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Why I'm 'Un-Friending' You

Why I'm 'Un-Friending' You

With sad regret, I posted this on facebook to someone who’s been a close friend for almost 25 years. I’m not sure if we are still friends:

“For the last eight years, I’ve watched Obama make foolish decision after foolish decision. The country is on the brink, and the world is much worse off because of it. I’ve watched the mainstream media become more a propaganda tool than ever, I’ve watched protests and riots encouraged by our president, and our country has become the most divided I’ve every seen. 

“Its really amazing to see how many “oppressed” people there are who didn’t seem to be oppressed eight years ago. Its amazing the “doublethink” of how the liberal agenda can support the rights of LGT folks and then support more refugees from cultures that execute them. 

“And its amazing how I, as a white male, am suddenly accused of acts of bigotry against groups I’m barely even aware of. Believe me, I’ve traveled all over the world, and with the possible exception of Canada, America is the least bigoted country in the world.

“So manufactured perceptions become reality and propaganda morphs into “truth.”

“I see my intelligent friends fall for all of this propaganda, including supporting socialism as if the Soviet Union never existed. And I see folks who spent time in the intelligence community who don’t see the plain reality of how Hillary arrogantly betrayed and compromised the Office of the Secretary of State for four years.

“The liberal movement in the last few years seems to want to throw away all traditional mechanisms and values without realizing their worth and without knowing what will replace them. There is no careful thought, no regard for past accomplishments, no rigorous philosophical examination, no appreciation of the moral codes and ethics that got America to where we are.

“Alexander Hamilton famously said, “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end.” We were almost there folks. And it’s dangerous still.

“You have no idea how relieved I was to see Trump win.

“I’m no longer an amateur at this, its what I do for a living.  I’ve tried to be respectful and contributive for my friends who are shocked and disappointed in the election. But now I think I’m going to take my “not legitimate news” blog, and exit the conversation.”

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