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WHO’s Pandemic Treaty Gives Them Power Over Governments

WHO’s Pandemic Treaty Gives Them Power Over Governments

The World Health Organization (WHO) is in talks with world leaders regarding US-proposed changes to international health rules aimed at bolstering the global response to a second pandemic. 

The idea, which is being described in the news as a ‘pandemic preparedness treaty,’ was discussed at length this week when the WHO and its member states met in Geneva at the 75th World Health Assembly. 

“The main goal of this treaty would be to foster an all of government and all of society approach, strengthening national, regional, and global capacities and resilience to future pandemics,” reads a joint statement issued by the WHO and a newly-formed group of negotiators responsible for debating and drafting the agreement. 

“This includes greatly enhancing international co-operation to improve, for example, alert systems, data-sharing, research, and local, regional, and global production and distribution of medical and public health counter-measures such as vaccines, medicines, diagnostics, and personal protective equipment.”

While the treaty is designed to help the world prepare for another pandemic in the wake of COVID, some fear it would grant the WHO unfair control over governments during an emergency.

As outlined by conservative talk show host Tucker Carlson, the treaty is likely to give the WHO the authority to decide what constitutes a pandemic and what does not. In the case of a pandemic or other health crisis, the WHO would decide what safety measures are necessary (including quarantine and vaccine mandates) and how to prevent or treat the illness. They would also control which medicines and vaccines are presented as safe to the public. 

“They could, yet again, deny doctors the ability to treat patients the way they would like,” warns Carlson. “Here’s what’s at stake: not just your health, but the way that you live and your relationship to the government. Representative government requires your consent…and this eliminates it.” 

Given the WHO’s decision to assist China during the coronavirus pandemic and President Joe Biden’s history of signing things he doesn’t understand, the United States and its allies should avoid this treaty at all costs. 

The WHO’s negotiating body – which includes UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson – is expected to submit a preliminary draft to the World Health Assembly in 2023 and a final draft in 2024.


What is the proposed WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty? 

No, ‘pandemic treaty’ would not give WHO control over governments during a global health crisis 

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  1. Blain

    I’m still not gonna get vaccinated

    • MicAla

      Me neither!!! No matter what the WHO or any other government says! Allowing this ONE ORGANIZATION to have that much POWER over EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD IS I N S A N E !!!

      Come on people! The WHO’s FAUCI totally screwed up Covid! What makes you think they can handle any other Pandemic?? NOT! Giving the WHO that power would be disastrous AND DANGEROUS TO EVERY COUNTRY’S SOVEREIGNTY!!


      If you do nothing, the WHO will dictate your life whenever it wants!! Be SMARTER than JB and the WHI!

    • boyd jerry

      Sir I’m not vaccinated, I have not gotten the lab leak, and in no way am I worried that I will. I also have not gotten a flu shot and have had the flu once. I’m 59. I don’t mask unless I visit my mom in care home. In central Texas we went about daily life and couldn’t for the life of us understand what the big deal was. And now we know it was a shit show.

  2. Dennis McLain

    Defund WHO! We don’t need them and their politics.!!

  3. Trebor Retsbew

    I do think this is exactly what is needed, if it were in place before the COVID pandemic, there is a high possibility it would have been brought under control more rapidly. The age old saying. “That to many cooks spoils the soup.” is exactly what happened in this Covid Pandemic, no central authority and everyone running around halfcocked, spreading proven lies, and mis information about the virus and the prevention or cure. Not listening to the medical experts, on the subject, and the worst part was the spreading of the lies about the shots which do not stop you from getting the COVID but according to proven fact make it so that the virus is no worse than a mild cold.

    • Nathan claypool

      Biden and his comrades spread the most lies

  4. Good luck

    WHO is not going to run the USA . WHO Can not even control China. We as Americans should stay fa away from WHO , they have not helped us yet.

