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What’s Next For The Dems: Claim Mueller Sexually Assaulted Fellow Kindergartner in 1949?

What’s Next For The Dems: Claim Mueller Sexually Assaulted Fellow Kindergartner in 1949?

There are bad days in politics, and then there are bad days. Robert Mueller’s long-awaited report was Pearl Harbor, Lincoln’s assassination, and the Great Depression’s Black Tuesday all rolled up into one.

Bad for the Democrats that is, and for those news networks which for three years gobbled up every lie and piece of nonsense from the Never Trumpers, and regurgitated it all right into the eager, open mouths of a stupid, gullible, and corrupt audience.

And after the most extensive investigation into a President in American history proved that Trump, nor anyone else on his campaign, nor any American, colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 Presidential election, they’re still doing the same thing. Their strategy is this, under Nancy Pelosi’s marching orders:

“Each of you, throw out your own unfounded claim that proves Trump is still guilty. Doesn’t matter which claim you choose; we’ll just pollute and confuse the truth with the sheer volume of our lies.

“Tell ’em that we need to see the full report,” even though Attorney General William Barr would love to do so but can’t because of very heavy legal constraints (Constitution anyone?), and even though Trump himself has no problem with the full report being released.

“Let’s claim that the special investigator/counsel didn’t really get to the truth, but us Dems in the House of Representatives will. Might take us a few years, but what the heck? We’ll find something in there that can work for us!” (Because everyone knows Ilhan Omar and AOC are a lot smarter and more credible than Robert Mueller.)

“Let’s claim it’s unfair for Attorney General William Barr to make this summary and come to his exoneration conclusions, that he’s unfit, because he was appointed by Trump!” Never mind that all Attorneys General are appointed by the President, but subject to Senate confirmation anyway. Who cares? If they can create some doubt, they’ll throw it out there. They’ll also ignore the 18 Federal Prosecutors who agree with Barr’s conclusions.

“We found something! We found something good in there for us! Barr didn’t exonerate Trump on obstruction! He just didn’t find any evidence to go further and possibly prosecute!” Problem with this argument is that if there was no collusion or conspiracy on Trump’s behalf, what’s to obstruct?

“Mueller’s part of a conspiracy to clear Trump! Quick! Get his kindergarten teacher on the phone and let’s see if he ever pulled his pee pee out in class! This strategy almost worked for us with Kavanaugh!” Unfortunately for them, Mrs. Stein at PS 103 died long ago, so no smear campaign possible here.

So move over MAGA hats, because they’re going to need a new hat with a wider brim to hold “NoCoNoObNoCo!”

No Collusion, No Obstruction, No Conspiracy.

These, my friends, are the facts. What the Dems and liberal media are now spewing, and have continuously spewed, is pure fantasy, which should make you suspicious about all of their claims, not just those about Russian collusion.

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  1. CR Colon

    How stupid can the demorats be? Don’t they know that when you stir up trash one gets the stink on themselves? Why doesn’t anyone bring charges on the klinkons for paying for the dossier, it’s called slander? What about getting an unlawful court order to validate the dossier? Peluza ask the idiots that surround her to dream up any fallacies to investigate our POTUS. They have opened the door, let’s take advantage of it and hit them where it hurts the most, by destroying their party once and for all. Demorats have demonstrated thus far, they are crooks, lying hienas, inconsiderate with Americans, and don’t deserve to be representing anyone in Congress. Americans need to wake the hell up and start demanding demorats be prosecuted for all their crimes.

    • Benny

      This is a site for pure dummies and ignorant racists. But I’m
      sure you will delete this because you believe in insanity as a way of life

      • Joe Gilbertson

        YOU are a pure dummy and ignorant racist

      • Stanley Steamer


        Did the author mention any black follk at all?

        You must be thinking about the black racist Jussie acquittal.

      • Stanley Steamer

        Benny, you weren’t deleted. So what do you have to say now?

        I thought so.

      • Roy

        Benny, if I could delete your comment I would, but I like it when A—holes make stupid comments. It just to show how they believe the media because Hillary did not win. You look at Hillary and see what she did, Benghazi, E-Mail accounts, and way back when her Reality scams and this is wha you stand for

  2. Captain Danger

    That no one from the DNC is in jail yet is a travesty. Perhaps this has all be a ruse to keep people from the ongoing corruption that has plagued or nation well, probably, at least since 1913 and probably as far back as the Spanish-American War. We have been routinely lied to, robbed, imprisoned, and put to death in the name of lies for over the last century. The FED, the IRS, the CIA, the FBI, the DOJ, the FDA and on and on and on. It is a veritable alphabet soup of corruption and it needs to stop. Trillions in tax dollars unaccounted for yet, thousands of Americans imprisoned every year for tax infractions. How can something be illegal when the entity making the criminal claims is, itself, illegal. Add to that the charter for the FED ran out in 2009. The FED has been rogue ever since. Now you can have ‘obstruction’ where there is no ‘collusion’? How can something that didn’t happen have been tampered with? This country needs a mass arrest of the elite, the corrupt and the falsely empowered. It’s time for America to get her teeth whitened. Give America back to the people.

  3. TexanForever

    The poor souls who are afflicted with terminal TDS are destined for self-torture the rest of their unfortunate lives. There is no rehabilitative hope for people like Madcow, crazy Maxine, and Rosie. Feel sorry for them as you would for a flatworm who has no concept of the third dimension of height. For them 2020 will be even more devastating than 2016. Don’t walk near any tall buildings.

  4. Grizz Mann

    Headline, The Dems: Claim Mueller Sexually Assaulted Fellow Kindergartner in 1949? “We have no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing, but the seriousness of the allegations and the weight of circumstantial information compel an effort to establish the facts,”