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Why Democrats cannot dump Biden

Why Democrats cannot dump Biden

In the shadow of all the pundit political analysis of the presidential campaign, there has been a question as to whether President Biden will be replaced. 

The issue arose when polling numbers showed that voters had more confidence in Trump to handle the economy, inflation, immigration, crime, the fentanyl crisis, wars and foreign policy.  A majority of voters said they were better off under Trump than Biden.

Initially, Team Biden assured Democrats, donors and the nation that those numbers would turn around in the coming months.  They have not – and to some measure they have gotten worse for Biden.

Understandably, as the numbers continue to point to a Trump victory in November, there’s a clamor for Biden to be booted off the top of the ticket.  The pressure is mounting for Biden to “do the right thing” and voluntarily step aside – as did President Johnson in 1968, when he faced growing unpopularity.

The pressure for Biden to be replaced may be louder and more demanding except for one thing.  Who would replace him?  The assumption has been that anyone would be better than Biden.  That does not seem to be true, however.

The logical person to take up the flag in normal times would be Vice President Harris.  But these are not normal times.  According to a FOX News poll, Harris would do worse than Biden – losing to Trump 50 to 45 percent.

In terms of political pragmatism, the most likely Democrat to step up would be California Governor Gavin Newsom.  He has been positioning himself for just that possibility. According to the FOX poll, Trump tops Newsom 49 to 45 percent.  A Detroit News/WDIV-TV poll shows Trump beating Newsom 45 to 40 percent.

To the extent the polls are accurate, Harris and Newsom fare no batter against Trump than Biden – and in some cases notably worse.

Replacing Biden could be the coup de grace for Democrats.  Depending on how it was accomplished, booting Biden could create a hostile reaction among Biden supporters.  It could lower Democrat voter enthusiasm.  It could also be the sort of panic that arises when a situation seems hopeless.

Democrats also have to consider that Johnson stepped a side for a stronger candidate – but lost the election to former Vice President Richard Nixon.

According to the left-leaning online news service, Politico, Democrats are panicking over what seems to be Biden’s diminishing prospect of returning to the Oval Office in January. It is the kind of desperation panic that comes when a situation seems hopeless.

At this time, it is not possible to make a reasoned prediction as to whether Biden will or will not remain as the Democrat standard bearer – and if not, who will be the replacement. What can be said, however, is that Democrats do not appear to have any good alternatives. So, it seems to be “Go Brandon!”

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. frank stetson

    You are kidding, right? Slow biased-opinion day?

    Must be contractual to submit something, anything.

    • larry Horist

      Frank Stetson … LOL Nasty, sarcastic, and petty as usual. And wrong about your contractual assumption — not that being wrong matters to you. Your obsession to attack and insult seems to be leading to a mental melt down. Take a break, old man.

      • frank stetson

        Wow, if that does not define “thin-skinned,” nothing does. Wonder how he got through his 50 years without blowing a gasket, but ….. chances are he blew a few in his time.

        Larry defines “You are kidding, right? Slow biased-opinion day? Must be contractual to submit something, anything” as “nasty, sarcastic, and petty.” Says I do this horrid, horrible, hateful stuff “as usual.” Concludes that statement “seems to be leading to a mental melt down.”

        I think the melt down has started and it’s Horist. Hissy fit Horist.


    • Archie

      Retard joe is grown like a tumor on democrats ass

      • Harry

        Kinda like Frank Stetson? !!!!!!

        • frank stetson

          Harry says Frank Stetson is like a tumor on Democrat’s ass. What a weird pedestal he puts me on. I don’t think Democrats even notice me. Thanks, didn’t know I was so notable. Horist won’t like that, he says I’m invisible. Too many words. So little reading ability.

          I think about all the dogs I have saved from a good kicking by giving all the frustrated folks here, and there seems to be a grand lot, by giving folks here a target for their frustrations and fears.

          Screed on Harry, another dog saved.

    • Wayne Thorson

      The American people have a choice this fall. They can either vote for a Socialist or a Communist. Trump will never admit he lost again. He has the mind of a 6 year old.

