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Who Engages in Real Sedition?

Who Engages in Real Sedition?

I see a large demonstration that a few bad actors turned into a riot.  I see some nutcases – not many – who like to produce and participate in violence – some presenting themselves as pseudo patriots and some infiltrating the demonstration from the left to provoke violence.

Among those few bad actors are people who may believe in a violent overthrow of the American government.  They are dangerous, but the pathetic mission is absurd.  No one – no group – has even come close to endangering the constituted authority of the Republic.  There was no chance – none – of ever stopping the certification of the Biden election and the scheduled inauguration of Biden as President of the United States. 

Hell … they did not even delay the congressional certification of the election by the Congress for more than a couple of hours.  The idea that the events on Capitol Hill was an insurrection … coup d’état … sedition might make a good libretto for a Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera, but hardly describes what was going on. 

But let us consider sedition. 

By simple definition, it is inciting and organizing people to violently overthrow an existing government.  The word generally describes SERIOUS efforts to take down the government – not merely protests against government.

If the riot we saw on Capitol Hill was seditious, then so were those many, many iconic left-wing riots that disrupted our major cities for generations.

Let us consider some of the recent violent outbreaks across America. If we do a comparative autopsy of the Capitol Hill riot, we notice that the vast majority of the protestors were peaceful.  Only a small percentage went on the rampage  — and it was localized and short lived.  There were no Days of Rage and night-after-night of looting, burning and destroying.

There was significant physical damage and unfortunate deaths – as is too often the case with riots.  Real insurrections, rebellions and acts of sedition are generally marked by open conflict and many deaths.  Insurrectionists not only come armed to the teeth, they use those arms. 

Those on Capitol Hill made no attempt at occupying the Capitol for more than a few hours.  Even the most violent nutcases left the scene before nightfall.  There were reports of explosive devices, Molotov cocktails and weapons of all kinds, but for some reason they went unused.

If you want to apply sedition to the riot on Capitol Hill, how do you not see sedition in the past summer’s civil unrest? 

Look what happened on the west coast. 

Violent mobs erupted in anti-government, anti-American protests.  We could see that in the burning of the American flag and the toppling of statues symbolizing the history of our nation.  They were attacking America – as they so often proclaimed.

Those mobs seized American territory and declared it their free state in which the laws of America did not apply.  They took control of a police headquarters. They barred the municipal police from entering what they called their autonomous zone – meaning independent from the United States.

As part of their take-over, they rioted, burned and pillaged entire neighborhoods of good citizens – destroying businesses and homes.  People were injured and killed.

When they attacked federal property with guns, rocks and Molotov cocktails, city officials demanded that federal law enforcement stand down – leave the city.  In a bizarre twist of logic, they blamed the presence of police for provoking the rioters … ooops … I mean insurrectionists.

Public officials – who should have been protecting the public – were often out in solidarity with the rioters.  For sure, they were enabling the progress and continuation of the assault on the government and the American rule-of-law by their passive reaction.  Were they part of the insurrection like they say officials were in D.C.?  The mayor of Washington, D.C. demanded that the National Guard get out of the federal district as mobs pillaged and destroyed.  The St. Louis mayor refused to deploy the National Guard even though the governor called upon them.  We saw the same pattern with Democrat mayors across the nation.

How many times have we seen scenes of rioters destroying entire neighborhoods as the local police were standing on the sidelines as observers – as ordered by city officials?  And how many of those news reports laid blame on the police who were attempting to protect the innocent?  How many Democrat prosecutors dropped all those cases against arrested rioters, looters, arsonists and vandals?

Thankfully, the riot on Capitol Hill was not as bad as many others we have witnessed across the nation. 

The big difference is how Democrats and the media hypocritically described it. 

Once the damage and death came to the establishment’s front door, the rhetoric and the reporting completely changed.

The Washington establishment did not give a damn about those poor folks in the riot ravaged neighborhoods – the business owners who lost their livelihoods and the people who worked for them, who lost their jobs.  The establishment did not care about the neighborhoods that would suffer the physical and economic scars of the riots for decades.

