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Why Are Democrats Terrified of the Arizona Audit?

Why Are Democrats Terrified of the Arizona Audit?

Democrats and their crony media are working overtime to discredit the election audit being undertaken in Maricopa County, Arizona.  Their initial criticism was that the audit was a waste of time and money.  There is nothing to discover.  According to Democrat orthodoxy, the 2020 election was perfect – no errors, no fraud and no outside influences.

The left – through their media allies – are now carrying on a full-scale propaganda campaign pre-judging the Maricopa County audit as rigged.  That’s right … rigged.  It is a word that gets the left’s undies in a bunch whenever Republicans raise that claim.

To understand the rationale behind the Arizona audit, you must understand what it is NOT intended to do – and will not do.

The Electoral College settled the presidential election of 2020 – and Congress certified that result.  No recount, no court cases and no protests can change the outcome.  President Biden is sitting in the Oval Office – and will remain there until 2024, barring any health issues.

The Arizona audit in Maricopa County – and other reviews of the election in other states – is to see if there was any significant manipulation of the vote count.  This is not like the Russian influence in 2016, that attempted to use propaganda to influence public opinion prior to the vote.  In this case, there are a number of suspicious instances in which the votes, themselves, may have been manipulated – some on a small scale, some on a grand scale.

Unlike the Democrats’ fantasy narrative of “no such thing as vote fraud,” most Americans understand that every election experiences some levels of it.  In Chicago, it has been massive – overturning local elections as a matter of routine. Cheating in elections is a constant – and something that needs to be fought against all the time.

It is not good enough to track down vote stealing after the fact – although that is also necessary.  We have to make every effort to prevent it from happening.  That is why we need every voter to show a photo ID, purge the rolls from ineligible voters and maintain ballots under strict security overseen by stakeholders from all groups.  One can only wonder why Democrats oppose all three of those commonsense safety precautions.  Okay, it does not take much wondering.

It is only reasonable that every suspicion and every accusation should be checked out. 

Some can be dismissed rather easily.  Others can be more complicated – especially since we are dealing with new technologies.  While paper ballots could be manipulated by three precinct workers in the back room, modern technology can enable three workers in a back room in Moscow or Beijing to hack the system, changing tens of thousands of votes.

To press their narrative against the outcome of the Arizona audit, the folks on the small screen consistently mock the audit. They suggest that it is being run by a bunch of political nutcases without supervision and proper protection of the ballots.  As with most propaganda narratives, that is untrue.  The Arizona audit is being carefully supervised by folks from both political parties.  Elected election officials are on the scene.  And there are federal observers.

Democrat pernicious mocking hits astronomical heights with reports that among the issues being examined is the presence of bamboo.  That has been twisted into a good laugh – with CNN and MSNBC personalities functioning more like late night comedians.  They would have you believe that those conducting the Arizona audit were looking for bamboo filings because there is a lot of bamboo in China. And maybe it floats around the air like dust and is on the ballots or on the voting machines.

Weeell … that is satire based on a false premise. 

What they are doing is a legitimate forensic examination of the evidence.  There have been concerns – based on some real activities – that a large number of “Biden ballots” MAY HAVE BEEN printed and surreptitiously shipped from China and dropped into the mix.

If ballots have been flown in from China, the “signature” of the paper will be different than the paper purchased and used by the local election authorities.  While the Chinese do use more bamboo fiber in some of their paper, that is not the only consideration.  The question we need to answer is whether thousands of ballots are on paper UNLIKE that sourced by the local election offices.  That would strongly indicate fraudulent ballots.  That is simply good forensic investigation – you know, like we see on television.

The Maricopa County audit in Arizona is by far not the only postmortem investigation or study of the 2020 election.  Mike Lindell, the My Pillow guy, has hired computer experts and statisticians to examine the voting data.  He has now presented two documentaries that seem to show evidence of vote fraud based on statistical evidence.  The most obvious are the number of locations in which more votes were cast than there are registered voters – and in some cases more than the total population of the voting district. 

How can one argue that we should NOT further investigate such a report?  I guess only if you think that the possible vote fraud helped your side.

I catch a lot of flak from both sides of the debate over the 2020 election.  And I am not convinced that the election was stolen.  But I am not at all certain that it was not.  That is because the hard evidence is not conclusive on either side.  I hear both political narratives, but neither has put on the table the hard evidence that the other side has scrutinized and responded to.

One side says it was solen.  The other side says it was not.  Both sides point to selective information supporting their view.  But the real evidence has never been properly vetted — debated in detail.  That is why I am in favor of these ongoing investigations and analyses.  I want to see what the Arizona audit finds BEFORE I judge the results.  I want to hear Democrats mount a full rebuttal to the information presented by Lindell’s computer experts.

For me, it is like the beginning of a trial.  I am hearing the claims of the prosecution and the defense.  Now I want to dig deep into the evidence and have it debated from the perceptive of both sides.  It may not overturn the election. But I think it is important to resolve the disparity of OPINION over the 2020 election.  If there is bamboo fibers in some of the paper ballots in Maricopa County, that is significant. And we should all want to know one way or the other.  It is only ridiculed by those who rear the results.

One of the things that gives some credence to those wanting to investigate the election is the vehemence and ferocity of the left’s opposition.  Methinks they doth protest too much.

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

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  1. Ben

    Larry, we aren’t terrified. But you know who is? The Sheriff ! Cyber Ninjas want access to all servers thereby jeopardizing sensitive criminal investigations being conducted by the Sheriff’s Department.
    I love that the GOP has hired Cyber Ninjas to look into this! As one Arizona GOPer said,” it’s making us look like a bunch of idiots”.
    I’m pretty excited to hear how many ballots they find with bamboo in them. It’s pretty exciting!
    Keep on keeping on. The path you’re going on is pure entertainment.

  2. Ben

    From my favorite Q sub Reddit. :

    Edman 69: “I just want to make sure, we trust the audit, right?”

    GorillAz: If it goes our way, yes. If not, no”

    Boating Accident: “the finding will let us know. If the dont find the fraud, we will know they were in on it and we can’t trust them”

    Why would Dems be worried about the audit? This is who we are dealing with, a brain washed cult that has thoroughly debased themselves in service of dear leader.

  3. Ben

    AZ Sec of State Katie Hobbs: Yesterday, observers from my office discovered a WiFi router connected to the “audit” servers.

    There’s no way to ensure that ballot images, vote counts, & perhaps voter data weren’t connected to external networks or the internet.

    I’m shocked

  4. Ben

    Larry, new development.! Why would they lie? Purposely deceitful or totally incompetent ? Regardless the Arizona GOP is getting upset!

    “PHOENIX (AP) — Firms hired to run a partisan audit of the 2020 election for Senate Republicans in Arizona said Tuesday that data was not destroyed, reversing earlier allegations that election officials in the state’s most populated county eliminated evidence.

    The claim of deleted databases was amplified by former President Donald Trump and his supporters, who believe conspiracy theories about election irregularities.

    Ben Cotton, founder of a computer forensics firm working on the audit, told key senators that he had recovered all data. The revelation came a day after Maricopa County officials released a scathing letter saying the auditors couldn’t find the data because they didn’t know where to look.”

  5. Ben

    Why are republicans so afraid of the 1-6 commission ?
    Watching McCarthy and McConnell and the rest of the insurrection cheer leaders squirm should tell you everything you need to know!