  2. Dan Gibson

    The ultra stupid Democraps have spent the last 3+ years trying to eliminate DONALD TRUMP with underhanded tricks and phony charges. That time should have used to develop a party Platform, headed by a new candidate this fall. They are their own worst enemies. biden cannot run, for he is holding on for dear life; kammie is a national joke, having not even TRIED to fulfill anything biden gave her to do. Those who throw out the name Gavin Newsom obviously are not paying attention to the fact that this phony has let his own state go into lawlessness and ruin. Can’t wait to hear him boast of his “accomplishments” with America. The ONLY individual who is capable of stepping in day 1 and getting our country back on track is TRUMP. — like him or NOT. C’mon Voters — Get a Clue !

    • frank stetson

      Yes, Dan, Trump is answering the important questions of the day, like in AZ when he wonders —– if you are in an electric boat, and there is a shark ten feet away and the boat is sinking, should you stay with the boat and be electrocuted or jump in the water with the shark. Apparently his platform gets fishy when the teleprompter goes down :>) Trump unvarnished is sounding more unhinged every day.

      Oh yeah Dan, it’s not the Democrats persecuting Trump. It’s all Trump getting caught by the law, again, as he always has. This man has more court cases than any other billionaire in America. Well before he entered politics. There’s a reason for that. He cheats at business, life, and love. Always has. Do not let this Beer Hall Putsch come back and get another bite at the apple.

    • Sandi

      Must be a Trumper!!!

  3. Rick

    The crooked democrats will run Biden as president with Obama as his running mate for vice president. The moronic liberals will vote for that ticket because they think Obama is amazing. Then when the democrat’s win, they will shortly after declare that uncle Joe is not fit for duty, and we will be in slavery under Obama again. Obama has been running things in the background anyway, so this will give him a 4th term to finish his job of destroying the USA.

    • Nancy

      Stay locked and loaded

      • frank stetson

        Nancy, she’s loaded all right..

  4. Tom

    This article earns a Stop The Spin rating of 1 which is low. Overall a fairly good article.

    Independents seem to be breaking for Biden because they abhor Trump, and more so since his conviction. Independents do not want the autocratic style state that Trump embraces, they prefer a democracy and see Trump as the enemy of democracy, not Biden. But we Independents do wonder who Dems would call up to replace Joe. Gavin Newsome is a non-starter for many of us since we see how he is ruining CA. We see Harris as easier to replace which if they make the right choice like a moderate Dem, it would give us more confidence in the Dem party. And replacing Harris with a moderate Dem that can get some national election practice (even if the ticket loses) we view as positive for 2028.

    When it comes to the issues of the economy, inflation, immigration, crime, the fentanyl crisis, wars and foreign policy: The jury is out at this point, and here is why:

    Dems feel its more an issue as poor messaging rather than poor results. Yesterday’s figures shows inflation down from 9% to around 3% but most people still complain about the cost of fuel, food, especially young people with families – no message will fill their wallets.

    Economy, wages are up which is good unless you are on a fixed income – which get hit hard by constantly rising wages. And rising wages fuel more inflation in a cycle that will not end until a crash.

    Immigration we hold GOP accountable for Trump telling them not to vote for the bill. We believe that Trump is contributing to further problems at the border. We also view the system as broken and GOP are currently obstructionists on the repairs/redesigns. And keeping immigrants away will only lead to more labor shortages and wage hike battles for employees.

    Crime stats have been down for a few years now – this is a messaging issue that Biden needs to get out.

    Fentanyl crisis many of us have no hard opinion on. Personally, my feeling is if they are stupid enough to do drugs, let them die. More work needs to be on the demand side of the equation while maintaining work on the supply side of the equation.

    Wars, Biden does ok, not stellar, but ok. We view supporting Ukraine and Israel as very important. We do not want the GOP to throw our Ukraine friends under the bus for Trumps beef about not investigating Bidens. Biden has kept our boots off of foreign soil for now.

    Foreign policy we give to Biden for rebuilding our relationships with NATO. We view Trump as an isolationist who will once again destroy renewed ties with our traditional allies.

    Biden would do well to get a young upwardly mobile replacement for Harris. Personally I was hoping Manchin would have replaced Biden and Sinema would have been fine for a VP pic. Partnering the older wiser more experienced statesmen with younger energetic talent would work well with independents.