Most of the looting, burning and deaths from rioting have occurred in Black neighborhoods. This shows how little the left really cares about the disadvantaged citizens who live in the ghettos they rule over.  It is just more of the disturbing level of racism by the progressive left.  As long as the violence and damage are confined to Harlem and not Park Avenue, the leftwing establishment does not care.

When CNN’s Chris Cuomo rhetorically asked, “Who said protests have to be peaceful?” Was he engaging in sedition?  Were all those “occupation” events insurrections?  Were the autonomous zones attempted coups? 

While the left-wing media professes fealty to the truth, they engage in narratives based on political bias, disinformation, censorship and outright lies.  The blatant hypocrisy seen in the reporting of the MANY violent riots and attacks on the people in the neighborhoods – compared to the mendacious sensationalized reporting of the Capitol Hill Riot — can easily be recognized by any person of average intelligence and an iota of intellectual integrity.

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. Joe S Bruder

    You see a demonstation – no harm, no foul. You are incredibly blind (on purpose) to the lead up to the FAILED COUP-D’ETAT. President Trump spent months whipping up his base with warnings that the election was rigged (with no evidence), because polls showed he was losing. And after he lost, he spent months whipping up his base again, telling them to “exercise their Second Amendment rights”, telling them the election was stolen (with no evidence, but letting Q-Anon fill in the blanks), trying to overturn the election with, how many now, 61(?) failed lawsuits. That, by itself, was sedition, by undermining confidence in our democratic process, for no other reason than to retain his (undeserved) power (and rake in a little grift-money on the side). He scheduled the protest, using government resources, calling for everyone to do their duty and “stop the steal”.

    In a “Marie Antoinette” moment (a half-day long) he and his family and hangers-on (including Giuliani, members of his staff, and a few members of Congress) were seen in a tent, with big-screen TV’s, drinking wine and eating cake (remember Marie!), watching the unfolding insurrection like they were watching a polo match. Trump gives them one last push, the last wind-up of his tin soldiers, and tells the demonstration, “we’ll take the Capitol, I’ll be there with you”. That was just pulling the trigger of the failed coup – the gun was loaded long before that – and Trump deserved his impeachment and the upcoming punishment. Our country lasted 250 years with a peaceful transfer of power, and this idiot and his family tried to break the one norm that most defines our democracy.

    If you want to see a good summary of Jan 6th video (posted on Parler by various traitors, no less), try this article: Yes, it’s Daily KOS, and you think that’s terrible, I know. But the summary of 8-10 hours of video gives a good blow-by-blow description of what the insurrectionists were trying to accomplish and how far they got.

    And stop comparing this to BLM and your so-called Antifa protests (and keep in mind that Antifa means “anti-Fascist” – so if you’re against them, then you’re literally admitting that you support a fascist Donald Trump). BLM was mostly peaceful, until Trump’s goon squad moved in, in unmarked uniforms (no accountability), in full riot gear, shields, batons, with rubber bullets and tear gas. Anyone will fight back if they’re attacked for no reason – last I remember, the right to peaceably assemble is still in the Constitution. And of course there were a few people who took advantage of the situation to do a little looting, but there were also multiple people caught from white nationalist groups setting fires to buildings.

    You are correct that the Washington establishment didn’t care about poor folks in ravaged neighborhoods – not ravaged by protests, but by years of neglect. It was (and is, for another 20 hours or so), of course, the Establishment of White Nationalist Supreme Leader Donald J. Trump. That will change soon, for the better, when Biden takes office.

    • Dan Tyree

      Joe bruder your crooked crowd spent four years whipping up false charges against our president. You leftist are the ones committing crimes against Americans. Your dad probably jerked off in a flower pot to raise a blooming idiot like you.

