.” Ironically, Twitter users commenting on his post predicted that if Newsom were to be elected Governor of California, illegal immigrants would end up with more rights than citizens and the Middle Class would be driven out of the state by ever-increasing taxes. Fast forward to today and the state of California is literally on fire. 

California ranks worst in the nation for poverty – including child poverty – and homelessness. It has exorbitant rates of fentanyl and marijuana abuse and reported a 31% increase in homicides in 2020. The state’s government is $1.3 trillion in debt and its school system ranks #44th in the nation. Crime is out of control to the point that San Francisco’s District Attorney was sacked and replaced just this month.

Store robberies have soared following a 2014 criminal reform bill that recategorized some nonviolent offenses – including shoplifting anything valued at less than $950 – as misdemeanors rather than felonies. Theft has become so common in some jurisdictions that stores like Walgreens and CVS have been forced to relocate.

The state’s longterm struggles with forest fires and water shortages have also worsened under Newsom’s leadership and he has all but ignored the supply chain crisis stemming from California’s ports. Not surprisingly, his ineptitude has contributed to a mass exodus of residents and businesses. According to a report from Stanford University, nearly 300 corporations have moved their HQs out of California since 2018. 

On top of that, Newsom has be proven himself a liar multiple times – including his maskless dinner in November 2022 while the state was under severe COVID restrictions and his decision to vacation in a state that California sanctioned based on its supposed “anti-LGBTQ policies.”

With Democrats like Brown and Newsom at the helm, California is like a train speeding towards the end of an unfinished track. Without a massive change in leadership, the only result is catastrophe and we cannot let that catastrophe into the Oval Office.


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  1. Ben

    Did Newsom stand up Alas on a date, this seems personal? Beyond not liking his friends, she lies, spins, and misstates so many facts that it’s not even worthy of refutation.

    The right is getting nervous about Biden’s successor. But thanks, good to know who FOX is most agreaid of.


    • Theodore Sueck

      What in the hell are you babbeling about now? You are making no sense as usual.

      • Ben

        Then why ask for clarification?

        Alas says CA worst in nation for poverty, etc. On a per capita basis, the best way to measure, that’s not only a bald faced lie, but the one’s that are worst are Southern Republican strongholds. Further, most child welfare is in Red states. Further, most blue states are net negative fed tax returns giving our hard earned money to red states. Iow, alice is full of shit.

        “ Marijuana abuse, “what the fuck reefer madness is Alice suffering from now? What the hell is marijuana abuse? Too many sleepy people with a hankering for munchies? Apparently she still lost in the 50s.

        Elsas California ranks 44th in education, I just don’t know what she means or what year this is. In 2022 they ranked at the top of the second half, about 32 in academics and 15th and overall quality for public school education. Alass is a liar

        Alice says the state is $1.3 trillion in debt. They are 500 billion in debt.

        I am not going on, these egregious lies are just some that Alice told in the story. I am hard-pressed to find anything that is actually true in her story.

        But not to worry, Alice will not update,, Allice will not respond, Alice will not correct her lies. . Now that’s some blabber


    • Kevin


      First off, please, for the Love Of God, LEARN HOW TO SPELL!

      Second, the Republicans (or at least this one) are HOPING that Gruesome Newsom runs. The attack ads write themselves! His record is so abysmal that he’ll never make it out of the primary.

    • Dean

      The problem is that America has lost her way. Just looking at some people running for high offices. Even queers have a shot at getting elected. And people who wouldn’t have been considered several years ago. Especially people born in other countries and falsifying birth records. MAWA!!!!!!

  2. Americafirst

    That Gavin Newsome also is not the real Gavin Newsome. Newsome was killed when the military invaded his home, and he was killed. that is another actor. Do Not vote for an actor play acting Gavin Newsome.

    • Art


      • Ben

        MAWT that is.