    • larry Horist

      Tom … The most recent poll has independents breaking for Trump 54 to 48 according to a CNN report today. It was and NPR/PBS poll.

      • Tom

        I have not seen the poll but will check it out. That will change as Trump campaigns and opens his mouth. LOL I will see your poll and raise you two polls! 🙂

        Among independents, 52% said they believed Trump should end his 2024 presidential campaign and within the even more specified group of “double haters,” 67% said they felt the same way, according to the ABC News/Ipsos poll published on Sunday. The poll was conducted using Ipsos’ KnowledgePanel. See **

        A little more than half the country thinks former President Donald Trump shouldn’t return to the White House next year after a jury in New York found him guilty of 34 felonies last week, surveys conducted after the verdict show. And, in a highly partisan country, a majority of the voters that may end up deciding November’s election — political independents — say they will not vote for the first ex-president to be convicted of a felony in the fall. See **

  5. Darren

    Biden does OK with wars?
    I’m sorry, I prefer NO wars myself. Like it was when Trump was president.
    All an individual as President needs is a BACKBONE!
    But that would never happen with Status Quo Politicians as there is to
    much money and opportunity to shift money into crooked pockets during
    times of war!
    Blaming immigration on Trump and Republicans?
    Wow, there is some delusional thinking going on here.

    • frank stetson

      Yes Darren, no war in Afghanistan with Trump. He just gave up, telegraphed our departure, and then reduced the troops before we pulled out. No war in Syria, not sure why Trump kept our troops there after he said we were gone. Crimea was returned to Ukraine because Trump knows Putin. North Korea stopped missile testing and destroyed all their nukes cuz Trump knows Kim. So did Iran. Turkey gave the Kurds a free pass cuz Trump knows Erogan. No one declared war on our election system, the Russians were just phishing. Just a big pool of puppies. Sure.

      And no couple years off from war for a covid break either.

      In another post, I entered all the battles, wars, etc. that Trump avoided by doing nothing. It’s gross how we ducked being the world’s leader. I don’t blame you for not knowing. Under Trump, the miliary blackout was much higher than under previous Presidents. Hard to even find casualty numbers.

      IMO, I am not impressed by either Trump or Biden in war, and there is something to having a crazy man at the helm when it comes to war, but I like crazy Churchill over crazy Don. Remember, under Trump, ISIS came back.

  6. Darren

    Glade I can spell it out for you!

  7. Frank stetson

    U didn’t say new, I understand your correction and, not quite correct; he just avoided a few conflicts he could of helped out with. But correct enough, especially since none of the new conflicts were major.

    But you really can’t say Trump stopped war. He just got lucky that no one popped off on his watch. He not only continued every war we had, the kurds got slaughtered when he hung them out to fry. NATO got weaker and distrustful of US policy. ISIS grew on his watch. North Korea continued missile testing and their nuclear program. Putin didn’t leave crimea. And he telegraphed our departure to the taliban while drawing troops down to an unprotected level, a negotiation no no.

    But yes, no new wars.

    Given his revenge plans for his enemies, the Democrats, I guess we can be glad he likes all our enemies. Has lots of respect. Wants to do more business with them for his corrupt Trumpco.

  8. Hammon

    Trump got along with Kim and Putin. They knew that they had a man’s man from the ground up who wouldn’t take their shit. But I guess Frank would prefer to have a war. In the beginning of Trump’s term Kim tried some threats and shot off his rockets and mouth. Trump told him that he would lose his country and after that they were shaking hands at the border and Trump stepped into North Korea for a visit. Dumbass joe would have made a fool of himself. And Isis was no more. It’s idiot joe’s fault that the Afghanistan withdrawal was a major mistake. An incompetent president like Biden would be dangerous for the whole world

    • Frank stetson

      Trump got played by Kim for window dressing and no change to nuclear plans. Trump is not Nixon and this is not China and all the benefits went to Kim.

      Afghanistan is Trump’s fault; he made the deal, he took the troops out. He keft Biden with a skeleton crew. But yes, Biden fucked up the final act too. And to those who said he could have stayed, that’s a oie UNLESS you brought the troop strength up to where Trump started the withdrawal. .

