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What To Do About Congresswoman Greene?

What To Do About Congresswoman Greene?

I am way not a conspiratorial theorist – but I will check out conspiratorial claims to satisfy my devotion to facts.  I do not believe in ancient aliens.  Based on extensive research at the time, I do believe that President Obama was born in Hawaii.  I also found no evidence that he practices the Muslim faith – although his policies were much more favorable to the Arab nations than Israel.

The dreadful shootings at Sandy Hook and Parkland really happened and were not part of some false-flag operation.  There is still no evidence of why Seth Rich was killed or who did it.  I also do not believe that the riot on Capitol Hill was a coup, insurrection or sedition. Rather, it was a bunch of troublemakers in a larger crowd of peaceful demonstrators.

Now that brings up Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.  According to the left-wing media, she said a LOT of inappropriate and outrageous things.  But I do not trust the left-wing media to tell me the whole story.  None of the initial reports produced any evidence of the accusations.  They were just reporting what THEY say she said.  Some of the reports seemed slanted – like saying Green said things that were re-tweets – not words of her own making.  I understand the implication of re-tweets, but there is an accuracy difference that should have been made clearer.

Since I saw no defense or refutation of the things she was claimed to have said, I had to go and do some research.  After doing my due diligence, I have come to a more grounded opinion.  The woman is a bit of a nutcase.

She seems to have gone off the rails in two categories. 

The first are the comments promoting or supporting violence. 

We do have colloquial expressions that are not intended to be taken seriously.  “I could kill you (him) (her)” is a common rebuke when a person does something that displeases us.  We often hear people say that they would like to “shoot” someone – or that they should be shot. 

Greene’s remarks go past mere rhetorical expressions, however.  They sound disturbingly like real threats or wishful thinking – condoning real violent attacks on perceived political enemies.

The second type of comments embrace pernicious conspiracy theories that lack any real evidence. 

There is also a video of Congresswoman Greene claiming that MS13 members murdered Seth Rich as part of a political plot.  She suggests that it is part of “the Clinton murders” – a favorite of the conspiratorial class.  I have yet to see more than uninformed opinions on those issues.

Then there is the claim that the fires in California were started by laser beams from outer space fired off by Jews.  It was not clear if these were supposedly earthly Jews with secret technology or that aliens in outer space have religious backgrounds similar to ours.  At any rate, that bats-in-the-belfry type comments.

Now democrats should not be so sanctimonious in their condemnation of Greene.  After all, she is just one legislator.  Democrats across the board – in public office and in the media — spread the granddaddy of all conspiracy theories for four years – that President Trump had conspired with Russian meddling in the election.  Special Counsel Robert Mueller totally debunked that one. But that has not stopped Democrats and media personalities from advancing the bogus conspiracy theory to this day.

The left also carried on a conspiracy theory for months speculating that Trump was going to pardon himself, his family and others associated with the campaign — and that he was trading pardons for money. Did not happen.  It seems that if bogus theories are served up by a major political party and the elitist media – instead of one crazy lady — they are excused without consequences.

The issue here, however, is what to do about Greene.

Throwing her out of Congress is not the most favored option.  Our political culture – at least until recently – viewed service in elective office to be determined by the constituent people – not political adversaries. 

I can recall only one case in which a member of Congress was refused seating in the House over a series of scandals.  That was Democrat Congressman Adam Clayton Powell in 1967.   Powell immediately ran for re-election … and won.  There was no effort to overturn the will of the folks in his Harlem district a second time.   Given the fact that Greene won with more than 70 percent of the vote, it is likely that she, too, would win a future election.

The second problem is that her admittedly outrageous statements were all in the past. 

Nothing terribly alarming has surfaced since her election.  Voters were aware of virtually all her crazy comments during the campaign. And they did not seem overly bothered.  They apparently liked her policy positions more than they may have disliked her wild statements.

On the other side of the coin, the politically motivated response of Democrats and left-wing media is a bit excessive – to say the least.  In a bit of political grandstanding, Congresswoman Cori Bush even had her nearby office moved further way from Greene’s allegedly because she feared for her life and the lives of her staff because Greene carries a gun and does not always wear a face mask.  I mean, really?  Is Bush not aware that a number of her colleagues in the House carry guns – including Democrats.

That is just more of the paranoid hyperbole that has been the left-wing’s narrative since their exaggerated mischaracterization of the rioting on Capitol Hill.

On the other hand … it does seem that we should simply ignore Greene‘s past statements – especially those where she appeared to sanction violence against others and specifically Speaker Nancy Pelosi – whether those were figures-of-speech or not.

I am not sure that shunning Greene by removing her from all committee assignments is the answer. 

That would essentially disenfranchise all the voters in her district.

That leaves one option.  It most certainly would not satisfy the vigilantes on the left – and will likely upset her most ardent supporters – but it does address the issue.  The House can reprimand Congresswoman Greene.  It would be justified in view of her inappropriate comments about the Speaker of the House.

In 2022, the voters in her district can decide Greene’s fate – which is how a constitutional Republic best handles things.  The voters in Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Coretz’ New York district may hate Greene, but they do not have the right to nullify the voters in Greene’s district.

So, there ‘tis.

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