    • Larry P Horist

      OMG Joe S. Bruder. Your rants are hopelessly uninformed. You say Antifa is anti-Fascist just because they say so. Hitler’s party was billed as socialist democrats. I suppose if you are a fan of Bernie Sanders you mush love Hitler. Is that your idea of logic? You should at least be able to admit that Antifa operates on a strategy of violence. And Marie Antionette is a great example since they is no proof she ever said that, and many historians credit it as a false narrative by the anti-Monarchists. Maybe like the false Russian conspiracy claim .. or even the lie that Trump did not condemn the violent neo Nazis in Charlottesville. And when you talk about the neglect (oppression) of the segregated masses in our major cities, you seem to be ignorant of the fact that has been the result of generations of Democratic Party one-party authoritarian rule. And that their furtunes have improved under Trump polcies for the first time in generations. I can only assume that you exaggerate all these matters to the point of fantasy — coup, insurrection, etc. –because you feel more important in fighting against the Quixotic battles of your distorted imagination. It seems like a form of mental masturbation.. Make you feel good? Okay … go for it. But I see no reason for me to continue to directly engage you in your fantasies. Ciao.

    • Eli7777

      Many of us spent hours discovering voter fraud across the nation, but not those following paid, corrupt, Socialist media. Pelosi, Soros, & Kamala Harris & Socialist Dems planned a Trump Resistance Conference in CA. for 4 days, after Hillary lost. Pelosi’s former chief of staff, lobbied for the Dominion Machines in about 28 states. It’s revealed that thirty systems were connected to the internet, which easily allows for switching with flash drive attachments, and e poll books for thousand of deceased names to vote. Biden’s Bus Team, was out bribing people in Utah, with tech toys to vote for Biden. They sent pictures out with pride, of their gas cards, or gift cards, just as in CA. for the homeless, as Obama did. He had the Black Panther Party in his corner, rioting through his term, monitoring polls, while Kamala Harris praised the Marxist BLM rioters for their work. Data Scientists in several states, verified math algorithm glitches, that switched votes from Pres. Trump to Biden. A worker for the Dominion machines in Venezuella, said they could, and did create “a million phantom votes.” Dems were buying and selling ballots from cars in MN, Omar’s territory. A Detroit city clerk, postal worker, and a PA. judge were arrested for voter fraud. Some admitted to pitching Trump votes. People, who saw these errors were threatened, when they testified in court. Many lost homes and families to go in hiding. Many of us visually saw the switch, while watching the voting process. Even Sydney Powell’s key witness was beat up and hospitalized, just like those, who who were to testify against Hillary Clinton. They intend for domination, but Americans will still fight. The Capitol Chaos was from infliltration also by John Sullivan, a Utah, Insurrection U.S.A, Marxist BLM member, who was video taped shouting threats as he entered. The mayor said, they didn’t want help, prior to the Capitol Chaos, even though 4 Trump supporters were stabbed 3 weeks before in a rally. Pelosi led the resistance, and incited the riots, just as the Socialist Dem leaders allowed the protests to make Pres. Trump look bad. Kamala said to a reporter, it was “brilliance, ” as she helped to raise funds to release rioters and criminals, back into the streets. According to the Riot Act, this is aiding. They’re very corrupt.

  2. Red Bull

    They took away our voice – the vote. So a large group of people went to the Capitol to be seen and heard, not to overthrow the government or anything at all in the slightest like that. Don’t you get it? Does anybody really think that a girl in candy-cane coat with snowball cap and a cellphone was trying to overthrow the USA? WTF are you talking about. Have they gotten into your head too?!

    • Joe S Bruder

      Nobody took away your voice – it was an election. Biden won, Trump lost. Trump got 74 million votes, Biden got 81 million. Biden won the Electoral College by 306-232. He lost, that’s how a democracy works, get over it.

      Despite Republican’s best efforts to suppress the votes in cities, which tend to vote Democrat, ultimately the Democrats executed their strategy better and got more votes. There were no crates brought in at the last minute, no interception of votes transmitted from italy to Germany (it doesn’t even work that way), not more than a handful (mostly Republicans) voting twice, no shenanigans because some observers weren’t allowed to stay. All debunked.

      Cry all you want about the election being stolen, but it’s not true. Just because your White Supremecist Dear Leader says it, does not make it so. Trump lost more than 60 court cases because he had no evidence. All the Republicans who believe Trump won say, “of course there’s evidence”, but not a one of them can point to any evidence that hasn’t already been debunked.