      The world is better off under Biden. None nany of them want Trump. I mean, face it, his only friends usually end up in jail.

    • Tom

      Actually Putin is on record as saying how easily Trump can be played because of his narcissism. Putin easily figured out Trump when he said that if you stroke Trump’s ego you can have anything. Putin was correct!

  9. AC

    Horist, a self proclaimed expert witness of US history, politics, international diplomacy in addition to all things economics related, plus cover the lot in their
    entirety as a journalist of the highest order. Yet, he does not really answer his own question/proclamation, Why Dems Can’t Drop Biden, he opined in this and previous commentaries. How could he, being not possessed of a Democrat thinking mind. He, may argue that strategy in political races is similar for both the right and the left without exception.
    The fact is, he may merely surmise the Why in the Democrat’s current run to retain the Presidency can or cannot do anything. While, Larry’s opinions in the majority are directed at his primary nemesis, Democrats in general and the current POTUS with his White House administration in particular. As his animosity burns hot on the subject of The Left in his opinions, his commentaries intensely mirror this spirit, and his writings are believed by him to be true fact, immutable, and entirely correct beginning to last word
    Therefore, if one might appraise Larry’s detectives published on PBP in the bright light of his history in those various disciplines mentioned above, then mix in his unrelenting attitude of disgust for anyone and and all who with temerity attempt to commence debating Larry’s points, he contends to be the Truth on all subjects he takes on.
    Prophet Larry expounds from his PBP pulpit on topics believed by him and his choir show their perception of Democrats’ making policy errors, mishandling national security situations, and not addressing citizens’ most urgent problems.
    Of what a President faces everyday, we the people have no clue, who one of our political selects for its candidate only those honored with that responsibility carry its weight. The rest of us are not at that specific pay grade or higher and it is well we are not. How could any of those other than the truly in the know persons, the several made accountable, and those with boots on the ground. They understand the workings at the upper echelons of government. Actually, the president’s EO’s have the authority of directives which do not entertain real substantive depart
    On the other hand, in the present circumstance, let’s bring into evidence Larry Horist and his PBP contributions with the selected opinions. he chooses for commentary. These thoughts Larry has on current events he conflates as one who supposes a self possessed certain right we, the people, bestow on persons of granted authority and truly won.
    Assuming authority in Larry’s case seems presumptive, we in this country are under no law that denies us the right to speak in debate over ideas and positions others present in public spaces or on the Net in PBP’s open to public blog.
    Onesies upon Mr. Horist in his writing opinion based pieces are free to be in his choir, read his personal opinion based contribution to cyber space’s wide world web float on by, or freely accept PBP’s invitation for comment in the Reply box.
    If Mr. Horist cares not for challenges to his particular take on a chosen topic ( anti-Democrat Party and Left generally) he possibly can change the current format and close off the opportunity to comment. With doing so, PBP grants Horist the authoritarian position he has supposed and assumed.
    PBP has not characterized itself as a free press oriented organization, Horist’s commentary has long been a defacto dictator’s pronouncement space for his pontification selling conspiracies.
    Having lived long into his 7th decade and possibly experienced a variety of interesting positions near politics, life’s relationship challenges, journalistic opportunities, and discouragements that accompany long lived persons’ realities. All totaled 70 nrar 80 years on God’s green Earth often sum to produce changes in the elder person’s character in relationships with co-human beings who cross that persons path.
    Larry from observation of you as viewed through the admittedly narrow prism of PBP, after 5+ years reading your stuff and taking in your written interchanges with readers’ brave commentary. In time how you related with your readers was directed solely on political supposition (us vs them).
    During the initial acquaintance period a negative impression overwhelmed my perceptions. I went in search of persons of the conservative right political persuasion other than the same views I found engulfed me where I have lived 50+ years. Not that the neighborhood accepted me and my philosophy differences. Tolerate and take my money willingly although begrudge me any input brought in township meetings they believed generous. With Trump hitting national awareness, the political culture intensified into religion status. Then, the pandemic brought greenhouse conditions to bear on the citizens forced into isolation, Ideologies morphed individual centered intolerance for others and general dissatisfaction with personal status.
    In the wake of the pandemic humanity generally had distaste for personal civility. Persons who had civility before slipped into a me first outlook but remained fairly polite. Others who before had faked genuine civility for political correctness afterward were noticeably practitioners of Incivility, but in private made a sham of civility with family,
    This lack of civility for millions in civilian life relationships resembles bi-polar split personality in a politically divided culture. Inter relational contact behavior in our postCOVID culture has degenerated into a state of situational ethics politically. Treatment of political others takes on self preservation instinctual attack status, mean and intentionally crass rudeness (freedom, dignity rights denial)
    The Why Democrats Can’t Dump Biden is an issue irrelevant for you. Your past precedes you in that your judgement is suspect, then not credible. Some issues warrant objective consideration on the facts. In character and personality your 7 decades spent on the dark side of politics in your manufactured war clearly destroyed an ability you may have possessed to see objectively the facts in true context.
    Also, a positive aptitude for hearing the opposition and why the other side’s thoughts work for them. Open minded individuals live longer and happier with out old grudges.
    Why I take valuable time in my life’s last years in a considerable effort and personal investment, I don’t know.
    On the surface, with my low evaluation of your legacy, all considered this is likely a sizable waste. Especially, my realizing the improbability of you being a real man and m read this.
    If past comments made by you foretells a comment you will not make in reply. I doubt you have a positive word for an Independent objective critical thinking decidedly other person.
    Predictable have you been and ever will you be. Not a good recommendation in this instance. It’s entirely in the Old Dogs and New Tricks learning capacity thinking school. Truth be told, doubtless this learning capacity, slow to learn different thinking ways has been a constant from youth on.
    Religious agnosticism as found by you is proof positive in evidence of belligerence on your part that you are right and true and God Triune is not. You pick a fight with God as a fool. In the end you will surely loose and that saddens the Father. Yet, his justice will out, believe it.