  5. david

    Joe Biden’s history of signing things he doesn’t understand,

    this sort of statement is the most effective form of disinformation. To characterize the actions of the president and his minions as bungling, foolish, unaware and poorly understood is an existential mistake.

    this is entirely according to plan. It is the final moments of a global coup! there have been no missteps, but only well timed and implimented operations.

    these people, including the president and his handlers are not making mistakes. recognize the truth people!

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Scary, but you have a point.

  6. R. Hamilton

    What part of NO PLANETARY RULERS do these arrogant people fail to understand? Time to kick the UN out, withdraw from them, and insist on absolute US sovereignty, withdrawing also from any other treaties that might require. Bleep the world, we DO NOT NEED THEM.

  7. frank stetson

    Well, for those who believe we should go our own way, we in the US listened less to others and more to our “own hearts,” and the result was one of the worst pandemic responses in the modern world.

    If we look for success, look to South Korea, probably the poster child, and then New Zealand, and China, although China might be a good example of too much of a good thing is bad.

    When it comes to vaccination coverage, Spain and Italy stand out, however would be interesting to see their hospitalization rates during Delta since they may have been vaccinated but they most certainly surged.

    What seems to stand out is that countries that performed better were the ones with fairly draconian lockdowns. They just shut it out COMBINDED with massive contact tracing, testing, and quarantines for suspected cases. The US did not come close to this and much of the population still bitched about the lock-downs we did have. Two of those nations followed up with massive vaccinations accepted by their citizens, China did not so their current struggle with Omicron will be telling.

    Lockdowns, tracing, and testing did not finish the jobs, the best countries followed up with massive vaccination programs and citizens who followed vaccination protocols. The US had the first vaccine but failed to get the job done in term of jabs. Other countries wondered why we could have so much and use it so little.

    At this point China continues the lockdowns, had a poor vaccination program and now is suffering mightily with Omicron. South Korea, on the other hand, has a great vaccination program, 86% fully vaccinated, 71% boosted, reopened before Omicron, suffered massive cases and very low hospitalization and death. Highest spike was about 300 deaths a day, and very short-lived. Thus, the poster child. China, on the other hand, proved, in the case of covid, that lockdowns alone did not cut it. Teachable moment? New Zealand is in line with South Korea, strong lock-downs, 80% fully vaccinated, and much lower hospitalization and death.

    The US, on the other hand, failed at testing and contact tracing, our lockdown was sub-par, we stupidly let Donald Trump force us to State control over national control yielding inconsistent approaches and results, mostly on the poorer side. Our vaccination rate is low amongst developed nations, our booster rate is poor, and our hospitalization and death are quite high while we spend time pointing fingers at each other, declaring mandates as sins from hell, avoiding vaccines as deadly cures while “discovering” all sorts of snake oil, and all sorts of other silliness yielding a piss-poor result against other developed nations.

    In terms of death/million we rank 18th in the world according to worldometers, and the 17 deadlier countries mostly are places you wouldn’t set foot in except for Poland and Brazil which are one and two notched worse than the US. Every other modern nation did better.

    In terms of cases/million we rank 59th with many a modern nation doing worse. Makes the death statistic look even worse. But even at our 250K cases per million, think about our death rate if we could have achieved what Japan achieved at 69K, or Canada at 100K. Could we have saved 50% of our death, over 500,000 citizens and family members?

    In terms of testing, we rank 39th and this one is a conundrum. South Korea ranks 139th making our test program highly suspect in effectiveness. It appears we did quantity, SK did quality, but further research is needed on this one.

    Bottom line is the US results stink, why they stink is our covid response. We had the tools, we had the resources, we screwed the pooch. There is much to learn here, Covid has mutated more, and at a faster speed, throwing us more curves than most outbreaks, but next time it could be worse. We are not done yet, we may have to do it again in the future with this one or another one, and we better learn ASAP as much as we can. We have to do better next time.


      Have at it. Leave me out.

    • boyd jerry

      And frank all those stats and data, well you go.