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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Tests Positive for COVID-19

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Tests Positive for COVID-19

What will a Press Secretary who tests positive for COVID despite being vaccinated and adhering to mask mandates mean for the left-wing narrative about the pandemic?

The answer to that question remains to be seen, but in the meantime, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Sunday she has tested positive for COVID-19 despite being vaccinated. 

“On Wednesday, in coordination with senior leadership at the White House and the medical team, I made the decision not to travel on the foreign trip with the President due to a family emergency, which was members of my household testing positive for COVID-19,” Psaki said in a statement.

“Since then, I have quarantined and tested negative (via PCR) for COVID on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday,” she added. “However, today, I tested positive for COVID. While I have not had close contact in person with the President or senior members of the White House staff since Wednesday — and tested negative for four days after that last contact — I am disclosing today’s positive test out of an abundance of transparency.”

She went on, “I last saw the President on Tuesday when we sat outside more than six feet apart and wore masks. Thanks to the vaccine, I have only experienced mild symptoms, which has enabled me to continue working from home. I will plan to return to work in person at the conclusion of the ten-day quarantine following a negative rapid test, which is an additional White House requirement, beyond CDC guidance, taken out of an abundance of caution.”

Last Monday, a day before his last encounter with Psaki, President Biden coughed into his hand following a speech in New Jersey and proceeded to use it to shake hands with members of the public, all while not wearing a mask.

Psaki’s diagnosis also comes less than two weeks after Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas tested positive for COVID-19 just days following an event with the President. On Oct. 19, a fully-vaccinated Mayorkas tested positive for COVID-19 as part of routine pre-travel protocols.

Three days earlier, Mayorkas had attended the 40th Annual National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service at the U.S. Capitol alongside Biden, where they were photographed just feet apart without masks.

Later that day, Biden and first lady Jill Biden were caught violating Washington, D.C.’s indoor mask mandate by walking through a high-end Georgetown restaurant without masks.

Psaki brushed off a question about the incident in the restaurant, saying people should pay attention to the President’s policies and “not overly focus on moments in time.”

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  1. FRank stetson

    Posted by Bill Sheridan but I read I think the same word somewhere else? No credit?


    The answer Bill is as more people get vaccinated, but too many assholes don’t and then the jerk wads proceed to walk amongst us, there will be more breakthroughs. In this case, a family member, I think vaccinated, picked it up first. Herd immunity not reached yet because individual health freedoms, whatever the fuck that means to idiots, allow stupidity to coexist with the vaccinated, often in stealth mode.

    America has more death than anywhere, ain’t freedom smart. .

    But you missed the punchline; because vaccinated, she’s mild symptoms and working at home. Cool.

    More good news for Psaki you left out. According to CDC data, unvaccinated are 6 times more likely to be infected, 11 times more likely to DIE than vaccinated proving the brilliance of this choice. And, of course, everything downstream from that dumb ass decision like infecting others, killing others, killing yourself, and not being able to vote for Trump. Just a few more reasons to exercise patriotism in defense of your community, get the shot.

    Larry has the shot but not sure if any other pbp people do. I have two and a booster. So suck it anti Vaxers.

    • Larry kuhn

      Vaccines doesn’t work. It’s all made up bull shit It’s for cowards

  2. Frank stetson

    Hmmm, I guess Mr Kuhn thinks Larry H. Is a coward.

    He must think that Donald Trump is a coward. I guess he feels Tucker Carlson is a coward and Sean Hannity is a coward too. Matter of fact, he must think that everyone who works at Fox’s are cowards because they all knuckled under to the murdoch mandate to get vaccinated.

    Oh, let’s not sugarcoat it, Mr. Kuhn obviously believes that most Americans are cowards since well over 50% have already gotten the vaccine.

    Mr. Kuhn obviously thinks that the 1000+ people that die every day who are not vaccinated are the brave ones. It’s a strange country.

    Go figure on that one.

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      It’s Larry Kuhn and Dirty Dan who are the cowards – afraid to take the vaccine that has decreased the number of COVID cases and the number of deaths for BILLIONS of people. Just like Trump, they are projecting their own sins on everyone else.

      Across the country, you’ve got between a 30 and 60% chance of getting exposed to someone with COVID, every time you go grocery shopping or to a restaurant. Every active case of the Delta variant infects a half-dozen people, so you’ve probably got a 5% chance of getting infected if you’re not vaccinated. Since Danny Boy claims to wear a mask, let’s call his chance of getting infected 1%. In 6 months, going to the grocery once a week, he’s got a 1 out of 4 chance of getting COVID, and it’s like 3 out of 4 for the anti-maskers. And that’s not counting the people he sees at work, or grabbing smokes or a six-pack or his monthly copy of Big Juggs magazine in the gas station shop on the way home from work in the evenings. Given the 2% death rate of COVID, and the number of anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers here is probably in the 10’s or 20’s, statistically, PBP will probably lose a reader every few months. Of course, their family is not going to come onto PBP to let us know, they’ll just disappear without a trace.