    • larry Horist

      AC …Been awhile since you have offered up your pompous gibberish. Your devotion to me personally as the focus of your obsessive desire to ramble in the fields of irrelevancy is flattering and pitiful at the same time.

    • frank stetson

      AC, I usually find myself meandering, falling asleep at the wheel, and running off the reading road as you wax on and drift about. This one I read, liked it, and pretty much know you are here to practice putting your thoughts into words and seeing how all of that works out. IMO, it’s more fun to discuss with those of a different vantage point than those who agree before you put pen to paper. IMO, this one was pretty good. Love the “old dogs, new tricks,” which I have thought of dropping a few times.

      Horist exists as many Republicans do in their weird conservative desire to return to Mayberry, or something they believe once existed. Plucky pioneers of the past, they want individual freedoms of a pioneer nature to be the future.. A world where the one is more important than the whole, except in national defense. A man against the elements, no community, no government of the people and for the people, just the people, by themselves, taking care of themselves for themselves. Sure, they have their charity, but it’s for the other guy, the fallen, the ones who just don’t have it to stand alone. It’s a noble cause, but taken too far because their binary, black and white minds cannot handle a rainbow of colors and ideas. They are simple folk with a simple idea.

      It was once said that, across the globe, as people mass together, they tend towards progressive thinking and party’s. Things become less simple and they feel the need for someone to help the less fortunate. It’s the need to have community when the population gets denser. The whole becomes more relevant than the one. Sort of explains the cities. And sometimes the attempt at a hand up becomes a constant helping hand for feeding at the government trough. A helping hand in welfare becomes a hand out, the dole. The attempt to stop hate speak becomes censorship. Law becomes a weapon.

      We need everyone here to make things better, or they will continue to become worse. We need we, all of us, to work the issues fairly, honestly, with purpose to make everyone’s life better, easier, and more fun. Exclusive loses, inclusive wins. All Democrats are not bad. All Republicans are not bad. And they are not all good either but that cuts both ways, both party’s. If you must always have a win-lose, if the other side is always bad, if you’ve spent 50 years trying to do the other guy in, instead of moving us all forward; that’s just sad.

