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Who Do You Like Less? WHO or Russia?

Who Do You Like Less? WHO or Russia?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has passed a resolution condemning Russia for creating a health crisis in Ukraine.

Really? Yes, I guess soldiers killed in action can be considered unhealthy. But apparently, they are blaming Russia for destroying health facilities along with everything else that gets destroyed in a war.

Yes, the Russians are bad, they are making war on Ukraine.  Wars are ugly, chaotic affairs. You don’t really have a lot of control of what you destroy while you are battling the enemy.

But WHO is also bad. They lied about China’s role in the covid pandemic and interfered with the investigation into its origins. We should have shut them down and started over.

This resolution by WHO borders on ridiculous, it is clearly a political move, a piece of propaganda. In the context of a war, the charges are meaningless, Russia cannot change anything to improve conditions there, nor would any warring party ever begin reparations while military operations are underway. It is naïve to think otherwise. But WHO is not naïve, this is a political move.

The question is why is the World Health Organization engaging in partisan propaganda in trying to punish Russia.

But, as I mentioned above, they did the same thing with China.

As we published a few days ago, WHO is laying out plans for an international treaty that would essentially give them more power than some governments.  This is a usual side effect of multilateral international agreements, the smaller countries would be ruled by the decisions of the bigger ones. And there would be substantial punishments for disobeying the will of WHO, supported by the major countries.

This will sound very naïve on my part – the World Health Organization is supposed to be a non-political body concerned with health crises around the world.  Craving power is not supposed to be part of its mission.

I don’t want them to be a puppet of China. I don’t want them to be a puppet of the U.S.  And I don’t want them to be a power mad, unelected governing body that has its own authority to control.

So who do I like less?

On one have, we have Russia whose nature is to be aggressive, has attacked its neighbor, is killing people and taking territory with naked aggression.

On the other hand, we have WHO which is sneaky, mealy-mouthed political hacks, easily bought by the influencer of the day, and grabbing power through subterfuge, whose control could exceed that of a major country and whose authority to control threatens our own Constitution.

Tough choice.

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