      What Trump did was to whip up his base for 6 months before the election and 3 months after the election. The fact that he only got maybe 50 serious white nationalists with some military experience and a a thousand or so idiot cultists who Trump convinced to show up (but will now face the full force of the law) only means that Trump (again) is incompetent at everything he does. But he still tried to take the country by force instead of letting the procedures proscribed by law play out. For that, he’ll have to answer to Congress and the next Attorney General. They’ll be standing in line, as NY, GA, and now DC will all have state charges.

      You people just don’t seem to understand that Trump is a career criminal. He started with $400M of daddy’s money, did a shell game con to make it look bigger, and used the force of his supposed fortune to shield himself from prosecution. But he made one big mistake – he ran for President, probably not expecting to win, just to get publicity. But his kind of crime has to hide in the shadows, and that’s not compatible with being President. His house of cards has fallen, and he’ll be hounded by prosecuters the rest of his life. Karma’s a bitch!

      We are fortunate that Trump is an incompetent idiot, or else we would be swearing in Herr Fuhrer Drumpf tomorrow instead of Joe Biden. Someone with 100 or 500 really well trained men probably could have taken Congress on Jan 6th, forced votes at gunpoint, and then dissolved our government (like Hitler did in Germany in 1933). That’s why Trump’s unmarked paramiliatry police force that attacked peaceful BLM rioters was so scary – things could have been much worse. Hopefully, we’ve learned a lesson… but I suspect that 15 or 20% of the population will always think Trump won (you and the columnists here being among them).

      • Dan Tyree

        Trump should pardon everyone that’s been charged. The higher voter count was because of voter fraud. I would even pardon Eric Rudolph.

      • Eli7777

        I forgot to mention, the testimony of the Postal Truck Driver, whose testimony was taped, though he and his family were threatened, or as liberals called it, “doxxed?” He spoke of his supposedly routine trip from N.Y. to PA, which wasn’t routine. He was aware of a very large box of marked ballots on his truck. He went on his routine trip, arrived at his destination, but this time waited for hours for his confirmation slip, that his shipment was delivered. For the first time, they wouldn’t confirm his delivery, so he went into get a rest break, and when he returned his truck had been stolen. Another woman testified in MI, of her terrifying story of voter fraud, and the threats she received. President Trump is a business, professional organizer, in contrast to Obama’s Community Organizer, which is Islamic Socialist agenda, where he brought millions of Islamists into the U.S.A, but they stay concentrated in their areas, like Omars, for political dominancy. Or like Kamala in Peloi’s Oakland, CA., where the Marxist Tide Center (associated with Soros) has/had a Fund Center to finance the Global Marxist BLM. Soros also had a Tide’s Center Office in Canada, on the same floor as the Smartmatic Voting Machine Chairman’s office. Now he is working for one of the Socialist Soros, groups, Open Society or another one. Kamala Harris’s aide, Jean Pierre, was the former spokesman for the Open Society group, that had funded Schumer & Schiff. Oh, yes, an oriental had told me that Mitch McCulloch’s wife’s sister, formerly on Transportation, is President of the Communist China Bank. The CCParty, which endorsed Biden, along with associations to Kamala Harris. is associated with about 50 or more in Congress. There’s a list out there. I imagine you know so much, you shouldn’t have trouble tying in this Anti Trump, Anti America coup, that is ready to threaten America. But Iran just sent a missle out on the 16th, which were associates of Obama, and John Kerry. During Obama/Biden’s term, John’s daughter married an Iranian American, and one of the negotiators was at the wedding, Zarif. Much to connect, but we must still be into big money, arranged marriages, as the royals used to be. Much of this is called sleeping with the enemy. So are they concerned about National Security as Communist China buys up America? President Trump was and had over 100 accomplishments for the sake of America, even trying to pull together a Peace Deal for the Middle East, which was never done before. Thank God for his efforts, but radicals didn’t like it, because it interfered with Obama’s agenda or the Communist China agenda. Obama had the Iran’s Achmadinajad, 2008, speak in his financial chairman’s hotel against Israel. Now, a Communist China said they can dominate the U.S. by 2027. Do you see a conflict coming, that the Obama/Biden team put in motion? Islamic Socialists want an Imam leader in contrast to the Communist agenda for the Global One World Order. President Trump was trying to stop or slow its progression. Progressives protest, as they tried to follow the Communist Manifesto to destroy culture and history, or purge America.