      It’s the early 70’s. Volunteers, Blows Against The Empire, Ziggy, all had come out, long hair was everywhere, and the party was a rollin on. I remember thinking, oh God, we won. The rednecks are growing their hair out. And we made things better. We changed things. The summer of love became years of change. We worked to make change. And then something happened. Our making things better become authoritarian control to many. We stopped helping others and began to help our selves. Much of the middle became elitist. Stopping pollution became a dirty word. Being polite by limiting hate speak became censorship of ideas. As is our way, the left went too far, too fast, and overshot the mark. More important, we thought ourselves always right, we stopped listening.

      I honestly think people, though discussion of ideas, can teach old dogs new tricks. Even at this last dance. Trump has shown us the other side, now it’s time to meet, once again, in the middle and work together to go forward. We got big problems out there. Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, terrorists, big problems that cannot be solved by the barrel of a gun alone. Your side can’t fix it. Our side can’t fix it. But together, we have a fighting chance. And that chance is us. Our vision for democracy. We don’t have to force it. We just need to live it. Together. As one.

      Hey Horist, now that’s a rant. Not a screed, but a rant. Fer sure. Well, I just added that last paragraph. It’s a screed now.

  10. AC

    Do conservatives really want and actively work for unity so this country may have civility, decency, and some compromise. In other words, have respect for each other’s dignity in humanity. I don’t say that progressives have perfected their manners toward their fellow citizens by any means. Yet if conservatives generalize others who disagree as ignorant, pompous, and other dehumanizing adjectives. Obviously, they know not of what they talk about. Looking realistically at their reflection in a mirror the person staring back is arrogant, pontificating, and self aggrandizing. Not a pretty sight in the mirror for those on the right who must be right always.
    No way will this country move on from present chaos when the party on the right belligerently refuses to positively communicate with the party on the left.
    Larry, talk about pontificating, facts are in each commentary of yours that is exactly the MO you have attempted to hone to cutting sharpnesses. Facts in objective logic relate that for all the flailing at your so called Left. No political blood has been let as a consequence.
    A free press and the right of speech happens to be a double edged sword. Those who liberally afford themself the use of those rights in our democracy should understand the reality that comes tied to these rights. Persons with possibly contrary ideologies may well exercise their same rights and voice their opposing opinions. It the usual and customary practice in public discourse among us living on US soil.
    To conduct oneself otherwise by denying equal time to alternate views smacks of authoritarian dictatorship, bullying tactics, and positional insecurity. Does your opinion not have sufficient strength so it can not sustain the rigors of debate?
    If you actually understand how debates are conducted, then you are aware that the rules disallow one’s bullying others involved.
    Another freedom in our country is aligning with an agreeable party and lend our support. In the case of Horist vs Frank, my vote is for Frank. That’s how the ball bounces.

    • frank stetson

      AC, slight comment. Don’t vote for Frank, vote for the facts and ideas that Frank brings to the table. It’s the facts, the ideas, the concepts you are really voting for. And while that’s your general view, it cannot be true 100%. Horist has found a few errors in my reporting for which, unlike Horist 9 out of 10 times, I admit these errors and apologize.

      And thanks for the support. That’s nice.

      • AC

        Horistt and other who beat their conservative drums to death have to many who are willing and ready to play the fife in accompaniment as the lot of them march off in search of a fight in an imagined war.
        At certain points along their chosen path, a reality check delivering unimpeachable truth in facts that set correction to the course they are on.
        Truth is seen where all facts come to light in their (factual) context. The one who shouts the loudest, and operates from behind a wall of intimidation, bluster, mocking bully, assumed higher authority, and ownership will not, ultimately, win and take home the spoils.
        Truth will out the person who leads others astray knowingly on purpose. Possibly the outing may come in their life time, and then more probably after their time. History has a way of revealing truths and show how political rascals had attempted hiding facts while preaching their false gospel.
        These are the times in history that try our souls as in times past when chaos ran unchecked while defying law and order and justice served.
        Keep on challenging Horist and the tribe he represents. He is more often out of sync with his take on Democrats in our Democratic Republic, than he is credible with his opinion.
        Name calling is his quiver of to few arrows and those he has are bent so they can’t fly true.