      • Larry kuhn

        Commie propaganda And yes. The fox people are cowards

        • Joseph S. Bruder

          You wouldn’t know a Communist if he spit in your face. Trump, McConnell, and Rohrbacher have been the three people most friendly to Communist Russia and China that I’ve seen since the Reagan years. If Joe McCarthy were still alive, he’d be going after all three as Communist sympathizers.

          You’re probably an NRA supporter, they took $50 Million dollars from friends of Putin. And so did Mitch, who is also married to the daughter of high-ranking Chinese Communists, and who Trump appointed to run the Department of Transportation. Trump kissed Putin’s ass during his entire term, praised Putin on the world stage, invited Russians right into the White House, leaked secrets to them, handed him Ukraine and Syria. And Rohrbacher never missed an opportunity to talk about how great the Russians were. And what about the group of Republicans who went to Russia on July 4th and came back glowing about how wonderful Putin is and how we need to work with him?

          This is typical Republican propaganda, projecting their own traits on Democrats. Trump was the king of that – you could always tell when some scandal about Trump was about to hit because he’d start accusing Democrats of whatever was about to hit the news media. And being a Trumpist, you’ve picked up the habit too.

          • Larry kuhn

            Hell yes I’m an NRA supporter. And I don’t give a shit where their money came from It is working. A lot of the New York gun laws are going down in flames. We just don’t know how much yet. But average people will be able to get permits to carry. And who knows? The entire unconditional licensing scheme might be tossed. Elections have consequences

  3. Frank stetson

    Yeah, and you’re the brave guy afraid of getting a shot. Five year olds get the shot. Trump got the shot; you calling Captain Bonespur cowardly? what terrible thing do you think will happen if you get the shot?

    Whatever makes you think it doesn’t work?

  4. Frank stetson

    Brau, that’s brutal. Could use some sourcing though, a lot to look up. And you forgot that Cypress Bank board member somewhere in Trump’s incompetent cabinet. Guy sat in the next office to a leading Russian oligarch at a bank renown for Russian money laundering.

    Almost as bad as all the Russian mafia ensconced in Trump Tower like the floor below the Don. Or the one that made the Don a FL real estate deal he just could not refuse for free money.

    I think one of the best though was not really Russians but instead the Don’s father driving to Atlantic City when the Don was looking for money for casino operations going belly up. The guy bought $1 million in chips and the chips were never seen again. Instant free money. The Don broke NJ gaming rules on that one and got caught. Again.

    I have to admit, I really do miss fun with the Don. Hopefully the upcoming court cases will bring it all back again. And a one, and a two,…

    Where have all the hookers gone
    Don is passing
    Where have all the grabbers gone
    the Don seems so long long long ago

    Where have all Don’s Twitter storms gone
    Hiding in Mara Loser everyone
    When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn

  5. Joseph S. Bruder

    I put 5 or 6 sources for the Russian money going to the NRA in a previous post – I think it was a reply to Danny Boy too. Here’s one:

    If you’re looking for sourcing on the death statistics – there are several sources that will give you probabilities down to the county level, and it’s usually between 30 and 60% based on being exposed to a group of 50 people, the size of a restaurant or supermarket visit. It’s a lot harder to extrapolate down to a crowd of a few people, or just a one time exposure – if you flip a coin 3 times, you’ll get combinations of 1+ 2 or 3 + 0 for heads or tails. If you didn’t know better, you’d say the odds are 67 or 100% weighted one way or the other (and you’d be wrong, in the long run, with a fair coin, it will trend to 50%). But most people go shopping once a week, or are otherwise exposed to 50 people at work or in their daily routine in a week, so it’s a good start.

    I took a 50% exposure chance, and guessed at getting sick from a single exposure, and came up with about 1% chance of getting sick from a visit to the grocery. From there, you have to calculate the chance of NOT getting COVID – for every week multiply .99 by itself. In 6 months, .99 times itself 26 times is .77, and subtract that from 1 is .23 which is the chance of getting COVID over 6 months, or about 1 out of 4. If you are vaccinated, your number is (according to the CDC) about 1/6 of that.

    COVID has a pretty consistent death rate of about 2%. Out of 50 people, a quarter of unvaxxed will get it in 6 months, and 2% (=1 out of the 50) will die. If the same people who don’t get vaxxed are also not wearing a mask, let’s say their likelihood of getting infected in a crowd of 50 is 5% instead of 1%. .95 times itself gets to about 50% in about 3 months, meaning that your chances of catching COVID are 50-50 in 3 months. Out of 50 unvaxxed unmasked people, roughly half will catch it over 3 months, resulting in a death every 3 months. If PBP has 50 anti-vax anti-mask readers, on average tshey’re going to lose one or more every 3 months.

    I don’t have all the statistical data to do exact calculations, and it varies by location, vax status, masking, social distancing, the number of people you encounter weekly, and sometimes just pure dumb luck (looking at you, Danny Boy!). As more people get vaccinated, the death rate and the probability of getting COVID and will go down. Mostly if I don’t know the numbers I try to err on the low side, but as you can see, even then the deaths add up fast. Not pretty.