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Who is financing the riots, arson, chaos? China for one.

Who is financing the riots, arson, chaos? China for one.

Two socialist organizations with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are behind a majority of the riots that have taken place throughout the United States in recent months, reports The Epoch Times.

These groups are Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) and Liberation Road.

FRSO is a pro-China, Marxist organization that promotes socialism in the US and hopes to establish a new Communist Party. FRSO has been part of the Maoist movement for 40 years and has close connections to the CCP.

As exposed in a video produced by author and filmmaker Trevor Loudon, the violent riots that took place in Minneapolis this year were organized by FRSO member Jess Sundin. In the video, Sundin claims she was “the main organizer” behind the riots and speaks out about the joy she experienced when she saw a police building “being burnt to the ground.”

Sundin told Loudon that the violence and looting that took place in Minneapolis was “intrinsically part of the movement…it wasn’t a peaceful demonstration being hijacked.”

FRSO is believed to have organized and coordinated violent protests in several other cities including Miami, Dallas, and Los Angeles. According to Loudon, FRSO political secretary Steff Yorek said the following on the day President Trump was inaugurated: “We need to stay in the streets the entire four years opposing Trump and making the country ungovernable.”

The second organization, Liberation Road, is an offshoot of FRSO.

Loudon describes Liberation Road as a “Chinese-directed movement…with a clear focus on building the resistance to Trump.” The group is responsible for the Ferguson riots in 2014 and functions as the “parent body of Black Lives Matter.”

We first heard about the strange connection between the CCP and Black Lives Matter in September, when it was brought to our attention that Black Futures Lab (a liberal initiative that shares a founder with Black Lives Matter) is fiscally supported by the Chinese Progressive Association (a leftwing, pro-China group that assists Chinese immigrants and other minority groups in the US).

According to Mr. Loudon, the CPA is a communist organization that is completely controlled by Liberation Road. At least three Black Lives Matter co-founders have direct ties to Liberation Road and two founders of the BLM-affiliated group “Asians for Black Lives” were former leaders within the CPA.

One of the former CPA leaders, Eric Mar, was a close friend of Russell Lowe, a Chinese spy who worked for Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) for over a decade.

Author’s Note: China supports civil unrest in the US because it views the US as a threat to its goal of world domination and wants the US to be weak and vulnerable. China’s growing influence inside the United States is a massive problem that must be stopped.


China ties to US riots exposed by Trevor Loudon 

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  1. DB

    This really stands to be true. Think of who stands to gain the most out of all these actions that have taken place in the USA. One simple answer, China. President Trump has been extra hard on them due to the almost criminal activity in out trade. In addition the USA supports Hong Kong and China does not like interference, nor do they want interference in the I think they are called the Spratly Islands where China made islands and put military bases on them to claim the additional South China Sea. The Chinese are communists through and through and their leadership believes in Cheating, lying, and stealing to reach their end goals. Trump has been holding them back, changing the negative trade practices, and heavily monitoring their take over of the South China Sea, They want easy Joe Biden because they already own him

  2. Susan D

    Alice….please Also inform the Readers…..How DANGEROUS & DAMAGING…
    COMMUNISM Really IS…..and NOT ALLOW the CHINESE to Interfere in Any States’ INTERNAL Business / Politics……just maybe We wouldn’t have these DANGERS…..
    Sadly, the democRATs Opened America up to Chinese “imports”, not realizing….How much “KNOWLEDGE”….. they ALREADY Acquired….!!!!!!

  3. Len Dobrzyn

    Time to round these bastards up and make them disappear!!! Guantanamo, whatever!!! But they need to be eliminated from society. They don’t represent the America that we know and love.. If they were only protesting I would not have this opinion. But they are destroying the lives of hard working people!!! That cannot be tolerated. Let’s use the patriot act to rid us of vermin!!!

  4. Nancy J Campbell

    Marx is a Russian who also did these” very same things” to Mao’s China, killed 80 million people. Alinsky , Cloward -Piven & Marx etc.. are all Russian doctrines that have destroyed the Chinese and the western Countries. George Soros is the main character with his billions of terrorist monies. Russia collusion is VERY REAL, considering they are all Russian doctrines ruling in the USA, have been for 100 years.

  5. Richard

    Unfortunately, this is the beginning of the end of our democratic republic. Once we had down the road, it is a very slippery slope that we will never recover from. Very sad. Wait until Antifa and BLM come to a town near you. The Dems have given the go-ahead to radicalism. How can anyone in their right mind think that those organizations will ease up on their assault on normalcy? If anything, they will feel emboldened. Who will stop them from tormenting you at a restaurant for no reason? Who will stop them from burning down any establishment who exercises the right to free speech? And what about free speech…that will go away. It already has with the censorship from social media companies and the leftist press. God help where this country is headed.