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Where Were the Insurrectionists on Inauguration Day?

Where Were the Insurrectionists on Inauguration Day?

Since January 6th, we have been barraged with scary news reports about the anticipated violence to be carried out in Washington and in state capitals across the nation by insurrectionists.  Some law enforcement agencies have picked up “chatter” portending attacks from so-called right-wing hate groups – although other agencies reported nothing more than the usual “chatter.”  They did not see any “credible” evidence of a national – or even a local – attack.

Apparently, I have better intelligence than some of those law enforcement agencies. I predicted that there will be little to no outbursts of activity from the conservative right.  And … there was virtually none. 

Typical of the post-Inaugural headlines across the nation was this from US News and World Report, “THE NATION WAS QUIET and calm Wednesday as Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States, despite warnings of potentially violent protests at state capitols across the country.”  (Emphasis by publication.)

What a terrible disappointment that must have been to the fearmongers in the national press. And that disappointment was in Portland and Seattle where some violent rioting took place.  But it was not by any right-wing nutcases.  The violence came from the typical anti-American left-wing nutcases.

Bunches of black-garbed left-wing Antifa terrorists took to the streets on the west coast to rampage.

They left damage and looting in their wake (pictured above).  According to police reports, they were armed — including Molotov cocktails. Tear gas dispersed them – and police arrested more than a dozen.

Their stated mission was nothing less than the overthrow of the American government.  They wanted no talk of unity with Republicans – and wanted no part of any Democrats speaking of unity.  They wanted revenge no matter who is in charge.  It is no small irony that they attacked a Democrat headquarters – condemning Biden for being too moderate and conciliatory.

Sounds like an act of sedition to me, but you would not hear that word from the reporters, pundits and panelists at CNN and MSNBC.  In fact, if some informational umbilical cord is tethering you to those outlets, you would not even know that the rioting out west even took place – because they did not bother to report on it.  Instead, they reported on the arrest and charging of a single Capitol Hill rioter.

To be honest, there were a couple of places where large crowds did peacefully gather.  It did not make the news because (1) they were peaceful and (2) because the left-wing news chose to ignore them for obvious reasons.  Those were the thousand of flag-waving Americans who came out to see Trump depart from Joint Airbase Andrew and who lined the streets to welcome Trump back home in Florida.

In anticipation of the alleged efforts to take down the American government, Washington. D.C. went hyper cautious in a fit of political paranoia. 

In a departure from reality, the perpetrators of both the myth and the over-exuberant response said the protective overkill was due to the likelihood of an army of pitchfork-bearing insurrectionists descending on Capitol Hill – and across the nation.  These concocted over-the-top reports of an anticipated nationwide coup had one notable consequence.  It resulted in a lock-down militarization of our nation’s capital. 

Of course, they claim that an “abundance of caution” was better than the normal level of protective activities.  Au contraire.  That is the basic excuse of authoritarian regimes – protecting the people from fantastical dangers and enemies.  It is the essence of a police state.

The United States survived the “insurrectionists” in the same way the nation survived the invasion by the military forces (approximately a dozen Medieval-clad solders) of the fictional Duchy or Grand Fenwick in the movie, “The Mouse that Roared.”  The threat to the United States in the movie and on Inauguration Day was about the same.

Yes, there are nutcases out there, and they can present a certain level of localized danger. 

They need to be interdicted and dealt with through the normal legal and constitutional systems.  But the idea that we came “close” to losing the Republic – as many news commentators alleged — is downright ridiculous.

What we saw from Democrat leaders and the mainstream media was nothing less than a monumental conspiracy theory. It surpassed even their phony and completely debunked Russian collusion conspiracy theory.

Unfortunately, these fanciful theories are not the result of ignorance by those advancing them.  They know better.  They have malicious intent to misinform gullible people for political benefit.

On several occasions, President Obama has offered good advice to the American people.  He did it again on Inauguration Day.  He said that we should not stay locked into our favorite news sources, but to take in those with differing viewpoints. 

If you think those were insurrectionists on January 6th and even a remote possibility of bringing down the Republic by mob rule on Inauguration Day, you DEFINITELY need to broaden your consumption of news.

So, there ‘tis.

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