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Why Is Kamala Harris So Unpopular?

Why Is Kamala Harris So Unpopular?

Kamala Harris’ popularity continues to dwindle with the public and her party.

She has an approval rating that is even more abysmal than her boss’s. Is she a victim of Joe Biden’s failures or responsible for her own misfortunes?

According to a survey by USA Today that was conducted earlier this month, Ms. Harris’ public approval rating sat at 28%, making her one of the least popular vice presidents in modern history – lower even than Iraq War architect Dick Cheney, who was reviled by the left.

The pollsters fault Harris’s dismal numbers as tied to those of Biden – and for the same reasons – inflation and the economy. Should American start to feel less pain at the pump and the grocery store checkout lines, and Biden’s approval ratings rise, many pundits say Harris’s should rise as well.

However, others are not so sure, believing that there is plenty of trouble with Harris that is of her own making. Mainly, since becoming VP, she has been handed two difficult tasks, both of which she has been failing miserably at – securing the border and enacting nationwide voting reform.

The crisis at the border shows little signs of abating any time soon. As for voter reform, her and her boss’s attempts to get anything meaningful through Congress have been all but futile, and being associated with futility is not a recipe for political success and popularity with voters.

Now that the Republicans have taken control of the House, any further attempts at voter reform will be DOA.

Her supporters attribute much of the criticism to racism and sexism against Harris. But, her own disastrous run for the White House proves that there is more to it than that. 

Ms. Harris’ presidential campaign began with a bang. Her kick-off rally in January 2019 drew tens of thousands of supporters to Oakland, California. She rocketed to near the top of polls after performing strongly in the first primary debate later that June.

Then she came crashing back down to earth, beset by staff upheaval, underwhelming media interviews and subsequent debates, and no clear message or constituency in the party.

That kind of chaos followed her into the Vice-Presidency, with gaffes that sometimes make Joe Biden seem scholarly and a revolving door staff. She has had staffers leave, even at the highest levels, including her communications chief and press spokesperson both resigning.

A particularly stinging blow came in the Washington Post, where an anonymous former staffer said she was unwilling to do the work necessary for the job and took out her frustration on her aides.

“With Kamala, you have to put up with a constant amount of soul-destroying criticism and also her own lack of confidence,” the former staffer said. “So you’re constantly sort of propping up a bully, and it’s not really clear why.”

Compounding all of this, there has been steady talk of friction between her office and the rest of the White House, and as stated earlier, she has been unable to settle on a policy issue that she has been able to turn into a positive political calling card.

For now, Joe Biden says if he runs again in 2024, Harris will again be his running mate. Where that may have helped in his first victory, it may prove detrimental should he run again. And, should he decide to be a one-term president, despite her own ambitions, Harris’s chances of becoming the Democratic nominee are slim.

Should she somehow emerge as the candidate, her chances of taking the White House are even slimmer.

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  1. Larry kuhn

    She’s unpopular because she’s a stupid bitch. All the more reason to question the election

    • mellie

      Larry, I couldn’t have said it any better! Besides the fact that she is INELIGIBLE to even have been put on the ballot, like soetoro who also was imposed on us even though he was/ is a foreign national too. God help us and save us from these evil, America-hating, baby murdering demoncrats.

      • Bibfy

        Evil, America hating? Baby killing?

        What a delusional racist homophobic douchebag.

        • Bibfy

          Probply thinks she’s talking to Larry.

    • BibifY

      Still questioning? Oh come on, we know your answer…..

  2. Tom

    My problem with Harris is that I do not like her nor dislike her. She has done so little, it is hard to do either like or dislike. The only thing I know for sure is I do not like that disgusting laughing way she handles stressful questions. I would never vote for her. She is no Condaleeza Rice. Now there’s a lady with brains that would have made a great VP!

    • Wylie

      We have enough tokens in government

      • Bibfy

        If you say they’re tokens, you don’t have enough. Your words, clodhopper.

  3. Andy

    Harris is about as useful as a fifth wheel. I vote Democrat, but if she were running for anything I would be voting for I would never vote for her. I’m always amazed at how she does not come across when doing interviews speaking out about whatever is happening. I could not believe it when Biden picked her for VP.

  4. Rob

    She checked off 2 boxes for the Dems to attract voting segments
    She has done nothing at the border but that is what the Dems want.
    There may be some mental health/cognitive issues in play

  5. Pedge12

    She’s stupid; can’t do any job she is tasked to do — i.e., go to the southern border; she does NOT care about America; the only thing she knows how to do is do a lot of double-talk with no sense coming out of her mouth. She had a lot of audacity thinking she could make it to the Presidency when she couldn’t even make it through the debate process. What an ass!!!!

  6. Antogeny

    I’d say she’s a stupid, entitled, racist, who cackles like a witch.

  7. Jack Overstreet

    She has the persona of a Grape, It’s plain to see she’s dumber than a door knob, the only one dumber is Joe Biden for picking her as his VP, and everyone knows that was absolutey racist. These current people in this Administration are ruining our Country more and more everyday with all their radical idea’s , I swear there is little common sense left in American Politics most of the ones in politics should be in a mental Hospital so we can stop them from tearing down America. Hopefully the New Year will see changes coming as I feel strangely that Joe Biden is going to suffer an Illness that is going to cause a never before seen change in how our Country will go forward and our divide will begin to go away and we will return to our Days of Glory and Unity.

  8. frank stetson

    She does cackle but my God people, you don’t even know her and yet, you judge her bad because she is a Black Democrat Woman. Your words.

    • Larry kuhn

      I never saw those words posted on this site

      • frank stetson

        We have enough tokens = black
        she’s a stupid bitch. = woman
        evil, America-hating, baby murdering demoncrats. = democrat

        but wait, there’s more
        but who cares about stupid?

        • Wylie

          But we ain’t wrong

  9. Cherie

    Not very bright. Without a teleprompter she is an embarrassment to listen to. Totally unqualified for office of any kind.