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When will black voters stop being fooled by Democrats?

When will black voters stop being fooled by Democrats?

Here we go AGAIN.  Police involved in the death of a black person.  The black community – motivated by generations of anger and frustrations with the conditions of segregated life in our inner cities — takes to the streets in protest.  The protests lead to violence – arson, looting, gunfire, injury and even deaths.

We have seen this movie before.  It has happened hundreds of times in my lifetime.  I was a young man in Chicago when I watched the west side of the Windy City go up in flames – close enough to see the billowing smoke from my family’s second floor apartment.

There are several questions to be answered.  Why is there a continuing history of police abuse that seems to be racially motivated?  What is it about the culture of some police departments where these tragic incidents occur?

Conversely, what motivates people in our inner cities to react with such self-destructive violence? Why do those black folks destroy the homes, the cars, the stores of their brothers and sisters?  Why are entire sections of a city allowed to be taken over by street violence as police stand by?  Is it because to move in on the perpetrators – fight back and make arrests — would look bad on television?

Why are entire neighborhoods allowed to be burned to the ground without the presence of the fire department?  Is it because those areas are too dangerous for firefighters to enter?

Race-baiters, like Al Sharpton, say it arises from the frustration of years of oppression and second-tier citizenship.  It is from the segregation of poor blacks into unofficially confined neighborhoods.  It is from community impoverishment due to a lack of jobs and career opportunities.  It is from a lack of quality educations.  It is from a deprivation of municipal services.  It is from living on the most unsafe streets in America.

Sharpton is correct.  These violent outbursts are from all those things – and more.  But that is as far as he goes in getting it right.  Rather than address the real problem, Sharpton has spent his career as a House Negro for the Democrat racist establishment.

So, what is the most consistent factor that is found at the foundation of the repetitious incidents of police brutality and the frequent explosive reactions of the communities?  Why does an incident in one city enflame protests and riots in black ghettoes across the nation?  What is the common factor?  Where does the responsibility rest?

Minneapolis is a perfect replay of the past race riots of Los Angeles, Chicago. Detroit, Newark, St. Louis, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C., and New York – just to name a few.  These are the American epicenters for institutional racism and reactive violence stoked by pent-up anger from an oppressed class of people.

So, what connects Minneapolis to all these other cesspools of institutional de facto racism?  THEY HAVE ALL BEEN RULED OVER FOR GENERATIONS BY THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY.  The segregation, racism and violent responses have been the stock-in-trade of a Democratic Party that has not fully surrendered its residual racist political strategies since the days of slavery.

Chicago has not had a Republican mayor since 1931.  It has 50 members of the city council – not one Republican.  St Louis … no Republican mayor since 1953, 28 on the city council – zero Republicans.  Since the passage of the 1960’s civil rights legislation, the supposedly progressive southern city of Atlanta, Georgia has had race riots in 1992, 2016 and 2018.  It has a 16-member city council – no Republicans – and has not had a GOP mayor since 1879 – when Democrats retook the former Confederate states by force.

Democrats lost slavery.  They were beaten back from their statewide de jure racism in the old Democrat South – and that took 100 years after the Fifteenth Amendment.  And the Party has not yet given up its reliance on de facto institutional racism in maintaining political control over America’s major cities.

Democrat urban segregation and racism are as alive today as they were a century ago – and Minneapolis is just the latest example.  Like a virus, Democrat racism has mutated over time.  Today, Democrats talk of civil rights and equality – but where they have the almost exclusive power to produce it, they do not.  It is not that they “cannot.”  They DO not.

While the Party’s national leaders wax on with the sweet talk of equality, they turn a blind eye to the powerful racist Democrat machines that run the big cities – the heart and soul of the Democrat’s national political power.  This is no different than when President Franklin Roosevelt spoke out against Negro oppression while yielding all these policies – including the racist New Deal – to the power of the southern Democrats.

The Democratic Party has successfully replaced the God-given constitutional civil rights of millions of black Americans with the addictive faux civil rights of generational welfare dependency – meaning living impoverished lives in segregated ghettoes.  Democrats offer enslaving sustenance over the opportunities of freedom.

For more than 50 years, I have participated in civil rights and inner-city issues.  I have seen that oppressive lifestyle up close and personal.  I have witnessed just how the Democrat machines use racism to keep millions of blacks segregated, poor and uneducated as a means of controlling the vote.  I have seen how local black politicians serve as lackies for the establishment in exchange for power, profit and prestige. It is as simple a strategy as it is callous and destructive.

I have repeatedly told black inner-city audiences that “NOTHING WILL CHANGE AS LONG AS THEY KEEP ELECTING THE OPPRESSORS.”  And over the course of more than 50 years – nothing has.

The Democratic Party hooked inner-city blacks on the social addiction of welfare dependency as a malice-of-forethought strategy during the Depression – and the game is still working today.  Minneapolis is just the latest example.

As a footnote, you can lay significant blame on a Democrat-oriented national press that plays out the Party’s false racial narratives as political propaganda.  But that story is for another time.

So, there ‘tis.

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