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What to Expect from Carly Fiorina

What to Expect from Carly Fiorina

She’s been outed as a potential candidate, and her campaign trail-like behavior seems to confirm this. For the last six months, she seems to have been exploring the idea of running for president, and laying the groundwork for a potential campaign. She’s been appearing on Fox to give her commentary as well as holding events and making public appearances in a few key states that would become very important during a presidential election. But political experts and voters alike have mixed opinions about Fiorina’s potential run. She has a few traits that might stand in her way, and a few traits that would give her a tremendous boost if it comes down to Republican Nominee v. Hillary Clinton. 

One of the major helps or hindrances, depending on who you ask, to her campaign is that she isn’t a career politician. She’s never actually won an election to public office, although she did run for the senate in California. Her loss in that race is more likely attributed to the fact that she was running against an incumbent in a liberal state than her political skill. Fiorina says she believes that the voters are tired of electing career politician after career politician, saying, “ I think there are many who think ‘Yay!’– someone who might run for president who hasn’t been in politics all their life!” 

Before her senate campaign, Fiorina was the CEO of Hewlett-Packard, giving her a strong background in business. People who have shown leadership skill and experience in operating a profitable company tend to be popular among conservative voters who value success in the private sector. Mitt Romney as well had a background in business leadership and he is still popular among many conservatives. 

Some conservative analysts have tried to explain her reason for a potential presidential run. Some have speculated that she’s aiming to be selected as vice president, or that she’s seeking to get her name out there in the hopes of getting a spot on a news network, like Huckabee did, after the race. Others say that even if she’s an unlikely candidate, she’s filling a very important role in Republican politics- she’s fighting against Hillary Clinton. As a fellow female, she would be able to keep Clinton from “pulling the gender card” or preaching about the “war on women.” Fiorina can call Clinton out on her feminist arguments on a level that a male Republican candidate would be unable to. 

Whatever her intentions are, and regardless of her actual chances at becoming president, she adds something of value to the primaries. 

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